Apart From Face Here're 7 Spots On Body That Needs Exfoliation To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

Following simple skin care routines every once in a while will do your body good and keep you looking younger and fresher.


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Apart From Face Here're 7 Spots On Body That Needs Exfoliation To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

We all are aware of the benefits of properly exfoliated skin. And, for those who still don’t know what that means exactly, exfoliation of skin means the removal of old, dead cells from the skin's outermost surface. It is important as this improves the circulation of blood under the skin, gives you fresher-looking healthy skin and makes the skin breathe.

But sadly, exfoliation is equated only with the face while actually there are many more areas in the body that need it. So, read on to find out more about your body and exfoliate all the required areas regularly.

#1. The legs

You must have noticed that the skin on your legs is a little rough and bumpy right after you shave or use hair-removal creams. That is because the hair is not getting uprooted but only cut off from the tip. Thus, it is important to use a body scrub on your legs to get rid of old, dull skin, and resist the formation of ingrown hair.

#2. The hips

Yes, you read that right. The hip area is one that stays mostly covered. There are small ingrown hair bumps on the butt area which increase in number if the skin there isn’t exfoliated. The skin needs to breathe for which scrub treatments at home, at least twice a week, are important.

#3. The lips

Chapped, cracked and dry lips are all signs of lack of proper exfoliation. If you ignore your lips even after they repeatedly give you these signs, they will soon begin to darken as well. Use brown sugar and honey mix to scrub your lips using a soft toothbrush at least twice every week.

#4. The chest

The area under our neck and above the bust line is exposed to the sun most of the time. Thus, it also tends to look a shade or two darker than the rest of our body. Exfoliating the chest area with a body scrub or even homemade scrubs like gram flour and milk can not only remove dead skin cells but lighten the skin too.

#5. Your hands and arms

Whenever you wear your favourite sleeveless outfits, your arms are the highlight of your look. But non-exfoliated skin can cause the appearance of dark patchy spots, rough skin and ingrown hair boil. Thus, regular weekly scrubbing is a must, especially if your work demands you to be outdoors most of the time.

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#6. Your back

Have you ever felt the appearance of tiny pimple-like boils on your back? Well, that is commonly referred to as back or body acne. When dead blood cells and dirt get accumulated under the skin, such boils appear. So, scrubbing your back with a loofah and body wash two-three times a week will allow you to have a spotless, flawless and clear back.

#7. The heels

Cracked and dry heels are every woman’s worst nightmare! They make wearing fancy footwear and high heels a very difficult task. For exfoliating your feet and heels, soak your feet in lukewarm water and then use a gentle scrubber to scrub away the dry dead cells. Apply a moisturiser after you wipe your feet and wear a pair of socks to let the cream seep in completely.

Following simple skincare routines every once in a while will do your body good and keep you looking younger and fresher. So, give yourself some Me-time and pamper your skin to the fullest!

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