Benefits Of Cumin Seeds 'Zeera', Cures Digestive Disorders To Skin Protection

Commonly known as 'zeera' used as a spice in different cuisines across the globe. Apart from adding flavour to a dish, it has got many health and beauty benefits.


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Benefits Of Cumin Seeds 'Zeera', Cures Digestive Disorders To Skin Protection

Best known to add flavour to the food, these tiny looking seeds of cumin can also be a one-stop solution for your hair, health and skin woes. From treating your stomach disorders to making your skin glow, this wonder spice can do it all. Let’s have a look.

Health benefits of cumin seeds 

Cures acidity and digestive disorders

Cumin water, tea or juice makes for a great tonic for your stomach ailments. Cumin seeds are said to increase the heat in the body, thus making metabolism more effective and functional. You can chew raw cumin seeds to have instant relief from heartburns. Or, just boil them in water and drink it to normalise your entire digestive system. 

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Fights cancer 

Cumin seeds’ health benefits go much beyond digestion. It is said to contain active compounds which retards the growth of tumour cells responsible for cancer. Isn’t the reason enough to add cumin seeds to your diet and make them high on flavour and health?

Boosts overall immune system

Rich in iron and Vitamin C, cumin seeds are excellent for a healthy immune system. They acts as a shield to keep various infections, illness and respiratory disorders at bay. 

Good for pregnant woman

Jeera or cumin water prevents and reduces birth defects to an extent and also protects pregnant mother and her baby from illness or diseases. It also handles common issues like acidity and bloating in expectant women. Moreover, cumin seeds are rich in iron, the requirement of which is too high in pregnant women.

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Relieves cough and cold

Consumption of cumin seeds is a good remedy for common cold as it doesn’t let cough to collect in the respiratory system. It is said that since cumin seeds are hot in its property, it dries up all the mucous forming the congestion.

Prepone menstruation

It is also as good a cure for your menstruation-related issues. Consumption of cumin seeds stimulate contractions of the uterus and that induce the effect of monthly cycle in women’s body. Have it either in the form of seeds, grounded or by boiling it in water.

Beauty benefits of cumin seeds

Anti-ageing benefits

You heard it right! Vitamin A and anti-inflammatory agents present in cumin help you stay young. Cumin combats the free radicals that attack the skin to form wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. For that healthy and beautiful skin, you can include cumin seeds into your diet or use some cumin seed powder as a face mask.

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Protects from skin infections

Cumin as a part of your diet or used externally protects your skin from any bacterial, fungal or microbial infections. The anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of the spice keep the skin free of toxic substances like dirt and microbes. 

Skin toner

Make a gentle, soothing toner by mixing cumin seed oil (from black cumin) with apple cider vinegar in equal quantities. Apply onto your skin or T-zone areas of your face. The natural toner will provide your skin with an extra cleansing by throwing away accumulated oil, residues and dirt.

Hair benefits of cumin seeds

Takes care of premature hair fall

Cumin seeds are extremely helpful for premature hair fall and hair loss. Massage your hair with black cumin seed oil for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the procedure for a few months to see the best results. Cumin oil strengthens the follicles, thus preventing hair fall.

Dandruff cure

Miniscule cumin is effective in treating dandruff as well. Mix cumin oil with any of these herbal products i.e. lime juice, olive oil, apple vinegar, henna powder, etc. and apply as a mask to your hair. Leave for 20 minutes followed by washing with shampoo. Try this homemade treatment on a regular basis to banish dandruff away.

Long and shiny hair

Cumin treatment is also effective for that lifeless, dull hair. Rich in proteins and other nutrients, cumin seeds promote the growth of hair in a natural way. Soak some cumin seeds in oil overnight. The next morning, massage the oil and seeds into your scalp. Let it be for about 15 minutes, and then wash it out with shampoo and cool water.

We are sure that now you have reasons enough to include this wonder herb in your recipes. The aromatic spice not only makes your food delectable but also prepares your body and skin to combat whatever comes its way. So, make sure that you use these seeds regularly in your cooking to reap their benefits in every possible way.

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