Most Hilarious Indian Wedding Memes That Went Viral


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Most Hilarious Indian Wedding Memes That Went Viral

We are sure that almost everyone on the Internet knows what memes are. Leave alone laughing on them or sharing them. Well, by definition memes are mimicry or imitation of some element of the culture, which goes viral.

Weddings being one of the hottest topics for discussions and debates all over the world are also not spared by these memes. Surely by now you might have come across quite a few wedding memes; some funny, some outrageous, others thoughtful, and quite a few just plain dull. However, allow us to tickle your funny bone once again with some of the best wedding memes handpicked especially for you. 

So, move over "gifs" (for now!)...

... as here comes the memes! We are sure you wouldn't be able to help yourself from sharing this with all your buddies out there. So, are you ready? 

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Are you qualified enough?

Generations have changed, but this sight has not.

Surely there will be a time when love, dedication, degree and respect will outweigh a round roti, but then again it is India, and things don't change so easily around here!

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Love or Arranged?

In India, an arranged match is still the most popular way of getting married. And, there are more trolls to show that:

This is so beautiful and exciting, right? Just wait till they reach the second month of their marriage and start finding out things about one another.

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Laughing with them or at them?

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Time to troll the wedding planning

Wedding planning is a long process that requires meticulous planning and detailing. 

Well, here is what we found from the bride's side:

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Don't worry, we have the groom's side as well:

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Extra guests!

Well, no matter how much the couple hides it behind their polite smile, but here is a glimpse of their actual expression when extra wedding guests arrive.

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Saving on invites?

Sending out E-invites for your wedding is a cool new trend, but not always! You might just get this in return:

This meme makes a perfect reply to e-invitations! Do you agree?

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How can we forget making updates?

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Time for some post-wedding truths

Now, time for some "Shaadi ke side-effects" moments!

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So, is it husbands vs wives?

Let us begin from the men's side. They do get the best jokes out, right? So, do you like these:

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Now, let us bring out the wives:

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How can we miss him?

Had to include Sir Alok Nath, for his incredible contribution towards... kanyadaan!

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Food Lust

Indian buffets are more famous than any of the world's top-rated restaurants. The sight there just speaks of pure love and undivided attention for- food!

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End with a few more laughs!

Let us leave you with a few more funny wedding and marriage memes that we feel you should not miss out on.

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Well, if you too have seen a funny meme on relationship, then don't be selfish and do share it with us in the comment section below; after all, there is nothing like too much laughter!


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