Juhi Parmar Throws A 'Frozen-Themed' Birthday Bash For Daughter, Samairra On Her 6th Birthday [Pics]


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Juhi Parmar Throws A 'Frozen-Themed' Birthday Bash For Daughter, Samairra On Her 6th Birthday [Pics]

Your first best friend on this planet, she will tell you to stay with the toppers of the class, teach her how to operate social media, eat her tinde as if it was chicken, will stay by your bedside when you are sick, remind you to do the smallest of tasks when you are away and will fight with the whole world when it comes to you- this defines every mother-daughter relationship in a nutshell. And television actress and now single mommy, Juhi Parmar and her 6-year-old daughter make us go ‘awww’ with their camaraderie everytime the former posts a picture of the duo on social media! (Do Read: Akshay Kumar's Ex-GFs, Shilpa Shetty Kundra And Raveena Tandon Bond Like Besties At Umang 2019)

2018 brought about a great deal of changes in the life of Juhi Parmar. From separating with hubby, Sachin Shroff after 8 years of togetherness, to taking care of her daughter all by herself, the past year has been somewhat rough for Juhi. But brushing all worries aside, the actress never fails to give the most of her love and time to her darling daughter, Samairra. It was her daughter, Samairra’s 6th birthday on January 28, 2019, and the doting mommy posted an adorable mummy-beti video and captioned it as, “A mother was born the day you were born! And believe me when I say its my most favorite role....there's no prouder feeling than being your mother! The unconditional love, the curiosity, the innocence and all that you bring into my life are the most precious part of my life! Happy 6th Birthday to my little princess! Ginni, Mamma will always love you!” Her now estranged hubby too, posted a crisp yet beautiful caption for his princess. The same could be read as, "Happy Birthday love." Checkout the picture post the video:


Sachin Shroff with daughter Samairra

Not just this, the evening was meant for a ‘Frozen-themed’ bash for the little princess. Dressed in an ice-blue lacy gown, Juhi posted some endearing pictures with her little darling. Sharing the pictures, she wrote, “When I count my blessings, my little girl you are on top of that list! Watching your excitement from so many days for your special day and then finally being able to enjoy it yesterday, was an overwhelming feeling for your Mamma. Moments from last night are still playing in front of my eyes as I smile and thank the universe for choosing me as your mother! My little princess don't grow up too fast as I loved the innocence and purity with which you enjoyed every moment yesterday!”

Juhi Parmar Throws A ‘Frozen-Themed’ Birthday Bash For Daughter, Samairra

Samairra On Her 6th Birthday

This was followed by some pampering done to Samairra by her naana-naani and maasi. The caption that Juhi wrote could be read as, “Our families are our roots, our foundation and the core of our being! And for Sammy and I, our family is our greatest strength and support system! Nana and Nani you are there to take care of Samairra with unconditional love and care whenever I am away shooting and Maasi her bond with you is reallly special! Thank you for showering her with gifts and making her birthday memorable for her!” (Also Read: Parineeti Chopra Reveals What Nick Jonas Gave Bridesmaids In Exchange For 'Joote', Instead Of Cash)

pampering done to Samairra by her naana-naani and maasi

pampering done to Samairra by her naana-naani and maasi

And then came down an ‘awww-dorable’ picture with Samairra’s another favourite maasi, Aashka Goradia, who not only showered the munchkin with kisses but also gifted the birthday girl, her favourite birthday cake! Sharing the pictures once again, Juhi wrote, “The relation these two share is so special! I know my little one was looking for her Elsa and that smile on her face as soon as she saw the most perfect cake was priceless! Thank you Aashu for giving our little Princess this very special cake on her birthday! She's now counting down to your birthday so that she can make it special for her maasi.”

Samairra’s another favourite maasi, Aashka Goradia

Samairra's Elsa birthday cake

Juhi had time and again shared that had it not been for Aashka’s help, she wouldn’t have had the courage to walk out of a marriage that was not right for her. Aashka is extremely close to Samairra, and on her birthday, she took to Instagram and posted a hearfelt note for both the birthday girl and Juhi. Sharing a few pictures from the bash, Aashka wrote, “Happy Birthday my Princess Sammy @samairratales From this year on you have a lot to discover, your shine will keep everything going. You are so loved that you will never feel a need for anything or anyone. @juhiparmar14 I want to say that you are Sammy’s mommy and daddy too. Love you both so much!”

Samairra, Juhi and Aashka

Juhi and Aashka

As Aashka rightly said, the Kumkum actress is playing the role of a mommy and daddy to her daughter. But what is Samairra’s reaction to her parent’s divorce? In an interview with the Times of India in 2018, Juhi opened up, “Children are very instinctive and they know when something is happening sometimes without you having to spell it out for them. It’s been difficult but she's a very mature child and luckily has never really asked too many questions.” Was Samairra mentally prepared for the separation of her parents? Juhi stated, “There was no preparation and like I mentioned earlier children are instinctive and understand things very quickly.” (Don't Miss! Shilpa Shetty Asks Hubby Raj Kundra To Make Her Hot As It's Cold In Delhi, He Gave A Kickass Reply)

On being asked if it is difficult to be a single mother, Juhi had shared, “Of course it’s not easy! Single Parenting has its own challenges but this has been my reality for the last two years. I get double the love, double the attention and double the responsibilities - it’s a mixed bag at the end of the day. But you would be surprised, God has made us women very strong and I'm blessed to have a great support system in my parents and friends to be able to take on the challenge of single parenting.”

Juhi Parmar daughter

And we can totally see what a fab job Juhi is doing! However, here’s wishing Samairra a belated happy 6th birthday!

Images and cover courtesy: Juhi Parmar, Aashka Goradia