Dear Men, Here Is How You Can Make Your Girl Feel Better During Her Period

Every woman goes with period every 28 days. Being a taboo in our society, the least a woman can ask for is her partner's support. Men need to be a little considerate, here is how!


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Dear Men, Here Is How You Can Make Your Girl Feel Better During Her Period

Imagine bleeding for seven days in a row, and acting all normal! Imagine your body having an internal war, and you have to act like everything is super-fine! You certainly would not want people to panic or ignore you or blame you while you are dealing with this inner turmoil. Your partner goes with an internal war every 28 days that lead to bloodshed, pain, mood swings and other things which you just feel are normal.

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Our society already considers period as a taboo, making every girl feel more irritated! Dear men, let’s not add to that irritation because certainly that’s going to backfire and you blaming it on us PMS-ing is not the way to calm us down. Here is how you can make your partner feel better on her period.

#1. Put Her Period In Your Calendar

Mark her period on your calendar

We just love when our partner is considerate about our periods and remember our PMS-ing date. It shows how much you love us and care about us. If your girl is regular with her period, she would love if you could remember it, and stay equipped with every possible thing that she might love to have during that time. It will be an added bonus for her if you could just take an off for the first two days and comfort her by spending time with her.

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#2. Help Her With The Work

Help her

It won’t kill you to help your partner with the chores. There is a lot going on in her body, you need to understand and give her the rest she deserves. Help your partner with the daily chores. Get the groceries, make dinner or lunch, clean up the house or do the laundry. Help your partner as much as you can. There is no harm driving straight to home on those days rather than going for social events. Be a little considerate!

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#3. Do Not Blame Her For PMS-ing


She might be cranky, irritated, in a bad mood, or might have drastic mood swings; but that does not mean, you have to say it to her. Your partner will feel that you are blaming her and are not valuing her emotions. A 'Period' is a biological process, which makes women lose control over their feelings. You blaming her will only make her more cranky or aggressive or might even make her cry.

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#4. Be Prepared

Be prepared for period

Your partner might have some unreasonable cravings during her period, so be prepared to get her what she wants; other than that be prepared with her favourite snacks, drinks and meals. Have lots of dark chocolates with you as it aids the blood flow, sleep quality and mood. Also, keep a hot water bottle handy as it can help your partner rest better and deal with the bad cramps.

#5. Massage And Cuddles

Shoulder massage

Your partner will love you more if you could give her a foot massage, hand massage or a back massage as it will lower down her pain and help her body with the blood circulation. Cuddle her if she is crying for no reason, or even if she is happy. Just hug her so that she feels secure and safe amidst all the chaos her body is throwing at her.

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#6. Watch A Movie Together

Watch a movie together

Sitting idle at home will only draw her attention to the pain she is feeling or to the mood swings, so it is better that you diverge her mind with the things she loves. For the sake of her hormones and her happiness, watch some movie together.

A pro tip: watch some lighthearted comedy movie and do not go for any romantic movie as that might make her cry even more.

#7. Send Her Sweet Texts

Sweet Texts

If you cannot be there for her in person, then do send her some sweet, mushy texts to lighten up her mood and make her feel loved. “I understand you”, “I love you”, “I wish I was there with you right now” will make your partner feel happy and high on emotions.

Also, if you are on your way back to home, text her “If you need pads or medicine”, “Bringing your favourite chocolates and food”, “Would you like to go shopping?” These texts will make her feel that you value her and understand her emotions.

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#8. Be Sexually Available

This can be messy but some women are erotically charged during or post their periods. Though there is no pressure because not everyone is comfortable with period sex, but if you could give it a try, this will be a great gesture as it will help her ease the pain and also, it will end her period fast. If you think it will be too messy, then YOU can clean up later and change the sheets.

Remember her periods are not gonna last forever, it will be just a couple of days and she is going with a lot while trying to hide everything. Treat her like a queen and give your best to make her happy and put a smile on her face. She will always remember your gestures and feel lucky to have you as her man. This will surely work great for your relationship. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.