Ileana D'Cruz Advices A Guy On The Ways To Deal With Fiancee During Her Period, And We Laud Her

Well, not just girls, guys too fear periods. Ileana D'Cruz shares the perfect way any guy can handle his girl during her menstruation. Check out her reply inside!


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Ileana D'Cruz Advices A Guy On The Ways To Deal With Fiancee During Her Period, And We Laud Her

Okay, first thing first! Every girl will agree with us, but we all hate periods. Everything is fine, yeah it helps our body clean, yeah it helps us conceive, and yeah it is a sign that we are not pregnant, but we still hate it. Who would like to bleed straight out for a week mercilessly? Who would like to deal with uncertain, crazy mood swings? Who would like to deal with the horrendous cramps and pain? And who would like to deal with the absolute feeling of dying? We hope, you understand now, why we hate periods so freaking much! Well, this hatred for periods is not only girl’s story, but guys too fear periods because they actually never understand the concept and how they can keep their bae happy during that time of the month! Well, if you are one of them, then Bollywood actress, Ileana D’Cruz has a piece of advice for you! (Also Read: Sania Mirza's Son, Izhaan Flaunts His New Kicks Gifted By His 'Khaala', Parineeti Chopra)

Ileana D’Cruz made into our hearts with her performance in the classic movie, Barfi and since then we have been her fan. From accepting herself to be skinny to turning out into this gorgeous diva, we have loved Ileana in all shapes and sizes. The actress often shares her vacation pictures on her Instagram handle, but her Insta handle is not just about some stunning pictures. The actress, here and there, shares some memes and a lot of wisdom, thus making it to the heart of millions. Recently, a fan had some serious question about his fiancee that bound Ileana to answer it and her answer is what every man must know!

Ileana D'Cruz

Taking her Instagram handle, Ileana shared a meme with her fans, depicting the mood swings, a woman deals with during her periods and we all could relate with it on a personal level. Replying to the meme, a guy asked a serious question, which we guess, every guy must be wondering, he asked “help me to handle such situations all with my fiance… I don’t want to hurt her in this times.” Ileana made sure that her advice reaches the mass, and shared the question on her story. Giving her valuable advice, she said, “Approach with caution. Be prepared to either be giving her an insane amount of cuddles or not be anywhere near her vicinity. If she starts to growl, throw chocolate at her. And run away”. Oh lord! We cannot agree more! Take a look. 

Ileana D'Cruz on Period

Ileana D'Cruz on period

Talking about Ileana’s personal life, a few months back, she was in news for her breakup with longtime boyfriend, Andrew Kneebone. Ileana had opened up about her breakup after a long time. In an interview with the Deccan Chronicle, Ileana had finally talked about breaking up with Andrew. She had shared that instead of being depressed, she is trying to fight the circumstances and has come out stronger. Instead of relying on people, the actress is trying to find happiness in her own little things. She had confessed that she was so depressed after the breakup that she had to go to a therapist, who advised her to accept compliments, and so, she has accepted herself and doing well. (Recommended Read: Shah Rukh Khan Reveals Daughter, Suhana Khan Saved His Life As He Would Have Jumped Off The Balcony)

Ileana had further shared that falling in love is one of the fantastic feelings but staying in love is a whole different thing. Hence, she is not ready to fall in love again as she is happy where she is in her life. The Barfi actress had also stated that her breakup has taught her many things, and had said, "It is always a learning experience. I never wanted to come out bitter or someone with any animosity. It has left me stronger. Shit happens, but life goes on. The way I dealt with the entire thing comes with respect and love for the other person. I don’t curse or think anything bad about him. I am in a good place and I wish all good things for him." (Don't Miss: Farah Khan Had A Love Interest In Karan Johar And Had Proposed Him For Marriage)

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