Kamya Panjabi Shares A Powerful Message On Being Trolled By People For Divorce And Remarriage

Television actress, Kamya Panjabi Dang talked about all the trolling she had faced when she had revealed that she's going to get remarried. Find out!


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Kamya Panjabi Shares A Powerful Message On Being Trolled By People For Divorce And Remarriage

There's a saying that one finds true love when they least expect it. Such is the case of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann fame, Kamya Panjabi, who had proved it by giving love another chance after a terrible experience in her first marriage. In February 2019, Kamya had met Delhi-based Shalabh Dang for a medical advice. And within some time, the two had become good friends and had started dating each other. After one year, the couple had tied the knot on February 10, 2020. (Recommended Read: Jassie Gill Wishes His Wife On Her Birthday With A Romantic Unseen Picture From Their Beach Outing)

While Kamya had a daughter, Aara, Shalabh had a son named, Ishan, and that had together made for a perfect family. The family of four is happily living their life. But there's a dark side to this beautiful family portrait, and that is the time, when Kamya Panjabi had dealt with internet hooligans all alone, who were trolling her mercilessly for remarrying. Now after all this time, the actress has come forward to talk about that dark phase of her life. Scroll down to read it all!

Kamya Punjabi Shalabh Dang

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, popular television actress, Kamya Panjabi Dang talked about all the trolling that she had received for divorcing her first husband, Bunty Negi and remarrying Shalabh Dang. The actress addressed the ground-reality of our society in her powerful statement and stated that our society uses the word 'divorce' as an abuse. She said, "I'm trolled on social media that 'in our families, separation and divorce don't take place' 'Divorce is a very painful word, bhagwaan na kare kisi ke saath ho'. Our society uses that word as abuse. If someone is divorced or a single parent or wants to start a new life, they will get trolled, and people will not support them."

Kamya Panjabi and Shalabh Dang

Going further in her interview, Kamya revealed the way and mentality that had helped her survive all those humiliating trolls. Revealing her way of dealing with those internet hooligans, she said, "It makes me stronger. See where I am today, and the kind of work I am doing. I raised my voice, darr ke nahi baithi 'Oh, I can't start my life again, or I can't marry again'. I did that with a very nice man, I am happy. I didn't think that I am a woman, so I can't speak, or I will get trolled if I do." (Don't Miss: Sania Mirza's Goofball, Izhaan Mirza Malik Enjoys His Play Date, We Can't Stop Adoring His Cuteness)


Kamya Panjabi also revealed that she wants to make a film that will bring all the gruesome difficulties that a woman faces while living in this society. Throwing some light on the same, she explained, "I have seen so many families where the girl is intelligent in studies, but she is married off. If the first child is a girl, the family wants a boy, and another child is born within another year. Women are also beaten. It has also happened that I fight for them, but the girl herself is not taking a stand because she has grown up like that, they don't take a stand. That's why I wanted to make a film on this subject, and I also didn't sell it intentionally, I didn't want to monetise it."

At the end of her interview, Kamya Panjabi Dang also addressed the celebrities, who don't like to raise their voice and opinions about these topics. She said, "I have seen a lot of people who don't raise their voice, and I am talking about celebs. 'Chhodo, kaun bolega', they think like this. This is how we have been brought up; we run away from things. It's a mirror to society and the hard truth." Well, Kamya Panjabi has again proved that there's a reason why she is often called as the most fearsome actress of the glamour world and the one, who never shies away from expressing her thoughts in public. (Also Read: Neena Gupta Reveals Husband, Vivek Mehra's Reaction To Her Decision Of Making A Comeback In Films)

Kamya Punjabi

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