Karanvir Bohra Was Teased In Bigg Boss 12 House, Wife Teejay Sidhu Gave An Epic Reply [VIDEO]


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Karanvir Bohra Was Teased In Bigg Boss 12 House, Wife Teejay Sidhu Gave An Epic Reply [VIDEO]

Bigg Boss 12 has taken its momentum now and we can clearly say who all are playing the game well. One amongst the strongest contenders of this season is undoubtedly Naagin 2 star, Karanvir Bohra. Overall, Karanvir is getting mixed reviews on his performance on the show, but his graph has only been moving upwards. It’s been 4 weeks (a month almost) that Karanvir is locked in the house with other contestants, and it is but obvious that his family is missing him. (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra Flaunts Her Engagement Ring And Calls It The Best Piece From Tiffany)

For the ones who don’t know, Karanvir is married to former anchor and actor, Teejay Sidhu, and together they have lovely twins namely, Bella and Vienna. There is no denying the fact that his little princesses are missing their daddy dear. Nonetheless, he is doing commendable as and when tasks are talked about. So, during one of the tasks, Karanvir was poked and teased by the other team of vichitra jodis. The video has gone viral and it seems Karanvir’s wife, Teejay didn’t like it at all.

Teejay Sidhu took to social media and shared the video clip where Karanvir could be seen teasing and poked by his opponents. Teejay along with it wrote, “#October6 @karanvirbohra Hi sweety. You know, sometimes I see you in #BiggBoss and wonder, 'What have you gotten yourself into?' I saw this clip and felt so bad for you. You have to tolerate so much! At the same time, I felt proud of you for not losing your cool with these people even though they were so irritating! It just shows what kind of person you are. (Good for you, #Dipika and #Neha for not even reacting.) Keep going the way you are, try to keep as calm as you can because your patience will keep getting tested. Sending you strength, my love. XO, Tee.”



Not just this, Teejay has been sharing some pictures either their family ones or Karanvir’s screenshots from the show. Along with the post she shares, Teejay puts amazing captions which give strong messages. So when she started off with #letterstoKVB as she writes, Teejay shared their family picture and captioned it as, “#October1 @karanvirbohra Hi sweety, it's been ten days since you went into #BigBoss. Since we're not allowed to speak, I thought I'd write to you and share my thoughts here. Obviously, you can't read this now - you'll just have lots of reading to do when the show ends! :) I hope you know we are watching you every day and sending you #love and strength. It's not easy being away from your family, especially for someone as emotionally attached as you. But I know you will become a stronger, better #KV when you're out. I'll keep you updated on everything from our end. You hang in there, love. You will be fine. I'll be back tomorrow.” (Check Out: Prince Narula And Yuvika Chaudhary's Engagement Was A Fairytale, Looked Ethereal In Royal Outfits)

Karanvir bohra was teased in bigg boss 12 teejay sidhu gave epic reply

And then later on, Teejay shared a screenshot which she took from television with a string caption. She wrote, “#October2 @karanvirbohra Hi sweety. :) I took this screenshot from TV. This is you - honest, trusting, kind. I love these qualities about you, but in #BigBoss, you need to be careful about trusting too much. Even in real life, you embrace everyone as your own, and when they don't do the same back, you feel hurt. This house will hurt you sometimes, but it will also teach you some hard truths - that people aren't always what they seem. While I don't want you to lose your faith in people, I do want you to be a little cautious about who you bring close to you. Keep smiling - I love you.” (Also Read: Yuvika Chaudhary Looks Stunning On her Mehendi Ceremony, Her Henna Design Has Their Proposal Story)

Karanvir bohra was teased in bigg boss 12 teejay sidhu gave epic reply

Recalling how he proposed Teejay, Karanvir once stated, “Since we had met at the church and I decided to propose to her there. So, exactly a year after having met the first time, I decided to surprise Teejay. I had all our friends waiting at the church and I just drove Teejay there without her knowing any of it. I proposed to her on the steps, and the moment she said a yes, all our friends came forth and we got engaged there and then. Helen aunty, who is Teejay’s godmother blessed us, and the fact that it was happening with the blessing of the Mother Mary made it all the more special. We have always felt blessed as a couple.” (Also Read: Bigg Boss Contestant Dipika Kakar Called Fake For Crying, Shoaib Ibrahim's Strong Reaction On It)

Here's wishing Karanvir Bohra all the very best for his stint in the Bigg Boss 12 house!

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