10 Unique And Personalised Wedding Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With


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10 Unique And Personalised Wedding Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With

Wedding guests are undoubtedly the life of any wedding. Guests who attend the wedding ceremony are often seen torn between the dilemma of either giving gifts to the newlywed couple or giving hard cash along with their blessings.

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But, somewhere inside we all admit that no amount of money can replace the joy of giving thoughtful and personalised wedding gifts, which the couple would adore and treasure for the rest of their lives. Today, we have for you, a list of top 10 unique and personalised wedding gifts you can never go wrong with. Read on.

#1. Make a photo string with fairy lights

Instead of spending money on ornaments to gift to the newlywed couple, save the cash and for almost a fraction of the cost, indulge in DIY. Here is how:

Here is what you would need:

  • Tiny fairy lights or light bulbs
  • A very thin jute rope
  • Glue stick
  • Pictures

Method: With the help of a paintbrush, rub the glue evenly over the jute rope. Now roll the rope gently on the glitter and let it dry. On this colourful rope, now paste the couple’s pictures at an even distance. Roll the fairy lights over the rope and photos, and arrange it in a way, that when the light bulbs glow, the pictures shine too!

#2. Set of four personalised drinks coasters

Choose any four eye-catching pictures from the couple’s pre-wedding shoot and get them printed in the high-gloss finish on wooden coasters. A great way for newlywed couples to drink in style, we are certain this thoughtful gift would put a smile on their faces.

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#3. Cute family frames

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Take your personalisation to next level and make a DIY cookie cutter cute family frame - a gift that the bride would love!

What you would need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A few pencils
  • A few cookie cutters in different shapes
  • Family photos (optional)

Method: On top of each photo, place the cookie cutter and trace the outer edge. Cut the photo along the traced lines and pop the photo inside the cookie cutter. Laminate it with cellophane paper and arrange it as anything you want – maybe a ‘family tree’ with hanging photos. This is a perfect family gifting option and very adorable too! If you do not have the pictures, you could just write the names of all the family members inside the frame.

#4. Personalised paper dolls, custom-made to look like the bride and groom

If the newlywed couple is someone who is always up for some fun and quirky gifts, then something like this would definitely suit their interest. A personalised custom-made doll set can work as a great refrigerator or wardrobe magnet.

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#5. A classic chiller and ice bucket

If the people in question relish their alcohol, then gifting them a  hand-hammered chiller with sturdy round handles makes for a great wedding gift. Made of stainless steel, you can include their favourite bottle of wine or champagne and present this impressively memorable bucket to them. It is chic and classy, and also gives out a glam impression.

#6. A healthy gift basket

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Since we all wish the newlywed couple to live a long, happy and healthy life together, why not gift them something that will take care of all these? It does not cost a bomb, and at a time when eating, drinking and making merry would be on the cards – a healthy basket seems completely apt.

You would just need the following:

  • Exotic winter fruits
  • A bottle of red wine
  • Crackers
  • Low-fat yoghurt
  • A few pieces of bitter dark chocolate
  • Fruit juice tetra-packs
  • Hay
  • Colourful paper
  • Wicker basket
  • Ribbon

Method: Clean the wicker basket and spray it with rose water. The aroma of rose stays on, while the wicker basket dries up. Fill the basket with hay resembling a nest; let the strands of hay run amok, thus assuring a rustic and chic look. Place the items one at a time, the red wine bottle should be placed in the middle, and around it the other items. Now carefully pick the basket and place it on a colourful paper. Wrap the paper right to the top of the wine bottle’s mouth and secure it with a ribbon. Tada! Your perfect wedding gift is ready.

#7. Personalised pendant or ring with couple’s initials

A beautiful gift for a special bride, a pendant or ring in silver or gold can be engraved with a personal line, making it an ideal gift for a newlywed couple. You can also get a necklace made of silver with the bride’s initials on it, making it a thoughtful gift for the lucky recipient.

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#8. Bespoke and personalised luxury trunks

Have an eye for all things luxury? Then gift a bespoke luxury trunk. These trunks redefine royalty and the concept of travelling with prestige and finesse. A possession of a lifetime, this would make a classic fashion statement and luxurious décor option.

#9. Sterling silver cufflinks

Made in solid sterling silver, a box of personalised cufflinks makes for an exquisite wedding gift. Cufflinks can get engraved with up to four initials of the bride and groom, a gift that the couple will treasure for a lifetime!

#10. Personalised bone china crockery

If extravagant crockery is what you like to gift in weddings, then a beautiful vintage China set is an ideal way to bless the newlywed couple. You can also get the plates personalised with the couple’s picture or names - undoubtedly a customised yet luxurious gift!

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There you have it! 10 unique personalised gifting ideas, which are sure to add life to your gifting ceremony! We are sure these presents would commemorate a great impression on the newlywed couple by adding sophistication to their wedding. So, the next time you have to attend a wedding, make sure to try one of these ideas and make the newlyweds happy.

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