10 Most Creative And Unique 'Save The Date' Invitation Ideas For Indian Couples


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10 Most Creative And Unique 'Save The Date' Invitation Ideas For Indian Couples

“Unique and trendy” are the mantras of the Indian weddings these days. Whether it is modernising any existing tradition or adopting a new one altogether, it is all happening here. One such trend that has been a popular part of the western weddings for long, and that many Indian couples are also experimenting with, is of sending out- “save the date” cards. Basically, it is a card that you send out to inform your relatives and friends about your wedding date a few months before you send them the "official" wedding invitation card.

Normally invitation cards are distributed 20-25 days before the wedding. But, save the date cards are sent months in advance, once the wedding details, like date and place, are finalised. This is also a great option, especially if couple is having a destination wedding, as it would help the guests stay prepared much in advance. There are various ways in which you can make your save the date cards unique and create a lasting impression on your guests. Let us show you some fun ideas!

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#1. Say it with photographs

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words; so why not add your photograph in your save the date card? Well, you and your would-be can plan a special pre-wedding shoot, and make your wedding date a part of the shoot as the prop. It will not only look good, but will also be a sweet way to introduce your better half to your relatives.

When you include your pictures in the save the date cards, you can make it a unique and interesting idea. Here are some wonderful ideas for you to think about:

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

Creative Save the date invites
Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography 

#2. Go filmi

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: Bellissima Kids

If you swear by films, then why not try a Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge style invite? Yes! Select your favourite film poster, or filmi pose; and simply replace the actors with your photographs.

You can either get the posters hand-painted by an artist or get yourself photographed by posing in the same way as the stars in the poster. After this, use your photoshop skills (or take some professional help) to create your save the date cards in a film poster style. Surely, it will be a card to treasure for.

Well, take a look at these to get inspired:

Creative save the date invites

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: LaSirenaDesign

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: Bollywood Posters Studio

Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: Instagram

#3. Act it out!

Save the date invites

Do you have a sweet love story to share with your guests? Or, do you two love being in front of the camera? Well, in either case, a "save the date" video will definitely help you get all the attention you want. One of our readers shared their amazing "save the date video invite" with us, and we loved the idea.

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#4. Ready to play?

Creative Save the date invites

Save the date scratch card invite (Image Courtesy: Invitations4Less)

How about adding some fun element to your 'save the date' cards? This works superb when you send it to friends or for that matter anyone.

Creative Save the date invites

Image Courtesy: Hello Love Blog

You can ask your invitees to scratch the card to find out the wedding date. You can also give them a card with a 3D glass so as to find the wedding date.

Take a look at this 3D save the date card:

3D save the date invite (Images Courtesy: Kellan Studios)

Even a game can bring a smile on your guests’ faces as they play the game to discover your wedding date. Your guests will have ball of a time in discovering your wedding date in this amusing way.

Image Courtesy: Katie Cassidy Photography (Via: Layered Bake Shop)

#5. Blow it up

There is a child in all of us and what better way to bring it out than balloons. You can imprint your save the date card on a balloon which can be seen only when the balloon gets inflated.

Images Courtesy: Not On The High Street

Your guests will be filled with happiness and joy after inflating the balloon. Don’t you think so?

Image Courtesy: Design Print Digital

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#6. Make it useful

If you want to simply engrave the date on your guests mind, then give them something they can use every day. Customise and personalise something that is common with your wedding date, and turn it into something unique and creative.

You can go as creative as you want with this. A mug with your wedding date stamped on it, a handkerchief with embossed date, or even a set of coasters or a keychain marked with your date.

Personalised "save the date" handkerchief (Image Courtesy:Elizabeth Anne Designs)

A personalised "save the date" keychain and bottle opener in one (Image Courtesy: Etsy)

#7. Pass another message

Image Courtesy:  Pat Furey Photography

If you are environment conscious or feel a lot about any social cause, then do say it along with your cards.

Creative save the date invite

You can send a postcard with your heartfelt social message on it and your wedding date and all on the back. You can distribute cards made from environment friendly paper or even give your card along with a sapling to spread your message.

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#8. Edible invites

Let your "happy news" leave a sweet taste in your guests' mouth, literally! Feeling innovative and creative? Well, opt for an edible "save the date" card.

Get your names or initials and your wedding date imprinted on cookies, lollipops or chocolates wrappers, and send those out to your family and friends as you announce the happy news to them.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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#9. Say it with engagement rings

Creative Save The Date Invites

What better way to announce your wedding date to your guests with the help of your engagement rings? Use your rings to circle the wedding date in the calender or use it with your scrabble tiles to share your wedding date with the guests! Super-easy and creative, isn't it?

Creative Save The Date Invites

Images Courtesy: Pinterest

This also doesn't need any professional photographer to click the pictures! Another idea is to get your wedding date written in the mehendi.  

#10. Thumbprint save the date invites  

Save the date invites

Sending thumbprint 'save the date' invites is the latest trend! Many couples are getting creative with their invites and trying out thumbprints to make hearts and share the wedding date.

Creative Save the date invites

Images Courtesy: Pinterest

This is not only simple and creative, but also adds a personalise touch to the invites! These type of invites are also very cost effective!   

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We are sure these cute and simple ideas will steal your guests' heart and would make them long to attend your wedding. So, which one will be your “save the date” card?

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