Jasleen Matharu And Anup Jalota To Star In A Movie Together Where He Will Ask Her To Dress Properly

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, as per a latest report, are soon going to make a starry appearance in a film with the both of them playing the protagonists in it!


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Jasleen Matharu And Anup Jalota To Star In A Movie Together Where He Will Ask Her To Dress Properly

You may love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it and that is exactly what Bigg Boss is all about! Admit it or not, every year, you wait for the updates when the news about a probable list of contestants, who would soon add to all the necessary (add a ‘un’ to it) fire to survive in Bigg Boss’ alishaan mahal. But ‘Bhajan Samraat’, Anup Jalota and his ‘shishya’, did not need any extra survival kit to stay in the house and dare not we say any reason why! The two came in as a couple and deemed that they had been dating for a long time, only to turn a blind eye towards each other after Anup ji’s exit from the show. (Do Read: 'Dayaben', Disha Vakani's Husband Mayur Pandya Spill Beans On The News Of Her Return On The Show)

Needless to say, it was indeed interesting to watch the calm and composed Anup Jalota handling all the tantrums and adoring his then (self-admitted) girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu’s bachpana. From using him as a pole to dance with him to showering him with a hundred pecks with the residue lipsticks marks on his face and then giving strict instructions to him so that he doesn’t remove it, Jasleen and Anup were one of the main reasons for Bigg Boss 12’s grossing TRP!

Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota Relationship

Post coming out of the house, both Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu had denied even seeing one another, cutting it down to a mere ‘prank’! And now, as per a latest Bombay Times report, this once rumoured lover jodi is soon going to make a starry appearance in a film with the both of them playing the protagonists in it! Talking about the same, Anup ji shared with the daily, “Last year, Diwali ke pehle ek dhamaaka kiya tha 'Bigg Boss' mein participate karke. Aur ye film iss Diwali ke pehle ka dhamaaka hai. It will clear a lot of misconceptions in the minds of people about my equation with Jasleen. In the film, she comes to learn music from me and I will be seen asking her to dress up more appropriately, as I am from a traditional music background."

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

Anup Jalota had further added, "In real life too, I keep telling her and my other students the same thing. I have no issues with anyone wearing clothes of their choice, but certain situations demand a certain kind of dressing. I, too, wear shorts in real life, but I don’t wear them to my class when I am teaching students. We have to respect the platform."

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu

Anup Jalota yet again clearing the air on his ‘fake’ relationship with Jasleen Matharu shared, "Zero per cent relationship tha, aur na ho sakta hai. We are different people. I can be with a person who is my type, like how my wife Medha was. Jasleen aur mere beech mein kuchh nahi hai and this film will showcase that. I remember, when I stepped out of 'Bigg Boss', my mother asked me, ‘Who is Jasleen?’ So, not many people were aware of her presence in my life. That goes to show that there was nothing between us. I have even mentioned that Jasleen ka kanyadaan uske papa aur main milke karenge." (Also Read: Janhvi Kapoor And Ishaan Khatter Recreate Karwa Chauth Scene From 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge')

Bigg boss contestants anup jalota and Jasleen matharu trolled compared to Priyanka and nick

Jasleen Matharu too had completely dismissed all reports of them dating one another and had revealed, “I knew Anupji from earlier, but the time we spent inside the house will always be precious and important, as we got to know each other better. Till date, people wonder about our relationship and speculations don’t cease. Yeh cheez khatam hi nahi hui hai. After 'Bigg Boss', I told everyone that I had just played a prank on the show and we have a guru-shishya equation, but people didn't believe me. People ask Anupji, ‘Bhabiji ko nahi lekar aaye?’ and they ask me, ‘Jijaji kaise hain?’ or ‘Aapke pati kaise hain?’ There are many who have a relationship beyond the guru-shishya equation, but hamara bilkul bhi nahi hai. This film is our last hope to clear the air."

Anup and Jasleen

If you remember, before entering the Bigg Boss 12 house, Jasleen Matharu, in an interview with The Times of India had stated that no one knew about her and Anup ji’s relationship. She had shared, “This is going to come as a huge shock to my parents and friends as no one is aware of my relationship with Anup Jalota ji. We have been dating each other for the last three and a half years. We usually don’t get time to spend with each other in the outside world due to our busy schedules, but now with the help of Bigg Boss, we will get to do so. Also, we will get to know if we can stay together forever.”

Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota Relationship

Post Anup Jalota’s early eviction, he had also revealed that Jasleen Matharu had used his fame and popularity for personal interests. Commenting more on the same, Anup ji had stated, “Of course. That was her idea. She wanted to ride on my popularity--- which she did. I am a very positive person and I feel if I can help someone, I should.” Anup ji was also asked that Jasleen wasn’t as selfless as him as she failed to give away her make-up and clothes as a ransom to save him (in one of BB 12's tasks), “I wasn’t hurt. The reaction you saw on TV was just acting. None of the TV actors in the house could guess that I was acting. Mujhe bilkul bura nahi laga ki unhone kapde aur make-up nahi diya because bura to tab lagega jab koi rishta ho. But maine socha usko jhatka dete hai. Being a teacher I wanted to teach her that materialistic commodities are not as important as the person. She cried a lot after that." (Must Read: Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals Taimur Ali Khan Doesn't Like His Parents Taking His Pictures)

Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota Relationship

In an interview, Jasleen Matharu's father, Kesar Matharu had reacted to the news of her relationship with Anup Jalota. A Hindustan Times report had him stating, “My relatives are saying you should not let your daughter enter the house. Someone was saying- had she been my daughter, I would have killed her. I don’t believe in such drastic steps. We don’t have any right to take our kids’ life, but if she has made a mistake, she will have to face the repercussions.”

Jasleen and kesar

Guys, are you interested to watch Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu’s film? Keep us posted!

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