Karan Johar's Kids, Yash And Roohi Have Taken A Sabbatical From His Roasting, They're Missed Already

Yash and Roohi have packed their bags and are leaving, seems they've had enough of it and we're kind of missing them already. Check out the funny video inside!


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Karan Johar's Kids, Yash And Roohi Have Taken A Sabbatical From His Roasting, They're Missed Already

Is this lockdown getting to your mind? You have also had enough of it? Do you also get this sudden urge to pack your bags, leave everything and go to some nice place to take a break? Are you also fed up of this 'break'? Are you reading this with apt attention because you think I have a cure for all of this? Sorry, folks, I was just confirming that I am not the only one. We're in the same boat, cheers! No don't get mad, put down your phone and breathe. (Recommended Read: Rhea Chakraborty Quashes The Rumours Of Dating Sushant Singh Rajput, Claims To be Good Friends Only)

Anyway, although I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have to because it's a part of my job. It seems season one of Karan Johar's roasting by his kids, Yash and Roohi Johar has come to an end as the kids have taken a break. No, not the one that Rachel took from Ross, this one is different. We might have to wait a bit for season two. Scroll further to know more!

Karan Johar

After questioning Karan's sartorial choices, mocking him for having an oversized tummy, calling his collection of shades stupid and making fun of his singing and dancing, it seems Yash and Roohi are out of ideas to roast Karan, therefore they're going on a break. In the recent video posted by Karan, Yash and Roohi can be seen walking away, rolling their suitcases, to which Karan asked them, "Excuse me, where are you going Yash? Where are you going Roohi?" to which Roohi replied, "I am fed up." Karan then burst into laughter and said, "You're fed up? And Yash, are you also fed up?" Yash spoke something which wasn't understandable, but the doting father that Karan is, translated his gibberish into even he's fed up. Karan then asked both of them, "Are you all leaving the house and running away?" To which Roohi replied with a smug smile, "Yeah!" Karan the said, "Oh God we're gonna miss you, bye." A very teary farewell indeed, Yash and Roohi, Tussi Ja Rahe Ho? Tussi Na Jao. Who'd roast Karan now for his ridiculous talents (or lack thereof!). Okay, sorry quarantine me main thoda idhar udhar nikal jati hu! Anyway, Karan posted the video with the caption, "Ok we are taking a seasons break on #lockdownwiththejohars! Will resume with season 2 very soon! Love you all and stay safe." Take a look at the video here: (You May Also Like: Dulquer Salman Reveals How Destiny Played A Big Role In His First Meeting With His Wife, Amal Sufia)


In the video where Karan received a severe backlashing on his dancing skills, he could be seen (attempting to) dancing with his kids, when suddenly Roohi had pointed towards him and had said, "You're not dancing, you're very kharab dancing." To which, a baffled Karan had asked, " I am very Kharab in dancing? Yash I am Kharab in dancing?" While Yash had ignored Karan as if he wasn't even there. Karan had then said, "You know I am really fed up I am Kharab in dancing I am very Kharab in singing, what am I good for Roohi?" To which, Roohi had pointed her finger at Yash and Karan had said, "I am good for Yash? I produced Yash that's my strength?" Karan had then gone on to ask Yash what is his strength and had urged him to speak nice things about his dadda, but the smug Yash had remained oblivious to his presence! Karan had uploaded the video with the caption, "Ok I have had enough!!!!!!!! I want to weep into my blanket! I am the Talentless MR JOHAR according to my children! #lockdownwiththejohars." Have a look at the video here: (Also Read: Prince Narula Shares An Adorable Picture With Wifey, Yuvika Chaudhary, Thanks Fans For Their Love)

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