30 Insanely Clever Hacks Every 'Desi Girl' Should Know To Make Her Life Simpler


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30 Insanely Clever Hacks Every 'Desi Girl' Should Know To Make Her Life Simpler

Ohhh… how we women wish that our lives could get a bit easier! Those of us who go to work and get up late, who swears to herself every morning that ‘today I will sleep early’ but can never keep to it, here’s to you! We all know how jugaadu we all are when we are pressed again situation and time, but what if we could tell you about some more hacks?

Life is, errr…a little complex? But when life throws problems at us, we throw jugaads! Right, my folks?  But trust us, if you are stressed, you should be well-dressed! And you can do wonders with a look to kill! Hence, we did some digging and found out some amazing beauty hacks and tricks that would help to sort out all the last-minute beauty fixtures. From protecting your dear compact from breakage to a ‘spoon formula’ for perfect eyes- yes, we have got you all covered! So, check’em out and you can thank us later!

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#1. No more green stains on fingers

No more green stains on fingers

Usually the sweat from your skin reacts with the metal element of your ring, thus turning the area underneath the ring, green. So, paint the inside of your rings with transparent nail paint and your fingers would never turn green. Forgot to do it, now what? Do not worry! Soak your hands in a bowl of lukewarm water. Take a baby toothbrush and pour a small amount of soap on it and scrub the area of the skin which has turned ‘green’. Repeat this process periodically and see how the ‘green colour’ vanishes!

#2. A quick wrinkle fix

A quick wrinkle fix

Use your hair straightening iron to remove those last minute wrinkles off your clothes in a jiffy. You will be surprised to see, how much easier your life would get!

#3. Drying nail polish with cold water

Drying nail polish with cold water

Just changed your mood and so did your dress. But what about the nail paint? More worried about how to dry it when you are already running super-late? Worry not! Apply your nail-paint and dip your fingers in a bowl of chilled water for about 2-3 minutes. Hurry to clean and dry nail paint!

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#4. Do away with shoe scuffs

Shoe scuff

Have some nail polish remover and vaseline at home? Great! Take some nail polish remover in a cotton ball to polish out the scuff. Once it’s done, dab some vaseline over another cotton ball and apply it on your shoes and get rid of those terrible scuffs on your beautiful leather shoes (your pumps and peep-toes will thank us too for this!) So, follow this tip each time you step out and let other girls go green with envy.

#5. Feet exfoliation

Feet exfoliation

Exfoliate your tired feet by soaking them in a tub filled with warm water, listerine and vinegar. Not only it is all natural and very soothing, but it would even save you from those expensive salon visits!

#6. Softest legs ever

Softest legs ever

Prep yourself for a pre-shave pamper. Apply baking soda to exfoliate. Use coconut oil, olive oil as it will not only give you a smooth shave, but also is a great moisturiser for your legs.

#7. No more hurting underwires

No more hurting underwires

First of all if your bra underwire hurts you, it is not well-fitted. You probably need to get them exchanged or buy new ones. But if you have pulled-off its tag and nothing can be done about it, so we have its fixture. Use a panty liner to cover those ‘hurt spots’ and you would not get hurt at the wrong place again. See, life made simple!

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#8. Does your powder compact break too often?

powder compact

Put cotton pads in your powdered cake cosmetics to prevent them from cracking. As simple as that guys!

#9. Iron a button-up shirt inside-out

Iron a button-up shirt inside-out

Yes, it’s that easy! Whether it is the kid’s school uniform or the regular office wear, this fashion hack will make shirt ironing a painless task.

#10. Fix stuck zipper teeth by rubbing a pencil on them

Fix stuck zipper teeth by rubbing a pencil

No more struggling with those stubborn zippers. Zip zap zoom! (Just don’t forget to bring a plenty of pencils back home!)

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#11. Un-shrink your favourite top

Unshrink your favourite top

Soak your favourite tee or jeans in a soapy water solution, and add baby conditioner to it. Now, sit back and see the miracle happening. And, you thought it is time to bid goodbye to your favourite top? Well, not yet!

#12. Sew old or cheap bra cups into a backless dress

Sew old or cheap bra cups

Did you say you need a special bra for a backless dress? Why waste money when you can use it to buy makeup or even go to the salon for a sweet pamper! For that sexy date-backless dress of yours, say a big ‘NO’ to those sticky or multi-way bra, just an old cheap bra is what you really need.

#13. Peeping bra straps?

Peeping bra straps

Turn your ordinary bra into a racerback style with a paperclip or safety pin, and voila!

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#14. No strap showing, no neck dropping

No strap showing

Pick this trick up from a blouse tailor or YouTube hain na! Stitch a small string or fabric strap with a titch button underneath the either side of your outfit's shoulder area, and clinch them around your bra strap. This will totally help you from being conscious and keep those peeping strappies inside!

#15. Double the space in your wardrobe

Soda can hanger

Noting could be this awesome! Who knew that used soda can tabs could be so useful? Take a cue from the picture and fix them on your hangars. This would give you room to hang multiple dresses at one go!

#16. Stop your zipper from running down

Stop your zipper from running down

Want to save yourself from some embarrassment if luck hasn’t been with you that day? Get that less than a rupee safety pin and tug away the fear of your zip running down. You can even try a keychain ring for this.

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#17. Give a face lift to your boring T-shirt



Awesome re-fashioning idea to pump life into that boring T-shirt which you don’t like. And, you thought old tees are best turned into pochas? Girls, wake up!

#18. Use a piece of lace to create nail art

lace to create nail art

First rule, don’t let your friends know this nail art secret of yours and they will totally buy it to be an expensive salon affair! Now, flaunt different patterns daily for free.

#19. Stretch out tight shoes

Stretch out tight shoes

Learn this by heart, girlies! Put your socks on and wear your shoes. Now use your hair dryer, aiming at the tight portion of the shoes. Wriggle your toes to stretch the shoes out. Let your shoes cool down. Remove socks and try again. Trust us, it works wonders!

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#20. Clean underarm deodorant stains

underarm deodorant stains

Simple, get a package of baby wipes and use it on the area where you have a stain. Lo and behold!

#21. Deodrants on your heels

Deodrants on your heels

Wow! We knew it was for the days we don’t take a shower! (Just kidding!) Prevent high heel blisters by applying an underarm deodorant along the back of your heels from the inside of your shoe. This will prevent your skin from sweating which reduces your chances of blisters. In case this doesn’t work out, go for a ‘Heel Protector’ for better results.

#22. Using braids as a natural hair curler

braids as a natural hair curler

Most of us swear by it, most of us don’t know it exists. This point is for both! Imp: Ensure you have a good 1-2 hours at hand. Before going to bed, take thin strands of hair (thick enough to make braids though). Make at least 20 such braids in your hair (thin, closely-knit braids) and go to sleep early because you need to wake up early to open those. See the magic when you open them in the morning!

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#23. Using sunscreen as a primer (base)

sunscreen as a primer

Don’t make this a habit but in case if you run out of primer and want your makeup to last long, this is it. However, do ensure that you know your skin-type and use a sunscreen accordingly as otherwise, it will melt all your makeup away. Using a sunscreen gel/cream as a primer will give you an instant glow making you feel light and a head-turner at a party!

#24. Coconut oil makes for an excellent makeup remover

Coconut oil makes for an excellent makeup remover

Coconut oil is truly the best ‘drink’ to your skin. Coconut oil is loaded with goodness and hence provides your skin as a much-needed nourishment to your skin after all the makeup. Apply it and see for yourself, how your skin kisses you ‘good morning’ the next day.

#25. Wear heavy sarees on jeans

heavy sarees on jeans

It’s you sister/bestie’s wedding and you ought to look the prettiest. And only sometimes, ‘prettiest’ comes with ‘heaviest’, isn’t it? We feel you! Why don’t you put on that super-comfy, super-narrow jeans of yours and drape that saree over it as apart from looking pretty, you need to move around and dance! Also ask mom for a little help, she can do magic!

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#26. The ‘spoon formula’ for a perfect eye makeup

Spoon formula

Have an important meeting in the day followed by a birthday party in the evening? And you woke up to puffy eyes, right? Don’t worry! Keep a spoon in the freezer for about 15 minutes and rest them around your eyes. It is so soothing that you will feel an instant need to hit the bed but please don’t do that (important meeting, you remember, right?) You can also try some frozen tea bags for that matter too. It works wonders!

#27. ‘Eye’ to ‘eye’ (fixing dry mascara)

fixing dry mascara

You hardly used your mascara, only to find it all dried up when you needed it the most? Worry not! Have some contact lens solution handy? Use it and get going with all those wink-and-pout selfies!

#28. Quick lipstick from a broken one

Quick lipstick

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can make your own lipstick! And it’s time to take out your abandoned broken eye-shadow and give it a life. To make some, melt some vaseline in a metallic spoon over a candle flame. Add some eye shadow pigment to the melted vaseline. Mix it slowly with a small wooden stick to avoid any bubble formation. And hear a lot of ‘Hey Beautiful’ compliments on your way!

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#29. Winged eye-liner with cellotape



This is a tried and tested formula, suggested by many experts. You just need to find that arch in your lower eyelid and paste a cello tape strip arched at a 30-degree angle. Apply your eye-liner and pull-off the strip once the liner dries. Now no one will ask you why you are late!

#30. Creating matt lipstick out of gloss ones

matt lipstick out of gloss ones

This hack is a life-saver to all the lipstick-loving girls. You are bored of your gloss lip colour and want a matte one instead. Don’t worry! We jugaadu girls always have way out! Apply the gloss lip shade. Blot it on a tissue. Re-apply the shade and add a small quantity of translucent powder to your lips and spread them evenly. You can even go in for some matching matte eye-shadow colour if you like. Taa-daa!

We bet that you must have already started with almost half of the stuff mentioned here. Try’em all out and keep us posted about how you liked it. By the way, are there any more jugaads up your kitty? Let us know in the comments section below!

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