7 Ways Annoying Guests Can Ruin Your Professional Wedding Photos


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7 Ways Annoying Guests Can Ruin Your Professional Wedding Photos

Even if you take umpteen number of precautions, there will still be someone in the family or your friends who may (intentionally or unintentionally!) spoil your wedding photographs. (READ: 6 Essential Etiquette Tips To Be The Best Guest At A Wedding). But, do not sweat over it. Just make sure you have your say when you are the one being clicked. Have the guts to tell your over-smart guests not to spoil the photos and brief your photographer on how to avoid the overzealous chachi or hyperactive dance diva of a friend and the amateur photographer cousins! In most cases, photographers are well-versed and know how to deal with such guests!

Anyway, we think it is our duty to make you aware of annoying guests can ruin professional photographs. If you are a guest, then take cue and try and avoid making these blunders, so that everyone can go home happy!

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#1. Blocking the photographer’s view

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Yes, everyone present at the wedding wants to see the bride and the groom up-close. However, they forget that a photographer has business to do and capture moments and memories. Getting in way of the photographer who may have found a perfect angle is highly disrespectful because he is being held back, which means he will miss capturing important moments. This is worse when some people do so intentionally and ruin the number of ‘good’ photographs.

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#2. Kids being asked to sit between the bride and groom!

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While we agree, some kids can make the photo look just too cute, this is a complete no-no, unless you are really close to the couple. Why would you want your kid to sit between the couple? Of course, the two cannot complain and make their irritability visible on their faces, but they may not be that fond of you or your kid! Some are extremely naughty and may end up not leaving the stage at all. So if you are a parent, this is how you contribute in spoiling a wedding photograph!

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#3. Repositioning the bride and the groom

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We hate to admit, but the bride and the groom are mere puppets on their wedding day. From their entry and varmala ceremony to the saat pheras, everything is orchestrated. And, the worst happens when they are repositioned for photographs on-stage. In excitement, some never-seen-before distant relatives and some close ones too try to either position themselves in better angles, or reposition the bride and the groom to look good themselves! Thankfully, we have some exceptionally talented candid photographers, who couples hire for their wedding to avoid such tricky situations.

#4. Bhaiya/Beta, ek aur photo!

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Professional photographers are those who have aced the art of clicking people and events, and need no direction from those who are being clicked. In a photograph, you will look the exact same as you are, whether tall or short, fat or thin. When you are posing, pose your best and get out of the way because the photographer (thankfully if she/he is patient enough) may not tolerate your tantrums for long.

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#5. Complaining all the way

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‘Can you click only my photograph against dim light?’, ‘Can you please click us again (and again and again!)’? ‘Did I close my eyes?’, ‘I was pouting too much or too little?’- these and many such questions that irritate the photographer. Remember that multiple shots are being taken and only the best one will be sent to the client! Besides, if you are not ready for the shot, prepare for it and go up on the stage all at once, if it is a family shot!

#6. Flash here. Flash there. Flash everywhere.

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Everyone has a camera and phones that have in-built cameras, but the number of photographs being clicked with flashes on, sometimes ruin a photographer’s shot. This is a tricky situation for one cannot go around telling people to not use their phones, but if one can, one must convey the concern. And, if you are invited to a wedding, we ask you to keep your flashes off!

#7. Pushing the photographer out of the way!

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Why would anyone do that? They are anyway loaded with their cameras and may be in the process of pressing the shutter button when you tap on their shoulder or unknowingly shove them out of your way! Be careful so as not to jeopardise his job because at the end of it all, we all want to see the event as it unfolded! And anyway, a happy photographer amounts to happy photographs!

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It is true that some shots may not come as you would have expected, but look at the bright side of it and indulge in photos that have outshined your expectation. After all, sometimes it is not the photographer’s fault! Appreciate as much as you can, and remember to live your wedding day like no other and spread smiles! Why? Because beautiful photographs will automatically find way!