Neha Kakkar Opens Up About Her Breakup With Himansh Kohli, Says 'It Wasn't An Ugly Breakup'


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Neha Kakkar Opens Up About Her Breakup With Himansh Kohli, Says 'It Wasn't An Ugly Breakup'

When you are in love everything seems to be perfect, however, when love fades everything becomes the reason behind our pain. It’s been a while since Bollywood singing sensation, Neha Kakkar broke up with her six-months fairytale prince, Himansh Kohli. (Recommend Read: Kunal Kapoor Shares A Beautiful Picture With Wife Naina Bachchan On Their Fourth Anniversary)

The news of their breakup spread like a fire leaving fans shocked and gossipmongers to spread more rumours. While Neha kept mum for a long time, the singer finally revealed it all. On February 10, 2019, Neha took to her Instagram story and wrote her heart out. In the insta story, she directly addressed the media, and wrote, “Dear Media, It wasn’t ugly, neither the relationship nor the breakup. Let’s not blame anyone. I guess it was nobody’s fault, maybe God didn’t want us to be together. Let’s spread positivity and happiness.” Check out the screenshot of the story below:

A few days ago, Neha talked in detail about her breakup and that phase with Dainik Bhaskar. She said, “That phase of my life was very difficult. Yes, I was into depression and it was difficult for me to cope up with it. It was the worst phase; however, I have come out of it now. Right now, all I can say is that being single is the best feeling of my life. You know what, when I was in a relationship, I was not being able to give time to my family and my friends. At that time, I dedicated all my time and energy to that person who does not deserve it. I missed so many beautiful moments with my family members, especially with my siblings. And guess what; in spite of giving him so much time; he always complained of not being together.” (Also Read: AR Rahman Gives Befitting Reply To Trolls Slamming His Daughter, Says 'They Are Just Over Concerned')

She further went on to say, “Thankfully, I have moved on from this bad relationship. I am really in a happy space now. I have realised that my family is more deserving than anybody else in my life. I am happy with whatever happened because that made me realise the importance of my family members. (smiles)” Neha also shared that she is not open to love again, “With this bad experience, I am not open to love again. As I said, I happy to be single!”

Earlier in an interview with SpotboyE, Neha refused to acknowledge her ex and said, “Which Himansh? I don’t know any Himansh.” When prodded further, she replied, “Leave me alone please!” Later, the singer herself confessed she is suffering from depression on her Instagram. The heartbreaking Instagram story could be read as, “Yes I am in depression. Thanks to all the negative people in the world. You're successful in giving me the worst days of my life. Congratulations, you’re successful!” And that was shortly followed by another Instagram story wherein she justified her previous one. Here are the stories:

Neha Kakkar is in depression

Neha Kakkar Instagram Story

The news of her breakup was confirmed and broke many hearts when Neha shared a couple of cryptic Instagram stories which revealed her thoughts and trauma she was going through. The same could be read as, “mujhe nahin pata tha iss duniya mein itne bure log bhi hain... Khair… sab kuch gawaa ke hosh mein ab aaye, toh kya kiya… i know i’m a celeb, i’m not supposed to write all this… but i’m a human being too… and aaj kuch zyada hi toot gayi, isliye couldn’t control my feelings… maine apna sab kuch diya, aur badle mein mila…. Can’t even share kya mila…” (You May Also Like: Sidharth Malhotra Is Now Dating Tara Sutaria After Break-Up With Alia Bhatt? Details Inside)

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli

Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli

Post her breakup, a source revealed to DBPost that the Indian Idol judge broke down on the sets of the show. The source was quoted as saying, “Currently, Neha is going through a rough phase in her personal life and yesterday while she was shooting for the show, she broke down when one of the contestants sang an emotional love song. She couldn't control her tears."

Neha Kakkar

The source further added, “In fact, since she arrived on the set; she wasn't feeling well. Usually, she is very chirpy and bubbly on the set; but things were not the same yesterday. The team had to take several re-takes to capture the perfect moment. Neha was a little confused about her emotions. Finally, she decided to take a break for a few minutes and then resumed shooting.” (Don't Miss: Mohit Suri Shares The First Picture Of Newborn Baby Karrma Suri On Wife Udita Goswami's Birthday)

Well, looks like Neha is back with a bang! 

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