7 Best DIY Ideas To Save Money On Wedding Decor


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7 Best DIY Ideas To Save Money On Wedding Decor

We all want to make our wedding celebrations unique and memorable. Today, when many are looking for budget-friendly, unique ways to make their wedding memorable, DIY or do-it-yourself is the ‘in thing’ to choose.

When you do your wedding decor yourself, it also shows that you have spared valuable time and energy for it. And, the best part about it is that you need not spend hours thinking about what to do and how to give that special touch to the decor! Simple ideas can make your wedding décor more affordable, while making it unforgettable as well. So, here are some DIY ideas for you to add to your wedding décor.

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#1 Stage background

The stage where the couple sits is definitely the most photographed place during a wedding. The stage background would be the most visible place for your DIY ideas, so start by giving it a personal touch. Decorating the background with a shadow silhouette of the to-be-wedded couple would be a great idea. And since everyone is not an artist, painting silhouettes are easier to accomplish. It can also be decorated with paper bits or flower petals making it beautiful as well as affordable. If painting and decorating is too much creativity for you to handle, here is a simpler idea. Just use candid pre-wedding photos of the both of you or individual shots to decorate the stage background. This would make it look colourful and more personal.

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#2 Photo-booth

A fascinating wedding trend that is gaining popularity in India these days is that of a ‘photo-booth’. So, you too can add this idea to your special event. Photo-booth is a place where guests line up to get photographed. This place has an interesting and unique backdrop, with exciting props often kept along to reveal some naughtiness. You can keep props like masks made from you and your partner’s face shots in different moods. There can also be theme-based props, like from the Hindu mythology (mukuts, gadas, trishuls, etc.), a musical theme (cardboard cut-outs of guitar, violin, trumpet, etc.) or some quirky fashion accessories (huge retro glares, cut-outs of pouts and lashes, retro moustaches, etc.). It could be perfectly made to be in line with your liking and fantasies.

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#3 Origami flowers

Whenever you want to go for DIY décor, origami is your best friend. The best thing about paper craft is that it is inexpensive, easy to do and gives beautiful results. You can make origami flower bouquets, butterflies, birds, bushes and a lot more. Make it colourful and breathtakingly interesting while giving your wedding a personal touch.

#4 Paper lanterns

If the wedding is to take place in the night, you can add a sparkling touch of colourful paper lanterns to it. These can be easily made from inexpensive craft paper and wire. You can either hang them around the venue or light them up and launch them in the sky. When you launch the lanterns, they will be visible from many miles away and make a spectacular view in the sky. But one must take into consideration the weather conditions before planning for this. Humid weather or heavy winds may spoil your plans.

#5 Photo clothesline

Another easy and beautiful décor idea would be using simple clotheslines webbed across the venue and hang interesting photos of the you and your would-be. It can be made to follow a chronological course with childhood photos in one area, going upwards to school and subsequent life ending at the stage. It would be fun for the guests and lets you save on the wedding décor costs.

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#6 Table linen and drapes

Instead of using inexpensive plain white table linen or going for the expensive decorative ones, here is a DIY idea to add a personal touch to the tables. Use sarees, dupattas and other colourful fabric that would be lying around your house. We are sure your closest family members would be more than happy to pitch in too. Sounds simple, exciting and personalised, right? You can also use colourful dupattas to decorate the entryway and as drapes around the venue. The zari or embroidered borders from sarees and dupattas will also add a beautiful ethnic touch to your Indian affair.

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#7 Handmade cards

Now this is not a décor idea, but is definitely an interesting suggestion to add a personal touch right from the start. Every couple wants a wedding card that is personal and enticing for their guests. If you make your wedding invitation cards yourself, it gives out a big message about how much you care for your guests. Design a love symbol that relates to you and your would-be and stencil it to the card. This would not be too difficult and definitely be more affordable, while reflecting your love and care for each other. You can even use the same love symbol for your wedding stage background.

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One thing is for sure, when you do it yourself, you do it with love. Make your décor speak more about you and your love. With your personal touch your wedding décor can be made more affordable and more praiseworthy, making it a lasting memory for all. 

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