Celebrating Cultural Beauty: 7 Ethnic Outfits From Various Parts Of India You Must Own This Year


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Celebrating Cultural Beauty: 7 Ethnic Outfits From Various Parts Of India You Must Own This Year

India is home to a number of beautiful weaves and crafts. Designed by expert artisans with utmost love, patience and care, the fabrics are a part of our culture, each with a significance of its own. While some of the ancient weaves and crafts have died and given way to artificial designs, there are some that have been revived into glory.

So, this Craftsvilla World Ethnic Day on June 19, we have put together some of the most beautiful traditional weaves from all over the country that you must own this year.

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#1. Kanjivaram

A must-have in every South Indian girl’s bridal trousseau, Kanjivaram sarees come from the small temple town of Kanchipuram, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Today, it is ranked as one of the best silks in the world due to its durability. Depending upon the amount of zari used, a Kanjivaram saree can cost anywhere between a few thousands and some lakhs. A woman must have this exquisite saree for weddings, pujas or any other festival. Pair it with traditional gold jewellery and flowers in your hair, and look like elegance personified.

#2. Kalamkari

Originating in Andhra Pradesh, kalamkari is a form of art done on cotton fabrics using a pen. To colour the designs drawn on the fabric, only vegetable dyes or natural colours are used. Kalamkari is not just famous in India but also all over the globe for its fabulous detailed artwork and the use of organic colours. Today, kalamkari is a hot favourite among fashion designers. Whether in the form of dress materials, dupattas or sarees, an outfit in this ancient art is a must-have in your wardrobe. The colourful yet simple print looks best with minimal accessories, with thread work or tribal designs.

#3. Chikankari

The land of Nawabs, Lucknow, is not just famous for kebabs but also for a beautiful form of embroidery known as chikankari. Derived from the Persian word ‘Chikin’ or ‘Chikeen’, the embroidery was done using white cotton thread on fine mulls and muslins, ideal for the hot weather. However, now the beautiful embroidery is done using lovely coloured threads like baby blue, lemon yellow, mint green and baby pink, as well. Be it for work, college, a lunch date or outing with friends, any outfit with chikankari work is perfect for Indian summers.

#4. Bengal Tussar

Also known as kosa silk, tussar silk is widely produced in Malda district of West Bengal. Worn on special occasions, this saree is loved by women from all over India. Traditionally, tussar silk was usually found in beige, copper or honey colour in the form of a saree. However, things have changed now and the delicate fabric is also available as dress material for salwar suits and kurtis. So, go ahead and buy this lightweight and delicate fabric for attending some special occasions.

#5. Ikat

If you want something classy for everyday wear, there cannot be a better pick than ikat. The threads are first tied and dipped in dyes to create a desired pattern, and then the yarn is woven into patterns. Whether it is Gujarat’s patan patola, Odisha’s Oriyan Ikat or Andhra’s pochampally - the traditional craft is now one of the major designs used on the ramp today. The designers love it and so do we. There are myriad ways in which ikat can be made a part of your everyday wardrobe - sarees, palazzos, dupatta, shirt or kurtis.

#6. Bandhani

One of the prettiest art forms in textiles, Bandhani is a type of tie and dye cloth, decorated by plucking the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a beautiful design. Bandhani is usually made by craftsmen situated in Rajasthan, Gujarat and parts of Punjab. In Tamil Nadu, it is called Sungudi. It is a very versatile art form and can be seen in the form of dupattas, sarees and kurtis. It can easily be incorporated into your everyday wear. Style a red or blue bandhani dupatta with a plane white suit; it’s elegance at its best!

#7. Mangalagari Pure Cotton

Mangalagiri sarees and other fabrics are made by skilled craftsmen in the Mangalapuri town in Andhra Pradesh. This fabric is made by hand-weaving and then dyeing the cloth. It undergoes a lot of purifying procedures, which makes it easy to dye, thus making it a very pure form of cotton. The Nizam design is a very stark characteristic of Mangalagiri fabric. It looks beautiful in the form of a saree and has the ability to lift a sullen mood with its bright colours and designs. A definite must-have in your wardrobe!

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We are simply mesmerised with the beautiful wearable art that our culture produces, aren’t you? Just don’t forget to tell us which one is your favourite! 

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