Super-Easy Ways Social Media Can Help You In Your Wedding


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Super-Easy Ways Social Media Can Help You In Your Wedding

We all agree that social media is a great tool. After all, one can network through it, make new friends and discover new things almost instantly. But, do you realise that social media can be effectively used for your wedding as well? Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Foursquare and many other websites/apps can be used to take your wedding to a whole new level. Well, if you are confused how, then let us tell you about it.

Read how you can use social media to make your wedding more memorable!

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Before the wedding

Almost everyone these days knows about e-invites, here are some more ways to use social media to your advantage before the wedding.

#1. YouTube Invite

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Image Courtesy: YouTube Facebook Page

Instead of calling up all your near and dear ones, why not send them a link of a YouTube video announcing your engagement. Well, it is definitely a more personalised way of inviting your guests as you get a chance to connect with them through audio and video.

You can hire a professional to shoot a recreation of a romantic proposal from your favourite movie or create a cool story line of your own. Add some romantic music and jazzy special effects and inform your wedding guests about your wedding in your own unique way. If you do not want to hire a professional, then use your smartphone cameras and DSLR cameras to make your own video.

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#2. Pinterest Board

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Image Courtesy: Pinterest Facebook Page

Create a Pinterest account dedicated to your wedding and wedding preparations. Use it to pin images of wedding wear ideas, décor suggestions, themes, and much more. You can have conversations and discussions with your fashion-conscious and tech-savvy friends. Take their advice and suggestions to plan the décor and menu for your wedding. But, just be careful not to give out the actual details of the wedding as that would just spoil your guests’ interest and surprise.

#3. Twitter Handle

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Image Courtesy: Brand Watch

Create a twitter handle dedicated to your wedding. Use these to stay in touch with your tech-savvy friends and family. Share the sentimental, stressful and happy details of your wedding planning and preparations. This is a fun way to keep them updated.

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#4. Facebook Group

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

You can create a private facebook group and invite all your friends and family to join. You can let everyone know about the different ceremony venues, timings, and other small details, all at one go. Your guests can RSVP to you as well.

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#5. Google Maps

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Image Courtesy: Google Maps Facebook Page

This is not exactly social media, but definitely an add on to it. Finding the location of the venues of your pre-wedding, wedding and reception ceremonies can be a daunting task for your guests, especially the ones who live out of station. Use google maps to your advantage. After all, nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone or a tab in hand. So, chart out the shortest routes and some transportation options for your guests. If you are too busy with the preparations to do this personally, then you can ask one of your friends to do it for you.

During the wedding

Here are a few ideas on how you can use social media on your wedding day:

#1. Foursquare The Baraat

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Image Courtesy: Foursquare Facebook Page

During the wedding, you should create a Foursquare account through which the groom or one of his friends (who is not in the mood to dance!) can keep checking in at different points. This would let the guests know where the baraat has reached. This is helpful for all the groom’s guests who are supposed to be a part of the baraat, but are late for some reason. The ‘check-in’ option would also let the bride’s side know how far the baraat is from the venue.

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#2. Social Media Station

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Set up a social media station with a couple of cameras and a laptop or two, where the guests can keep updating their status, and post fun pictures of the wedding, from the venue itself. Professional photographers tend to click perfect pictures where the spontaneity is lost. Your guests’ photographs may not be perfect, but they will be candid and memorable. You can also create your own personal hashtag, and the guests who love social media can help you make it trend! You will definitely have a fun time revisiting all those tweets and instagrams after the wedding is over.

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Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Image Courtesy: Flickr Facebook Page

Instead of getting hundreds of photographs printed out, why not just print a select few for your wedding album. Rest of them, can be uploaded on your Flickr and Facebook accounts, or on your personal wedding website. A virtual album will be eco-friendly and easy to preserve.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Ways Your Social Media Can Help In Your Wedding

Here are a few basic things that you should keep in mind before you think about involving social media at your wedding:

  • Remember that not all your guests may be tech-savvy, so do not rely only on the email and YouTube invites. It is best to call them to give them the big news.
  • Do not force your guests to tweet or share things as some may not be comfortable to do so. The ones who are interested will take the lead and others will soon follow.
  • Post-wedding sending e-invites is all right, but the thank-you notes should be personal. Either call your guests or write them a note to thank them for their presence and gifts.
  • Ensure that all the gadgets are switched off during the main ceremony. You would not want your guests to be furiously typing on their smartphones as you take the pheras.
  • Do not obsess about the social media on your wedding. Enjoy the moment; it is one of the best days of your life.

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Your favourite social media can help you stay connected with your friends and family, and help you in your wedding planning as well. So, use these social media tips to add a modern touch to your traditional wedding.

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