Can-Can Or Bukram, Make Your Wedding Lehenga Fluffy Without Adding Much Weight To It


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Can-Can Or Bukram, Make Your Wedding Lehenga Fluffy Without Adding Much Weight To It

Gone is that era where only a woman from the royalty would show up in a flared lehenga. True, most of us still cannot afford an authentic 24 kali lehenga, but we do have the blessings of can-can!

Can-can is that amazing mesh of net that gives our dresses that pretty Disney-like look. But, before you run to call your designer, there are some things that you should know about this fluffy stuff!

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The Material


Can-can is essentially made up of net. A large quantity of net is stitched together to form bunches, which is then added in layers under your lehenga's skirt. The can-can is originally plain white in colour, but it is dyed according to the colour of your dress.

Bukram v/s can-can


Both buckram and can-can are made of net, but their uses are different as their structures are different. While can-can is simple net, buckram is made with the hard net which can stand vertically. Can-can is typically used in lehengas or dresses which are not heavily embroidered. It can make an outfit look flarey but doesn't provide a lot of support.

Buckram, on the other hand, is stiff. It is perfect for the dresses that need extra support. But the downside is, it is heavier as compared to can-can and doesn't provide that fluffy look to the dress. Also, buckram is a little difficult to store as it doesn't bend easily.

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Where and how much


Well, just because something is available doesn't mean that you should exploit it! There are some things that you need to keep in mind before adding can-can to your dresses. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • If you really want to make your dress look the fluffiest, before going beyond the boundary, do the 'sit test'. Wear your dress and sit comfortably. If you think that there is still more room for the can-can, go ahead!
  • You need to check with your designer about the amount of can-can that you can to add to your dress. Not every material is strong enough to bear the weight of a lot of it.

Cancan under lehenga

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  • If you are a curvy bride, try to stick to the A-line format. Add can-can in the lower half of your dress otherwise, it can make you look heavy. Also, do not go overboard with it. For the petite brides, there is no restriction but, keep in mind that too much of can-can with a slim waistline will look unnatural.
  • Although can-can is net and not as heavy as buckram, it will, indeed, add to the weight of your dress. Not just that, it will make walking difficult as well. So, use can-can wisely.

Now you are almost set for that Disney princess dress of yours. Almost!

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Our last advice is that can-can will stick to your body when you will sit. So, you need to be careful. Also, before your big entrance, you will need to fluff the can-can with hands. For that, you can ask one of your friends to separate the layers of the net so that air can go inside it. Now go and have your fairytale moment!

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