7 Impressive Ways To Win The Heart Of Your Woman With Cooking


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7 Impressive Ways To Win The Heart Of Your Woman With Cooking

When your lady love is angry with you and you want to please her, or perhaps when you want to simply charm her, you can do so with style by donning the hat of a chef. Yes,the idea is to cook for her and see how she declares you the best husband/boyfriend in the world! [Do Read: 11 Awesome Reasons Why I Feel So Lucky To Have My Husband In My Life]. 

But, if you thought that cooking for a woman is a cakewalk, then beware! It is a devil of a job to make a woman praise your culinary skills. It is that domain, which a woman considers her territory, and you definitely need to outperform on all her expectations.

We give you some smart tricks and ideas on how to bowl her over with your cooking. Here they are!

#1. Research her tastes well

how to impress your woman with your culinary skills

Image Courtesy: Salaam Namaste

The last thing you would want is to present her with a meal that she dislikes. It pays if you find out what she absolutely loves. Do not prepare a sumptuous meal when you know that she is on diet. A good idea could be to prepare the meal you had on your first date, it can easily add a dash of romance.

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#2. Know your forte

how to impress your woman with your culinary skills

Image Courtesy: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

If you are not a seasoned cook, then dare not try those complicated dishes. It is advisable to gauge your finer points in cooking. And, when it is your first time at cooking, make sure you keep a cookbook handy or rely upon a trusted source for recipe.

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#3. Always keep it simple

how to impress your woman with your culinary skills
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She would be happier if you prepare a tasty dish, rather than a kitschy and morose buffet. So, keep it a simple and neat spread. You can definitely win over her by sourcing fresh and quality ingredients. Also, it will be helpful when the after-dinner chores are handled by you only.

#4. Presentation is the key

how to impress a woman with your cooking

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A table arranged with sophistication, well-thought cutlery along with decent glassware can help you win half the battle. Giving her the fine dining experience at home definitely scores extra brownie points for you. So, put your best kitchenware and best table cloth forward and see the magic.

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#5. Mesmerise with the ambience

how to impress your woman with your culinary skills

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You can make the mood with the right kind of ambience. So, spare some time for cleaning the room surroundings. Playing her favourite tracks as background music and keeping soft lights in the room with aromatic candles on the table can definitely become an icing on the cake.

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#6. Watch out your mannerisms

how to impress your woman with your culinary skills

Image Courtesy: Cheeni Kum

With everything going just perfect, you need to keep a check on your behaviour and mannerisms also. Groom yourself like a well-bred gentleman and make her feel as a noblewoman. Now, you know why there should be complete no-no to eating food with your mouth open or even getting up from the table while she is still eating.

#7. Self-promotion helps

how to impress your woman with your culinary skills sanjeev kapoor

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Well, when your show becomes a hit, there is no harm in indulging in some self-praise. Tell her of how hard you have worked to get everything just correct. She will definitely be touched and pleased to see you putting so much effort to make her smile.

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Well, then it seems that it is not that impossible to impress your woman by cooking. All you need is careful planning put together with some delicious food with a dash of right ambience and your love platter is ready to roll. So, what are you waiting for? Make your woman feel special and pampered by cooking for her.

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