Milind Soman On Wife, Ankita Konwar's Reaction To His Intimate Scenes In Four More Shots Please 2

B-town celebrities have to the deal with the question of “If your partner was insecure?” Now, it's Milind Soman, who shares his wife, Ankita Konwar's reaction to his intimate scenes. Details inside!


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Milind Soman On Wife, Ankita Konwar's Reaction To His Intimate Scenes In Four More Shots Please 2

Once you are in love, it gets hard to share the person with others. Sometimes, people cannot even accept their partner talking to others, let alone having physical contact. While, for any healthy relationship, it is obvious to maintain monogamy, and our B-town celebrities often have to the deal with the question of “If your partner was insecure?” as their work often requires them to shoot some intimate scenes. Every actor has to go by the script and narration of the story and have to perform intimate scenes or kissing scenes in order to get the feel of the story right, of course only if the actor agrees. At least now, we live in an advanced culture, where a kissing scene is not a big deal, yet often the actors are subjected to certain questions asking their real-life partner’s reaction or how the scene impacted their relationship. Now, it is Milind Soman, who is dealing with a similar set of questions. (Also Read: Abhay Deol Finds Love Again In A Celebrity Manager After Breakup with Preeti Desai, Details Inside)

The guy that stepped out of the trunk in the famous 90s, Alisha Chinai song, Made in India made millions of girls skip their heartbeat and guys burn with jealousy. The only question everyone had at that time was ‘How can someone be so perfect and good-looking?’ Well, the guy turned out to be Milind Soman, whose looks and fitness regime has made the world go crazy about him. Breaking millions of hearts, Milind had gotten married to the love of his life, Ankita Konwar on April 22, 2018. Milind has been giving fitness goals for years now and his intimate scenes in web series, Four More Shots Please 2 has become the talk of the town.

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar

Recently, in a chat with Pinkvilla, Milind Soman was asked if his wife, Ankita Konwar ever felt insecure of him performing intimate scenes on-screen. He immediately replied, "No." Adding how his wife was excited about the intimate scenes, he added, "She was very cool with it. In fact, when I got the first season, I read the script with her and there were, of course, sex scenes, me walking in my underwear on the table, she was like 'Ohh, this will be interesting'. She was actually very excited about it." Milind was also asked if they have watched the new season yet, to which, Milind replied, "We haven't been able to. But we will definitely try to catch up pretty soon."

Milind Soman Ankita Konwar

On April 22, 2020, Milind and Ankita had completed two years of marital bliss. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Milind had opened up on post-marriage changes and had said, "The biggest thing is that earlier I never asked anyone in my life, whether I should do this or that, or how will anyone react if I did something, not my family, even my mother, or even discuss with anyone, nothing, I was never that person. But now of course with Ankita, I discuss everything single tiny thing. That is the big change, it is not just you anymore, there is another person who is very important." (Don't Miss: Disha Patani Shares BTS Video From 'Baaghi 3', Gets Compliments From Tiger Shroff's Mom And Sister)

Milind had also talked about his second-marriage anniversary plans and had said, "Well, it was not what we wanted. It was fun but we just did an extra set of exercises. We climbed 300 floors in our building. Earlier, the plan was to go on a holiday, we had planned 2-3 months before but yes, it couldn't happen. But anyway it is nice, it is fun. Ankita keeps telling me she is happy I am stuck at home (laughs)." (Recommended Read: Anushka Sharma's Reaction When Virat Kohli Aced 'Guess The Gibberish' Challenge While Weight Lifting)


We wish Milind and Ankita to maintain this happy-healthy relationship forever!

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