4 Fabulously Unique Ways To Style An Indian Wedding That All To-Be-Married Couples Must Read


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4 Fabulously  Unique Ways To Style An Indian Wedding That All To-Be-Married Couples Must Read

Every couple wants their wedding to be just like a dream. Certain unique touches to everything, from the pre-wedding shoot, to the venue, to the ceremonies, will make it an affair to remember. So, decide what you want to highlight with your wedding style. You can always take the help of wedding planners or designers who can offer professional advice to make your wedding memorable for every guest. Here are some fun and fabulous wedding styles that you can try to really wow your guests.

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#1. Royal Style

Fabulous Ideas To Style Your Wedding

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You do not have to be a real prince or princess to feel like one. You can make your wedding day special and memorable by incorporating this lavish style. Pick up a venue keeping in mind the magnificent royal style. This can be a palace, a luxury resort, a monument, or a heritage villa. Engage local performers and arrange vintage transport for guests such as retro cars, camels, horses, palanquins, or elephants for making a grand impression. Even your bridal trousseau can be in sync with this royal theme. Go for a retro look, or choose the Rajputana era to create the royal effect for your wedding.

#2. Village Style

Fabulous Ideas To Style Your Wedding

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When you want to stand out from everybody else and make your wedding uncommon and memorable, try incorporating interesting styles. One such option is the village style setting which has a rustic touch. You can use authentic decoration items including lanterns, bullock carts, and earthen pots to decorate the wedding venue. Or, you can actually have a wedding in a real village. Use ethnic dishes and entertainment from that region. You can rent a nearby farmhouse to accommodate your guests. You can hire folk musicians and dancers for the sangeet and wedding reception to add to the feel of a village setting. Nothing gets more rustic than this.

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#3. Eco-friendly Style

Fabulous Ideas To Style Your Wedding

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Have you ever thought about having an eco-friendly wedding? It will be interesting to incorporate this theme on your special day. Select a venue in an open air space like a garden, or a hillside surrounded by greenery. Presence of natural light and natural beauty will be appropriate for such wedding styles, so perform all the rituals during the daytime. Your wedding can be a lesson for the guests on how to conserve energy and save electricity. Similarly, you can use recycled paper for designing wedding cards. E-invitations are another good option. You can show your concern for the environment in your jewellery choice too. Wear jewellery that your mother already has. Do not go for new ones. You can also use organically grown local flowers and plants for decoration, instead of lights.

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#4. Goan Style

Fabulous Ideas To Style Your Wedding

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Goan weddings are a merry affair where everybody enjoys the event heartily. You can incorporate this unique style in your wedding too. Consider a fantastic beach resort in Goa. Hire a local planner who knows about the area well, and can incorporate ideas accordingly. Make sure that the cuisine is from that region as well. Ask your planner to arrange for an orchestra that plays local music. Go for a colour theme that complements the blues of the water, and the whites of the sand.

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So, with these new ideas it is time to give your wedding a new twist. Choose from the above styles and have the wedding of a lifetime!

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