8 Tips And Tricks To Help You Buy A Perfect Bottle Of Perfume


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8 Tips And Tricks To Help You Buy A Perfect Bottle Of Perfume

Perfumes are one of those things that most people cannot live without. Smelling good is a sign of hygiene and sophistication. No one likes to be around or associate with people who have body odour, right? But buying a fragrance that you like and the one that suits your body odour type is not that an easy task.

So guys, don't worry we have some very simple and easy trips and tricks to help you find the perfect perfume. Follow them and you will defintely overcome this difficult situation easily.

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#1. Don’t be rigid, try experimenting


You may not be very fond of a particular scent like rose or a certain sort of cologne-like scent, but don’t let that restrict you from trying similar scents. You never know, you may just accidently like the exact same scent which earlier gave you the creeps. So, be open to a little adventure!

#2. Spray away from your body


Experts say that you should spray the tester perfume on a tester strip at a distance from your body/face. That is because if you spray too close to your nose, the perfume scent will get deposited on your nose and it will be difficult for you to try other fragrances.

#3. Don’t smell the fragrance immediately


Give at least a minute or so to smell the fragrance after you have sprayed it. This gives time to the alcohol present in the perfume to evaporate thus giving you the exact fragrance of the perfume.

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#4. Coffee bean trick


If you want to get the exact fragrance of every perfume you wish to try, smell coffee beans before trying on each. Coffee beans help to take in the fumes of strong scents and give you a fresher and clearer perspective (fragrance-wise) to try on others.

#5. Smell it again


You might not be able to detect the exact fragrance of the perfume in one go. And when you have tried other scents already, it becomes even more diificult. So, hold on for a minute or two and smell the scent again.

#6. Avoid rubbing your wrists together


That is one of the biggest myths in the history of perfume application. Rubbing your wrists after applying perfume only breaks down the perfume molecules thus, exactly changing the scent. All you need to is spray and touch, no rubbing required!

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#7. Apply on pulse points


If you apply the perfume randomly on your body or on your clothes, it might not last very long. The skin above the pulse points is thin and warm, which in turn helps the fragrance to stay on for longer. Apply the perfume either on your wrists or behind your ears as these points are considered the best points for perfume application.

#8. Avoid perfume shopping when you have a headache


A headache in itself is enough reason not to go any shopping, let alone perfume shopping which might actually aggravate your pain and also give you a rather distorted version of the fragrance you try on.

Storage rules


Not in the washroom

Perfumes need to stay away from heat and moisture and these are the two things abundantly present in the washroom. Thus, a complete no-no!

Not near the windows

Again, light too is not a good friend of any perfume! Keeping your perfumes facing the sun or near the windows is a very bad idea. On the other hand, closets or cabinets are a perfect place to keep them just like your favorite wines.


Yes, you read that right. If you have that one special scent that you want to preserve and use a tad bit by bit forever, all you need to do is store it in your refrigerator and use it till your heart desires or of course until it gets over.

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So, now that you are a pro at deciding which perfume you need to buy, follow these tips and get yourself the best smelling fragrance!

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