Jannat Zubair On Her Dad's Decision To Say 'No' To Her Kissing Scenes In Shows, 'I Don't Regret It'

In a recent media interaction, Jannat Zubair opened up about her parents' support in her acting journey and broke her silence on her dad's bold decision of saying 'No' to her kissing scenes in shows.


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Jannat Zubair On Her Dad's Decision To Say 'No' To Her Kissing Scenes In Shows, 'I Don't Regret It'

Popular actress, Jannat Zubair Rahmani began her career as a child actor and went on to act in many shows. Apart from being a versatile actress, she is also a successful social media sensation and enjoys a huge fan following. Jannat recently left everyone mesmerised with her singing talent with her song, Babu Shona Mona, which became a huge hit. In a recent interview, Jannat opened up about her personal life and shared her journey as a child actor.

Jannat Zubair on her father's unconditional support during her initial days in the industry

Jannat Zubair has been in the entertainment industry for a long time now. In an interview with ETimes, the actress looked back at her acting journey and opened up about the challenges she faced. She revealed that she had nobody in the industry when she joined and shared that she struggled for two years as she was a shy kid. Recalling how her father helped her in that phase, Jannat said:

"I remember dad used to make me rehearse the lines and then we would go on the sets and after seeing the camera, I would forget all my lines. I used to not do anything and come back home. This lasted for two years, but my father did not give up and took me to the sets again. It took me a while to get comfortable with the camera and the environment. I don't blame myself for that and neither did my father because I was very young and had not seen the environment of the sets, everything was new."

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Jannat Zubair shares the principles her parents laid down for her social media posts

When Jannat was asked if she takes responsibility for her social media posts and tries not to influence her audience in the wrong way, the actress shared that she is always mindful of the same. She further talked about her parents' support and revealed they never let her do anything that upsets her audience. Sharing that they are certain principles when it comes to her social media posts, Jannat said:

"My parents have also been so supportive that they have kept an eye and have given their suggestions. They've always told me you shouldn't do something for which you face backlash or you upset your audience. There are certain kinds of brands, Apps that I do not promote because I feel they are not appropriate for my audience. We have certain principles and values and the dos and don'ts are very clear."

Jannat Zubair on her father's bold decision of saying 'No' to kissing scenes

Further in the interview, Jannat opened up about the phase when she took the bold decision of not doing a kissing scene for the show, Tu Aashiqui, and shared that she was 16-17 years old during that time. However, she mentioned that she and her parents were very sure of their decision and added that it needs a lot of courage to stick to their principles. Adding that she learnt the art of bold decision-making from her parents, Jannat said:

"I look up to my father and when I see him fearlessly being bold, not thinking about the future or the repercussions. He did not think if I'm saying no now and what if 10 years later Jannat gets a big project which demands such scenes, I might regret my current decision. He did not think twice before saying no because he was very confident about his decision. And Touchwood, even after so many years I don't get a single negative comment. I've only received positive reviews."

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Jannat Zubair reveals her father recognised her singing talent

Jannat Zubair recently proved her mettle in singing with her melodious songs, and in the same interview, the actress opened up about her shift from acting to singing. She revealed that she came up with a song, Isha Farzi, at the age of 18, and 4 years later, she launched her song, Babu Shona Mona. Talking about her decision to take singing professionally, Jannat revealed that her father recognised her talent when she used to sing at home and encouraged her to sing. However, she mentioned that she is a very shy singer so she asks her father not to come along whenever she records her song.

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