8 Creative Ways Couples Can Tell Their Love Story On Their Wedding Day


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8 Creative Ways Couples Can Tell Their Love Story On Their Wedding Day

Amidst all the wedding planning, there is something important that usually all the couples miss planning about. And it is the love stories. Yes, you heard it right! We agree those lovely episodes are there in your head and sharing it with your guests would be incredibly exciting.

So, why not unfold those surprising moments and help the guests to picture the sequences that brought you together. So, here’s how you can present your never-told-before love epic in the best possible way.

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#1. Photographs

Image Courtesy: Tia and Claire Studio (Left), Jill Lauren Photography (Right)

Image Courtesy: Tia and Claire Studio (Left), Jill Lauren Photography (Right)

You can have a gala time clicking your way to success with your picture-perfect moments. Besides, snaps are always an important and popular choice to spill the beans. So, whether your story is short or long, start saving all your pics to characterise various stages from your dating to marriage.

Everything starting from your friendship and fights to hangouts would offer the glimpses of your glorious past and would also let everyone know what made you click as partners. How and where you met, place and time where you fell for each other, the fun you had together and other insights into your life involving family and friends. This is surely going to delight the invitees.

#2. Short skits/plays

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

An artistic and humorous performance can conjure up everything that strengthened your bond over the years. The funny acting sequels and narrations on the stage emphasising on unfamiliar details of bride and groom will catch the guests fancy for sure. The skit highlighting some interesting traits and persona of the bride and groom will give guests a lot to talk about apart from just food and drink.

However, it might take a little courage to have your beautiful days come alive on stage. Cool and quirky details on how you got together, proposed each other, your fantasies and emotional moments would be remembered by guests all their life. The enactment of you both watching movies together, visiting places, going on long drives will thrill everybody at the ceremony.

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#3. Invitation card

Image Courtesy: Erin Lindsey Images (Left), Daniel Kim Photography (Right)

Image Courtesy: Erin Lindsey Images (Left), Daniel Kim Photography (Right)

How about building up the excitement much in advance? Try your hands at a quirky and funkier invitation card with specifics going beyond the staple ones. We know a card can’t help you record your entire story, but simple captions and slogans on it can definitely be attention-grabbing. It would not only act as a welcome card, but also a motivating factor for the guests to attend your wedding without fail.

Personal details of both the parties (in brief) with photos on the card will have them count down the days to your marriage. From awesome graphics to texts, simple quotes or funny liners relating to your affair; there are endless ways to have your story on the card. The know-hows can be enough to make your guests acquainted and interested in being a part of something remarkable.

#4. The music

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

It’s mainly the songs that create classic love stories in Bollywood. You just need to have an intelligent choice of songs to construct your eternal love story for the people. The non-stop music describing your 'Jab We Met' moments will hold special memories for you both. But the mix of songs should have good relevance to various phases of your relationship.

Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam, Kal college band ho jaega, Pyar kia to darna kya, Sanam Bewafa and Saajan ji ghar aye are a few to suggest that can be well centred around your sweet as well as bitter moments with your darling. However, you can also select them based on your genre and style. Be it your dating spots, on and off break-ups or parents’ approval; the tracks can carry all the information about the love birds in a lyrical way.

#5. Return gifts

Image Courtesy: Jason Burns Photography, Cory Ryan Photography

Image Courtesy: Jason Burns Photography, Cory Ryan Photography

Having held a few more of your secrets till the climax will build up extra fun and inquisitiveness among the guests. You can disclose that extra information through the return gifts shedding light on your hook-up, courtship facts, first date, common traits, etc.

Visuals and texts like small photographs on both the side of a gift box or little narration or caption in the middle respectively can sum things up. Gifts in form of mementoes and hand-outs are an excellent way to share pieces of your love story and of course to elevate the mood of the guests.

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#6. Social media theme

Image Courtesy: Earthmuse Photography

Image Courtesy: Earthmuse Photography

Imagine your tweets, emails and the wall posts giving a twist to your traditional marriage ceremony.  Well, this is another unique idea to keep your guests involved. While they are waiting for the phera and meal; you can make them see the screenshots of your tweets, emails and FB posts to each other displayed in the venue hall or ground. It would really give everybody a sense of your personalities and traits.

Well, we aren’t asking you to publicise your dark secrets, but the serious stuff can definitely go live. Your chats giving an account of your ‘Hi Hellos’ to the serious conversation involving your parent's approval would excite guests to know more. The display would not only show your creativity, but also help you reminisce your past with your partner.

#7. Puppet show

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Everybody’s love for puppet goes back to childhood. So, no wonder the art of puppetry can offer some rib-tickling and attention-grabbing moments to the guests available. Colourful puppets would efficiently together your tale to engage the audience. And if the puppets are shaped as your look-alikes, it would be an icing on the cake for everybody’s merriment.

Whether it’s a hand, finger, shadow or rod puppet; it would leave everybody with tons of fun. You can ask your close friends and cousins to work hard on this. It might take months of planning, but the efforts would be well worth it. Else, hire professional puppeteers to please everybody available.

#8. The quintessential quiz

Image Courtesy: Wedding Sutra

Image Courtesy: Wedding Sutra

This is something totally out-of-the-box to make sure nothing is left unsaid. Go for a quiz game after the dinner hours when most of the guests find themselves free. Make sure the kind of questions you include doesn’t sweep anything under the carpet.

“The place where we first met”, “Our first movie together?”, “Our favourite hangout place?”, “Restaurant we can’t do without?”, “Number of years to our courtship?”, “First family member to know about us” etc. are a few of the puzzling questions which would reveal more than enough. By just following the quiz sheet, guests would get to know your entire history. It would say all about the events and activities leading up to this big day in your lives.

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So, here’s how you can present your never-told-before love epic in the best possible way- from the time you started off till taking your vows. We hope you like them all and don't forget to share your views in the comment's section below!



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