8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wedding Photographer


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8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Wedding Photographer

Photography is a complex art. But, photographing weddings is a differently challenging craft altogether. With uncles drinking away to glory, aunties strutting around in the heaviest bling possible, and the couple giving classic bridal portraits with constant plastic smiles for the camera, Indian wedding photographers have to deal with a lot. It gets even worse when people start treating them like free photo dispensers, and act as a direct hindrance to their creativity.

Hence, if you ever plan to hire the services of a wedding photographer, simply avoid saying these 8 things to a wedding photographer.

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#1. “Do not take photos here, this is a private moment!”

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This can be extremely annoying for a photographer, who has been especially assigned the task of photographing perhaps the biggest personal milestone of your life -your wedding. Unless and until there is not any security issues or a breach of extreme privacy, there should not be any reason to stop them from clicking.

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#2. Right in the middle of the ceremonies, you specially call your photographer to tell him that, “you've got an idea for the coolest photo of the marriage.”

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This is a real dampener to an artist’s feelings. Every photographer has his or her own style of shooting. Prompting him in the middle of his job with a possible cliché idea of a picture in your head is surely going to give a blow to his or her spirits. After all, no one likes to be told how to do their job!

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#3. “Can I have all the rejected photos please?”

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Err... no you cannot! There is a reason why some photos do not make to the final editing table. It is because the photographer did not feel they should. No photographer would want to bring down the overall standards of a wedding album by sharing that one ‘unwanted’ picture. So, leave it at that!

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#4. “You must have a great camera.”

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This is the biggest faux pas of all! Come on, he is a wedding photographer for a reason, right? It is like telling a bride that you should really look good on your wedding day. Pointless totally!

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#5. “Can you Photoshop that in black and white?”

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Was that a joke? If it was, it was cringeworthy to say the least. When you hire a photographer, you must trust the instincts that his/her editing skills will do full justice to each and every wedding picture of yours. If you would closely notice, he or she has already done an impeccable job of making you wrinkles, spots and stain-free, so kindly leave the treatment part on them please!

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#6. “Can you just mail me the digital version and leave the prints please?”

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Okay, this is like a crime. A crime you are committing on the business and professional aspect of the photographer. Leaving the prints version means a hit below the belt, where you are looking for a cut in his/her fees, which is a shame after you have got 100% of job out of the photographer!

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#7. “Your camera takes really good pictures.”

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So by this logic, when a painter paints an exceptionally good picture, is it because he has great brush and paints? A pet irritation of many a photographers out there is to have been told this, it is the eyes and hands behind the lens that takes good picture, not the camera, dearie!

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#8. “It is a striking photograph, you have great editing skills!”

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It is the basic skill and job of a wedding photographer to get the story of a picture right ‘in camera’, so kindly do not ridicule his or her talents by giving all the credit to Photoshop. Many a times, the most outstanding pictures of a wedding do not even need editing.

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This was our list of top 8 annoying things people say to a wedding photographer. Do you also have something, which makes your head get a little hot with the fumes as a wedding photographer? We would love to know them. Share with us in comments below.

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