Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up On Her Parents, Randhir And Babita's Separation

Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan opens up on her parents, Randhir and Babita's separation and how she was brought up by her mother. Check it out!


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Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up On Her Parents, Randhir And Babita's Separation

No one likes to stay in a marriage that no longer makes them happy, and when kids are involved, it is better to take the decision early, rather than ruin their life with an unhappy set of parents. After all, it is said that a couple can part ways but parents can never. It is better to realise it soon than regret it later. And Bollywood actor, Randhir Kapoor and his wife, Babita Kapoor had gotten separated when Kareena Kapoor was just 7-years-old. (Recommend Read: Tony Kakkar Expresses Excitement On Becoming A Mama As Neha Kakkar And Rohanpreet Singh Are Pregnant)

The entire world knows that Babita ji had raised her two daughters, Karisma and Kareena all by herself and had shown the world that single mothers can give a nice future to their kids, without any outside help. In many media interactions, the Kapoor sisters have always praised their mother for being a single mother.

Recently, in an interview with Barkha Dutt, Kareena opened up on her parents' divorce. She revealed how her parents may not be living together anymore but they continue to share a good friendship and are often in touch. Kareena shared, "Yes, my mother is my best friend but I adore my father because I respect and love him a lot. He is in a strange way not very in your face because he is somebody who's always also chosen to be at the back. He's not somebody who is commanding the attention and wants that. He's silently always there for us and I know it. I mean my parents have a lovely relationship because sometimes two people realise that their lives aren't exactly going the way they planned so, it's better you know we kind of don't stay together but we can still like you know be friends and stay in touch and still take decisions sometimes about the kids."

Kareena further added, "It's not necessary that they have to possibly be you know staying under the same roof or being there 24*7 together so I think both Karisma and me understood that at a very early age that this kind of a relationship can exist as well and it has existed for almost 35 years with my parents and I see them in times when they need to come together, they are always together. But they sometimes, obviously, prefer to just you know have their day-to-day lives separately, which is wonderful."  (Also Read: Kushal Tandon Reveals Whether He Will Attend His Ex-GF Gauahar Khan And Zaid Darbar's Wedding Or Not)

Kareena also opened up on the influence of her mother in her life. She said that her mother is a driving force in her life. She has been there all the time for her and Lolo (Karisma). Kareena also shared that she's the sun behind everything when she rises, everyone in the house rises. If she falls, they also fall.

Bebo further added, "She is our backbone because that's just the way we been three women living together under one particular roof. And I can't imagine anything in life without her decisions, without her but also have to say my parents really move with the times, they have kept up with everything. They give us our space, they allow us our decisions. It's not like she gives her opinion and she will be like this is what I think. She is very clear like this is the life you have chosen, whatever you wish. I kind of love the fact that my parents have evolved with their children." (Don't Miss: Gauahar Khan's Hubby-To-Be, Zaid Darbar Cheers Her For Her Show, Start Their Wedding Countdown)

Well, Babita is definitely an inspiring woman! 

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