7 Unknown Beauty Benefits Of Broccoli That Will Persuade You To Start Eating It Right Now


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7 Unknown Beauty Benefits Of Broccoli That Will Persuade You To Start Eating It Right Now

Don’t you want to flaunt a healthy skin? Or to be more specific, don't you want a glowing, wrinkle-free skin by natural means? So, it’s time to rush to your nearest grocery shop or sabziwala, and bag some dark green leafy vegetable called broccoli. This cruciferous vegetable is identified as one of the hearty and tasty vegetables gifted with a dozens of nutrients.

All parents and nutritionists might have told you to eat more and more of green vegetables (especially broccoli), courtesy their benefits! But, the truth is that they probably didn’t know the real potential and advantages of it. So, let’s just have a look at this prominent vegetable from the cruciferous family. Scroll on and have a look!

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#1. Boosts hair growth

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To tell you all, this magical veggie is rich in vitamin A, C, & calcium that eventually triggers the hair growth. What happens is that these vitamins boosts sebum production (it’s an oil-based secretion), which acts as a natural moisturiser, conditioning your scalp & hair, wherever required. On the other hand, the hair follicles and hair fall both are guarded by calcium. So, in case you want long and lustrous hair, include broccoli in your diet right now!

#2. Helps fighting skin cancer

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Yes, apart from cruciferous veggies namely, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, it’s broccoli that is the most powerful one to kick off skin cancer. Courtesy the immune boosting properties present in this gifted vegetable! There is an enzyme named myrosinase that is present in it, which transforms ulfur-based chemicals (glucosinolates) in the vegetable into another type of chemical (isothiocyanates) that are endowed with anti-cancer properties.

Researchers have proved the fact that consuming 2 servings of broccoli each day will lessen the risk of colon cancer, stomach cancer, rectal cancer and lung cancer by 50%. And not just this! In fact, indoles and sulforaphane present in it helps in preventing breast, uterus, and skin cancer due to carcinogenic properties.

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#3. Regenerates the damaged skin

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In case you eat broccoli on a regular basis, it will help you get rid of the damaged skin by renewing the dead cells. How? There is glucoraphanin present in broccoli that later transforms into sulforaphane, lightening the appearance of the damaged skin.

Also, vitamin C that is there in this vegetable motivates collagen production and vitamin A protects your skin cell membranes from UV radiation.

#4. It’s anti-inflammatory

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It has been proved by the researches that kaempferol has the ability to reduce the effect of allergy-related elements on the human body. So, here comes broccoli for you! Contains both kaempferol and isothiocyanates, broccoli has significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids as well that are widely acknowledged for being anti-inflammatory.

What’s more? This cruciferous veggie is one of the most effective eatable when it comes to protecting your skin from sun. The chemical substance Sulforaphane present in it helps in reducing inflammation & redness of the skin, cause due to skin exposure. So, it can act as a natural sunscreen as well!

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#5. Rich in anti-ageing properties

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Enrich with amazing anti-ageing properties, broccoli wards off the free militants. Vitamin C, B, and E as well as the presence of beta-carotene in it helps in reducing pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

So, basically the nutrients that this vegetable is endowed with can help you fight against the free radicals which causes skin damage and wrinkles. And eventually, all this provides you a young and wrinkle-free skin just like before.

#6. Provides glowing skin

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One of the unique qualities that broccoli embraces is that it gives you a glowing skin like never before. So, you can bid farewell to the chemicals that all salons use to give you that required glow. Why go for chemicals when a natural alternative is available, no?

An organic compound that is distinctive to broccoli is glucoraphanin, which helps you regenerate your skin (specifically sun-damaged skin). Simultaneously, vitamin B, E and beta carotene help the skin to glow.

#7. Improves skin immune system

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In case you have a bad skin immune system, broccoli is the saviour for you! Minerals like copper, selenium, zinc, and phosphorus or for that matter, Vitamin C and beta-carotene present in this dark green veggie can efficiently enhance your skin immunity. And this eventually will help you protect your skin from varied skin infections.

So, in spite of wondering and worrying about the skin allergies and infections you have, include broccoli in your diet and fight against them all naturally!

P.S.: Having said so, do keep one thing in mind – it’s always best to eat this vegetable lightly steamed, when cooked it may lose some benefits.

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Well, these were some of the unknown beauty benefits that broccoli comes with. This gifted vegetable can do wonders for your skin, all you need to do is just go and grab it right now! Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section below!

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