How To Sail Smooth From Courtship To Marriage


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How To Sail Smooth From Courtship To Marriage

Courtship is a period that is essential for building a successful relationship and maintaining it for years to come. It serves as the time when two individuals decide if a future together is possible or not. It also offers them an opportunity to build the much needed trust and love for their relationship. While there is no rigid guide that defines the necessary steps you must take during the courtship, but here are a few tips will make this time more favourable and memorable for the two of you.

Understand your partner’s life and lifestyle

Courtship is not just about love songs, romantic cards, a fortune spent on flowers or gifts. It is a time to get to know the person who is going to become your life partner. Share your likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests with each other. Learn about each other’s lifestyle. Take time to learn things that make your better-half happy, and consider doing them together. For instance, if your would-be enjoys watching cricket, then you can make plans to watch an upcoming match together over some good food and drinks.

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Develop honest communication

The first step to build a long-lasting relationship is to build trust. It is very essential to act with integrity and loyalty in any association. Refrain from little white lies or half-truths during this time. Instead, talk openly, but respectfully about your feelings and about your expectations from your partner. Open and honest communication will help to provide your relationship a solid foundation.

Be a good listener

Effective communication is not a one-way street. Make a genuine effort to listen to your partner. Avoid dominating the conversations. As courtship is a phase, where both of you want to learn about each other, you both will have questions to ask. So, do not be in a hurry to steal the show!

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Build healthy relationship with your partner’s friends

You learn a lot about a person when you meet their friends. It is essential to interact with these influential people who spend time and offer advice to your partner. It is also recommended to make friends with your partner’s buddies. After marriage, it will be good to have some mutual friends in your group.

Understand his family

After marriage, your spouse's family will be yours as well. So, it is good to develop an understanding with them as well. As for the girls, since you will be entering in your in-laws' house, it is a good idea to know about them as much as possible. Since you will be living with all of them you should learn about their likes and dislikes as well. This will prepare you for the time when you enter their home after your wedding.

Avoid rushing into physical intimacy

Intimacy should not be rushed into during this phase. Take some time to sort out your feelings. While you may be tempted to open up about everything, act wisely and hold your horses. Before you submit to any physical aspects, make sure that love is the prime motivation behind your actions. Then as your relationship progresses, so will the level of your intimacy.

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Be true to yourself

You certainly would not want to enter into a relationship that is built on sandy grounds. Though you should not fan the embers of every single doubt that arises in your mind, but you should ignore the recurring ones. Some of your doubts will be a result of cold feet or relationship jitters. But, if you feel that the disagreements are more than you can handle, then it is not wrong to re-think about this match. Enter the relationship only after you are sure that it has been built on a strong foundation.

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While these tips will help you build a strong relationship, they will also help in maintaining it. If you are meant to be with someone, the bond will develop over time. Till then have fun and be respectful!

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