Karan Johar's Kids' 'No Wear Gucci' Rant Goes On, Yash Continues Laughing Over His Clothing Choice

Yash Johar and Roohi Johar's 'no wear Gucci' Rant Goes on, the former continues laughing over his father, Karan Johar's wardrobe choices!


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Karan Johar's Kids' 'No Wear Gucci' Rant Goes On, Yash Continues Laughing Over His Clothing Choice

As a preventive measure against the deadly pandemic that coronavirus is, a 21 days lockdown has been imposed in the entire country. Which means, we have to practise social distancing and self-isolation, and we no longer have the option of going out of our homes. Amidst all these chaos and confusion, we all must have established a basic truth, and that is, even though the majority of us anyway don't like going outside, given an option we'd stay inside. We jump at the prospect of working from home since we all dread the travelling that we have to do in order to reach our offices. But now, when we are practically given what we've been asking for all our lives, we are sulking! So what does that make us? Nothing philosophical here, that makes us stupid and ignorant. (Recommended Read: Riteish Deshmukh Cleans Dishes As His Wife, Genelia Deshmukh Supervises Him With 'Belan' In Hand)

Please don't mind my rant, these are the repercussions of a quarantined mind. Anyway, let's move on to that one thing which has the power of distracting our minds in any given situation. Yes, you guessed it right, fashion it is. Now the Bollywood industry is the 'mecca' of fashion for us commoners, but sometimes, their fashion sense is either too evolved for us, or maybe too weird to don in general, that we find questioning ourselves for following these superstars. But you won't be surprised to know that we commoners are not the only ones, who question the fashion sense of these Bollywood celebrities. Their family members are also in the same boat as us. The recent victim of trolling by family members is none other than, Bollywood's favourite director-producer, Karan Johar.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar is spending his quarantine with his mother, Hiroo Johar and his kids, Yash and Roohi Johar. Ever since the lockdown has been imposed, having nothing better to do, Bollywood celebrities have become rather more active on social media. Posting pictures and videos of how they're passing their quarantine time, sharing video messages to fans, interacting with them in live sessions and whatnot. Karan is no exception, he has taken to his Instagram handle to post various videos of his kids, sometimes throwing tantrums on being locked up, other times laughing on his wardrobe. Karan posted another such fun video of Yash and Roohi in his closet, where Roohi could be seen advising Karan not to wear Gucci and Yash is laughing at his wardrobe. He captioned it as, "Well the @Gucci rant continues! For some reason, they are not getting over it! And I have gone into a Sulk! #lockdownwiththejohars #toodles" Have a look:  (You May Also Like: Karan Johar Gets Reality Check On His Wardrobe From His Toddlers, Yash Laughs On His Clothing Choice)


We feel you, kids, we do! In yet another video Karan had posted, he is getting some fashion advice from his mother, Hiroo Johar. Hiroo could be seen advising him not to wear black and pink so much, rather go a little subtle, whereas, Roohi again, disapproves of him wearing Gucci and when asked why, she says, "Very sharp Gucci". Karan had posted the video with the caption, "Well the assault on my fashion continues! It’s now a family intervention! My apologies in advance to the very sharp @gucci ( no idea where that came from) #lockdownwiththejohars" Have a look at the video here: (Suggested Read: Karan Johar's Daughter, Roohi Doesn't Like His Wardrobe As Son, Yash Advises Him To Change His Style)


What do you think of Karan's fashion choices? Let us know! 

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