Kashmera Shah Talks About Her Twin Babies, Reveals She Had 14 Failed Attempts At Pregnancy Before!


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Kashmera Shah Talks About Her Twin Babies, Reveals She Had 14 Failed Attempts At Pregnancy Before!

Their love story began with a one-night stand and eventually, they ended up being tied in the holy nuptial knot. After dating each other for 9 years and staying in a live-in relationship, actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah got married in a secret ceremony in 2013, in Las Vegas. (Also Read: Shahid Kapoor's Biological Mom, Neelima Azeem On Her Happiness Being A Grandmother Again)

Last year, in 2017, the couple welcomed twin baby boys through surrogacy. After the news of Krushna and Kashmera’s twin babies surfaced in the tabloids, everyone was left blissfully surprised. Later in an interview, Krushna revealed that superstar Salman Khan knew about the surrogacy and the twin babies before everyone could know. He said, “Many people counselled me about having babies, one of them was Salman. He (Salman) was one of the first stars I told about my twins. He was extremely happy for us.”

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek

For the first time, Kashmera has now spoken about her babies and motherhood. In an exclusive interview that she gave to the Times of India, Kashmera said, “We had our baby boys 11 months ago. We couldn't stop beaming with joy when we had them. Being a mother is a completely different feeling and my life has changed completely. Plus I have a new found respect for mothers.” (Suggested Read: 9 Television Actresses Who Took A Sabbatical After Their Marriage Or Babies)

Commenting on Salman Khan’s support and the name of the babies, she revealed, “We have named our kids Ryan and Krishank. Well, Ryan is also called as Sultan as he is a survivor and had a long struggle with life. Salman Khan had also supported in our decision of surrogacy.”

Kashmera Shah

Talking about motherhood, Kashmera is happy that her house is in a complete mess. She commented, “It's a great feeling. It's probably the first time that my house is a complete mess and I am completely fine with it. In fact, I have fallen over toy cars at home so many times. All I get to hear in the mornings are loud screams of my babies. It's such a chaos but a new joy of life.”

Talking about the kids and their nature, Kashmera has the cutest words to describe them, “One is the Mamma's boy and the other one is the Papa's boy. There is a clear divide. The elder one is mine and the younger one is Krushna's boy. While the younger one is more notorious, the elder one is more intelligent and strategic like me. The younger one is more carefree like Krushna. The elder one is very possessive about me while the younger one gets stressed whenever the elder one cries. They fight a lot but always hold each other and sleep. I love their bond.” (Don't Miss: Aamir Khan's Statements On Surrogacy Should Inspire Couples Who Can't Conceive Naturally)

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek

On being asked how Krushna is as a father, she said, “Krushna as a father is really good. Earlier, we used to be really paranoid about everything related to the kids right from their food to their breathing pattern. Krushna makes sure of playing hide and seek every morning with the boys. He is well updated with the happenings of the kids and every minute detail. He asks me how their day was and what all did the kids do in his absence. Krushna and I are still in the learning phase of parenthood.” (Also Checkout: 9 Famous TV And Bollywood Celeb Couples Who Had Twin Babies)

Undoubtedly, when someone’s child utters the word ‘papa’ or ‘mumma’ for the first time, it becomes the most special moment for the parents. Commenting on the same, Kashmera retorted, “Every moment has been memorable but when they said their first word Papa it was the most special thing. I tried really hard to make them say Mamma but the elder one said Papa. The other one is still, figuring out what to say first.”

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek

Adding further about her previous failed attempts at being pregnant, she said, “I took a sabbatical from work to have babies. I had been trying to conceive for good three years but it didn't work out. It was tough as they weren't conceived naturally. I had lost my health. My body went for a toss during the IVF process. I had 14 failed attempts at having kids. The IVF injections are no less than actually being a mother in her pregnancy stage. One has mood swings, puts on weight, gets annoyed just like a would be mother. It becomes so difficult to lose weight because then it's not natural. I became a waist size 32 from size 24. But I did not give up, neither on motherhood nor on my health.” (Recommended Read: Everything You Need To Know About IVF Treatment Before Opting For It)

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek

Talking about surrogacy, Kashmera revealed, “I received flak from people who were already blessed with kids. There were mean comments against me. People blamed me for not intentionally wanting to have kids because they thought I was more focused on my figure. But that's not right. Everything in my life happened late, right from finding the right life partner to then convincing into having babies to turning a mother, everything was late. Women's biological system needs help as they age and it becomes difficult for them to then conceive naturally so that's when surrogacy plays an important role. But at the end, Having my babies was the best thing of my life.”

Lastly, Kashmera thanked the surrogate and said, “They don't tell us who the surrogate was but I genuinely want to thank her for the pain that she took for me. I really appreciate that. She gave me something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I want her to know that all my good wishes are with her. Thank you so much.”

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek

In another interview with the Times of India earlier, Kashmera had revealed that she and Krushna are planning to adopt a baby girl. She was quoted as saying, “Sometime soon, we shall definitely bring a little girl to our family and you never know, I might just get pregnant. God's ways are always unpredictable. Actually not many know that we were going ahead with adoption, if surrogacy wouldn't have worked out for us. But thankfully, it did else we would have adopted one girl and boy or two girls but a girl definitely was on our list and now that we don't have a girl we may adopt soon.” (To Know Details, Click Here)

We can’t wait more for Krushna and Kashmera’s baby girl to arrive. What do think of this story? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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