Juhi Parmar Shares A Strong Message On Mother's Fitness, Says Motherhood Can Never Be An Excuse


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Juhi Parmar Shares A Strong Message On Mother's Fitness, Says Motherhood Can Never Be An Excuse

Motherhood is one of the most precious and sacred moments in a woman’s life. The very word, ‘Maa’ is enough to evoke a zillion feelings inside a woman. While embracing motherhood is precious, it calls forth tonnes of hard work to raise a child and all mommies are going to nod a big yes to this statement! Now single mommy and one of the leading actresses of Indian television, Juhi Parmar is a sheer exemplar of this. (Do Read: Kareena Kapoor Khan Hilariously Lashes Out At A Troll Who Says 'Taimur Bhookha Marr Raha Hain')

Juhi Parmar had a difficult 2018. From putting an end to 8 years of marriage with now estranged hubby, Sachin Shroff, to single-handedly taking care of her daughter, Samairra, Juhi has left no stone unturned to ensure that her daughter gets only the best. From hosting her daughter’s favourite Frozen-themed birthday party, to spending the most of her time with her little princess by singing songs and dancing with her, there are a zillion things to learn from this doting mommy.

Juhi Parmar Throws Birthday Bash For Daughter, Samairra

Known for sharing parental tips with her fans, it was only hours back when Juhi Parmer posted an adorable piggy-back picture with her daughter, Samairra and shared a very powerful message about mother’s fitness on her Instagram. Her note to all mommies could be read as, “Talk about being a fit mother and I would say the day you become a mother, you have to think about fitness all the more! Yes you need the energy to run after your child, you need the stamina to be able to play with them and match their level of excitement! And mentally you need the memory to store all their little moments....And so remember to make time for yourself! Motherhood can never be an excuse, it should be a reason for all the positivity, innocence and youth that comes your way!!!!” This is the picture:

Juhi Parmer posted an adorable piggy-back picture with her daughter, Samairra

Juhi Parmer keeps on sharing these sweet memories with her daughter with her fans. On March 05, 2019, the Kumkum actress took to Instagram and posted a heartfelt gesture carried out by her daughter, Samairra for her mommy. Revealing the same, this is what she wrote, “My Best Reward And Award. This morning I had various letter stickers which were placed on my hand by Samairra and I began to wonder what the cryptic message could be. When I asked my little one she told me, "Mamma these are the first letters of all the names of your shows - Kumkum, Bigg Boss, Shani and now Tantra" I couldn't stop beaming because for me it is these small little things which Samairra does that become my best reward and award. In her own little way she had creatively laid out my portfolio of work right in the palm of my hand. And as I looked in her eyes I could see her pride as she spoke about her mamma's work. And of course, she loves watching Mamma on screen as she truly is my biggest fan as well as toughest critic! I see what I am and what I want to be, in my baby's eyes.” (Must Read: Shaheen Bhatt Pens A Birthday Note For Alia, Says '7 Or 70, I Will Always Be There To Carry You')



A while back, Juhi Parmar was trolled on social media when she posted pictures from Samairra’s birthday bash, wherein the little one was seen with little makeup. Shutting all trolls, Juhi had a great answer, “A mother's dilemma! As a mother so far I have shared many challenges I have faced and how I have tackled them. However, this time I'm sharing the challenge with you as I go through it. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but most would tell you it's actually make up! As an actress, whether its while I am shooting or when I have to go out for a meeting, there's really no way of avoiding make up. And little girls love make up, just the way Samairra does because their barbies and Elsa and the dolls they play with are perfectly adorned with beautiful dresses, jewelry and cosmetics.”

Juhi Parmar further wrote, “In Samairra's pictures I have seen some of your question about why such a small child is wearing makeup. And of course as a mother I have never encouraged my child to use cosmetics but she sees her mother use makeup on a regular basis and feels that whenever Mamma wears make up she looks very pretty. Hence, when I deter her, a statement quickly comes my way, "So you don't want me to look pretty!!!" A mother's dilemma! I have explained multiple times to Samairra that she's already a very pretty girl and makeup has nothing to do with it. Yet that hasn't worked! After multiple debates, I told her that makeup would only be allowed on special occasions which are around 2-3 times a year - her birthday, annual day, etc. However, every time I get ready another debate begins. There have been times when I have decided to apply lipstick in my car so that I could avoid the situation but yes that isn't a solution!”

Juhi with daughter

Juhi Parmer concluded the note with an open question that stated, “And so going back to the question which many of you have been asking me, why make up on such a small child. Well, you have your answer but I'm still seeking mine.....Any of our mothers out there who have faced a similar situation and mind sharing how they tackled it? I'm hoping to find my answer and solution soon.”

Juhi Parmar has time and again shared that her daughter, Samairra is a very mature child. In a 2018 interview, she also shared her adorable munchkin's reaction to her parent’s divorce, “Children are very instinctive and they know when something is happening sometimes without you having to spell it out for them. It’s been difficult but she's a very mature child and luckily has never really asked too many questions.” Was Samairra mentally prepared for the separation of her parents? Juhi stated, “There was no preparation and like I mentioned earlier children are instinctive and understand things very quickly.” (Also Read: Anisha Padukone Teases Deepika Padukone On Her Wax Statue, Says As If One Of Her Wasn't Enough)

Juhi Parmar daughter

Guys, isn’t Juhi Parmar a super-mommy? Do you agree with her thoughts on fitness? Keep us posted!

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