5 Reasons Why Indian Couples Must Have A Photo Booth At Their Wedding


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5 Reasons Why Indian Couples Must Have A Photo Booth At Their Wedding

The trend of having a photo booth at weddings in India has become quite popular in the recent past. The simple reason behind this popularity is that they add a lot of fun to a wedding, and hence, are totally loved by everyone. Moreover, they do not take much space and are pocket-friendly too.

Well, if you are still thinking that you do not need one at your wedding, then let us tell you that a photo booth can make your big day even more special. And, if you are wondering how, then here are a few reasons that will simply convince you about this idea.

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#1. To make sure all your guests get clicked

Since your photographer would be busy with you most of the time, he/she might not be able to go around and take pictures of all the guests at your wedding. So, by having a photo booth, you can make sure that all your guests get clicked. And, you can have all those pictures as wedding keepsakes.

Images Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

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Jayant Chhabra and Shruti Khanna, photographers from Cupcake Productions, share their opinion on this concept as they say:

“It is the newest and most fun way to capture amazing poses and candid shots of your guests. And, once your big day is over, these special clicks become one of the best ways to look back and remember the amazing time you had with family and friends.”

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#2. To entertain your guests

A photo booth will ensure that all your guests have enough fun at your wedding. Be it your grandparents or your friends, everyone will be simply amused while posing in a fun setup with cool props.

Images Courtesy: Amour Affairs Photography

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Rabab Kasim, from Amour Affairs, also agree with this as she says:

“A photo booth provides priceless entertainment for all the guests at a wedding. It becomes all the more fun with various funky props like, signboards, moustaches, goofy glasses, and much more. And, towards the end of the night, we usually find all the guests stuffed into the photo booth.”

Image Courtesy: Amour Affairs Photography

#3. For a creative guest book

Just like a photo booth, having a guest book is yet another trend that is catching up fast at the Indian weddings. Well, how about clubbing the two ideas? We are pretty sure your guests will simply love it!

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Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

So, instead of asking your guests to leave a message for you in a book, you can ask them to write a message on a board and get clicked with it. You can even ask them to leave a short video message.

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#4. To give out awesome wedding favours

While the contemporary ideas like a photo booth and a guest book in your traditional wedding make it more fun, you can add another such element in your celebrations. You can ask your photographer to give extra copies of the pictures of your guests taken at the photo booth, and give the same to your guests as wedding favour.

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

You can either club a few pictures in a scrapbook, or just give one in a beautiful photo frame. Your guests will simply love this unique wedding favour.

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

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#5. To make your wedding unique

A photo booth can be customised as per your liking to make your wedding look totally different and impressive. Ankit Lamba of ClickSutra Photography, explains:

“The trend is growing fast and is a great way to give a unique look to your wedding as well as the album. You can opt for various themes like, cupid, Bollywood, red carpet, magical frames, vintage, etc. I feel every function should have it since the guests get a dedicated space for their group pictures, rather than the clichéd stage shots.”

Image Courtesy: ClickSutra Photography

So, to make your wedding the talk of the town, you can even think of something different from what your photographer or the wedding planner has to offer. And, with a bit of customisation, you can get yourself a cool and creative photo booth to impress your guests.

Image Courtesy: Dkreate Photography

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Well, after knowing how much fun a small photo booth can add to your wedding, we are pretty sure that you would not be able to give it a miss. So, don’t wait! Just rush to your wedding planner or photographer, and ask for one.

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