12 Most Amazing Tips You Will Ever Need To Create The Best Wedding Album Ever


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12 Most Amazing Tips You Will Ever Need To Create The Best Wedding Album Ever

Finally all your wedding and postnuptial functions are over, but work does not come to an end entirely with the completion of ceremonies alone. In fact, some tasks begin after the D-day only. For example, just a few days after the wedding, newlyweds and their family have to browse through all the beautiful images to choose the right photographs and create the best wedding album.

Selecting the best moments from over a thousand photographs captured by your wedding photographer in his camera lens, can be quite a time consuming affair. Though it may not seem like a painful task to browse through a CD full of wonderful photos as it will bring back the memories of the big day, but getting the right ones does come with its own set of challenges. 

We bring you some of the most amazing tips you will need to create the finest wedding album to let you cherish your memorable moments throughout a lifetime.

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#1. Make it a special event

Your wedding was a big affair for you and your families. Hence, selection of wedding pictures to go into the album should also be a memorable event. When choosing the photographs, you can call over your very close family members and friends to decide on the content of the wedding album. This way, you can also refresh your memories and relive the important moments of your wedding day with your truly loved ones.

#2. Choose a convenient time of the day

Since your wedding album will serve as one of the finest ways of keeping memories of the special day alive ages after the ceremonies are over, you need to make sure that images that go into it are carefully selected. Set aside a part of the day or night for photo selection when you and your partner are completely free and are not stressed with any other work. You can really enjoy the task of photograph selection for the wedding album when you are free from all distractions and are not too tired from other events of the day.

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#3. Eliminate unnecessary and unflattering photos

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Photographers often hand over all the images they have clicked for your wedding. However, running through the entire lot and selecting only some among the bunch can be quite an overwhelming task. You can begin by eliminating the photographs that you think have not been well-shot, are blurred or feature some unflattering angles. Scaling back the amount of photographs will only ease the task of image selection for your wedding album.

#4. Create an album that depicts a beautiful story

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It is not possible to feature every pose or a picture of each moment, but a perfect wedding album should serve as a highlight of the special day. Choose pictures of all the events of your wedding day to be featured in chronological order to take the viewer through all the events as they unfolded. Select images that builds up to each moment and tells a mesmerising story of your special day. Choose the finest few images from each ceremony as they happened such as mehendi, sangeet, baraat, pheras, vidai, reception and so on.

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#5. Go for unique images even if they are not traditional shots

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When assembling photos for creating the perfect wedding album, you can pick up the ones that do not necessarily fit the traditional, classic category, which is found in almost every other album. Sometimes, featuring images of funny and crazy moments of your wedding ceremonies may make you look back at the wedding album forever so fondly.

#6. Pick only the best

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Do not cram the album with too many images. It would be a good idea to have only a single or just a couple of images in one page rather than having disjointed, multiple images on a single page. Cramming the wedding album with too many images will make it look messy and the viewer would not be able to notice the details of each picture. Only select the most stunning shots or the ones that have captured a moment perfectly.

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#7. Add more pages if necessary

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If there are many photos that you think you must feature in your wedding album, but they would not fit into the standard number of pages, then it would be best to include a few more pages. Wedding photographers often try to fit too many chosen pictures into certain pages, and end up giving the album a cluttered appearance. However, you can spend a few extra bucks and ask him to add more pages that can feature more pictures. 

#8. Include the classic and key moments

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Most important moments of your life should definitely go into your wedding album. It is the natural, classic images of the key wedding moments and not the posed ones loaded with photographic effects that will always bring a smile on your face, irrespective of how many years after the special event you have a look at them.

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#9. Choose the right balance of colour and contrast

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Image Courtesy: Robin Saini Photography

Having some highly artistic black and white images alongside some colourful images in your wedding album will surely make it a perfect one. Ask your photographer to toss in images that present a nice contrast of colours along with a few black and white images.

#10. Choose cover photos that make a good impression

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Important part of the wedding album is the cover page, and hence, you cannot go wrong with your image selection for back and front cover. For the front, you can pick up a close picture of you and your partner exchanging vows or a traditional shot of the wedding day with colourful backdrop. Select an image for the back cover that would finish your wedding story in style.

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#11. Stick to a simple design for your wedding album

You might feel like including different design patterns for your wedding album, but going for too much variation in terms of design might actually make the album more of an eyesore for the viewer. Hence, go for simple design templates that will lend a timeless quality to your wedding album.

#12. Go for thicker pages

Ask your photographer to feature all the images in thick pages so that you can pass it around umpteen times, and handover even to little guests without worrying about it getting torn or damaged.

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A wedding album is a representation of the most important and beautiful moments of your special day. Hence, make sure that you choose the images wisely to turn it into a piece of art that can be cherished forever and be proudly shared with your family and friends.

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