16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband


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16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband

Getting married is the biggest and most important moment in any girl’s life, along with being the most exciting and happy one. A new beginning of life, new people, new ways of living and so much more that is completely different from what her life was like before. And whether hers is a love marriage or an arranged one, she has so many apprehensions, questions and doubts in her mind. For which, she seeks a promise from him that he will always be the person that he claims to be, something she hesitates in saying them to him out loud.
So, if you are one of those girls who are going through the same phase, here is an article that you can tag your would-be husband, and let him know what you wish for.

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#1. I wish you would ask my parents for my hand first

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband shahid kapoor alok nath vivah

Image Courtesy: Vivah

Whatever I am, I owe it all to them. So you asking my hand from them first, would be a great honour for them, and I would really appreciate that.

#2. I wish you would treat my parents as your own

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband  piku irfan khan deepika padukone amitabh bachchan

Image Courtesy: Piku

We do not just marry each other, but each other’s families too. And as I come forward to accept and love your parents as my own, I would want you to do the same for my parents with open arms.

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#3. I wish you would propose the big fat fairytale way

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband how i met your mother barney robin wedding propose

Image Courtesy: How I Met Your Mother

Yes a proposal is once in a lifetime kind of a thing! So, I want it to be big, filmy and magnificently romantic. A big fat ring, dinner by the lake, swans, vocalists with violins, fireworks; bring it all on!

#4. I wish you would be easy to talk to while discussing money matters

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband

Image Courtesy: Bewakoofiyaan

Our separate accounts, our joint accounts, what we want to save and how we want to manage our investments. For all of the above, I want that we should always sit together and have a peaceful and productive conversation.

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#5. I wish you would give me my space without me having to ask for it

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband ek main aur ekk tu imraan khan kareena kapoor

Image Courtesy: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

My own free time where I can hang out with my friends, go for a movie with my mom, have a full day at the spa and do whatever I want to do but without you. Not always, but whenever I want to!

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#6. I wish you would be a great son but also a supportive husband

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband kareena kapoor saif ali khan sharmila tagore

Image Courtesy: Sify

I know you love and respect your mom and I do too. But, if there is ever a fight where you know I am not at fault, I wish you would support me. And by supporting, I do not imply that you fight with her, but just that you stand by me!

#7. I wish you would let me be the judge of what I should wear

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband friends rachel ross pink bridesmaid dress

Image Courtesy: Friends

I know my limits much better than anyone else. I am a mature and responsible adult and would not wear anything that does not look good on me. I would want the liberty to choose what I feel like wearing always! Of course, I will listen to you too but would not like to be forced, ever!

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#8. I wish you would respect my limits when it comes to sex

16 things every wife tells her future husband imraan khan deepika padukone break ke baad

Image Courtesy: Break Ke Baad

Yes I want to have it, lots of it, but I also want you to respect my space and never force me into doing it. I may not be feeling up for it at times, and that is when just a sweet loving cuddle will do best!

#9. I wish you would say I look pretty even when I am having the worst day ever

things wifes day to their future husband chaalbaaz rohini hattingri anupam kher

Image Courtesy: Chaalbaaz

Because you saying that will make my bad day convert into an awesome one!

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#10. I wish you would never want me to choose my friends over you

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband stdent of the year sidarth malhotra varun dhawan alia bhatt

Image Courtesy: Student Of The Year

I love you, but I love my friends too. I have lived a lifetime with them and share a very special and unbreakable bond with all of them. So, I would want you to know that, and never put me in a difficult situation wherein for some reason you ask me to choose one of you.

#11. I wish you would be alright with my personal choices

 16 Things Every Wife Wishes To Tell Her Future Husband kangana ranaut r madhavan tanu weds manu returns

Image Courtesy: Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Whether I want to work, sleep till late when I feel little under the weather, make friends of my choice and eat food of my liking specifically!

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#12. I wish you would give me a lot of wardrobe and washroom space without teasing me for it

16 things every wife tells her future husband katti batti imraan khan kangana ranaut

Image Courtesy: Katii Batti

I have LOADS of makeup, beauty products, clothes, styling products and gadgets for which I would need lots of space in the washroom and a huge closet space. I hope you understand how important all this is for me, and provide me with lots of space. Wait, did I forget shoes?

#13. I wish you would always pay proper attention when I am speaking or asking you for advice

things wifes day to their future husband prem ratan dhan payo sonam kapoor salman khan

Image Courtesy: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

I do not want to feel like I am speaking to a wall when I am speaking to you. I want you to be my best friend and my confidant, someone who guides me and gives me solutions, someone who is communicative and knows all about me.

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#14. I wish you would never force me to start a family

things wifes day to their future husband shaadi ke side effects farhan akhtar vidya balan

Image Courtesy: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

I too want to have children but when and how many should be a joint call, a decision that we both happily agree to. I want to start a family once I have fully achieved a few things in life, so that I never ever have any regrets. I hope you understand and support me for the same.

#15. I wish you would make an effort to make our marriage more fun

16 things wife tells her future husband

Image Courtesy: Tamasha

Plan some surprises, travel with me, be spontaneous while we make love, etc., if not always, then at least sometimes!

#16. I wish you would give me a beautiful life

things wifes day to their future husband dilwale shah rukh khan kajol

Image Courtesy: Dilwale

I want you to promise me that you will always stick around and never leave my side and that you would make every effort to give me a nice and comfortable life for which I will support you at each and every step!

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Having said all that, these are not orders, but just a few wishes that most girls expect out of their would-be husband. And, an understanding spouse can provide you with all the promises and stand by them too!

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