10 Things a Bride Hides Behind that Smile at Her Wedding

Even though it is the most-awaited day of her life and a joyous occasion, the wedding day can bring a bride on the brink of complete exhaustion. The wedding planning stress, possible nervousness about beginning a new life, and the daunting task of wearing heavy outfit and jewellery all day long, can make even the most cheerful girl irritable.

In this state of mind, when she has to answer certain questions just to be polite, or display a happy smile, what is going on in her mind is far from what can be seen. We tried to decode some of the most common wedding day scenarios and an Indian bride’s reaction to those. What they really mean is far from what we all hear. This is worth a read.

Scenario #1

At the engagement, after the groom has placed the ring on her finger, he asks "Darling, do you like it?"

What she says:

It is beautiful, I love it, honey!

What she really means:

"THIS" was the surprise? Is this what I am supposed to show off to my friends?

Scenario #2

The groom asks the bride "How do you think I look?"

What she says:

You look perfect, darling!

What she really means:

Hahaha.. who is looking at you?

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Scenario #3

Random guests arrive at the wedding and start chatting with the bride.

What she says:

Oh! I am so happy you could make it to our wedding.

What she really means:

Who on Earth are you?

Scenario #4

Guest smiles with pride while giving the gift.

What she says:

Thank you so much!

What she really means:

Oh God! I hope it is not another mixer or dinner set or a bed sheet

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Scenario #5

Kids jumping around on the stage, playing with stage decorations, while their parents chat with the bride.

What she says:

Awww! Such cute kids you have; full of energy!

What she really means:

Kids should be banned from weddings. Period!

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Scenario #6

Several ladies and friends talking about, and complimenting the bride on her outfit.

What she says:

Thank you, this is Sabyasachi’s latest collection, you know! Especially handpicked by my mamma.

What she really means:

God bless my tailor who can make such great copies!

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Scenario #7

A clingy colleague asks "Your husband is so handsome! Does he have a brother?"

What she says:

(Smiles) Oh come on!

What she really means:

Cut the small talk, and just leave!

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Scenario #8

An over-dressed cousin comes up to the bride and starts chatting.

What she says:

Oh, you look lovely!

What she really means:

Oh my God! Why is she dressed up like that? As if this is her own wedding!

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Scenario #9

Random ladies, coming to the bride, every few minutes.

What she says:

Nods faintly, smiles and goes down at their feet, seeking ashirwaad.

What she really means:

Again? Really? Why can’t they all just come together?

Scenario #10

Friends coming up to the bride, giggling, and making jokes about the wedding night.

What she says:

Blushes and giggles along.

What she really means:

Gosh, I need a bed (yawn!)…to sleep!

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Isn't this a common scenario at most Indian weddings? This was just our funny take on it. We are sure you must have come across many more such situations at a friend's or a cousin's wedding. Do share your hilarious experiences with us in the comments box below, and we would be happy to feature them too!

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