7 Tips To Jazz Up Your Winter Wedding


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7 Tips To Jazz Up Your Winter Wedding

Winter in India is symbolic of the wedding season as the most auspicious mahurats start from mid-October. Choosing the décor for a winter wedding can be a little difficult. That is why; we have simplified the entire process for you by listing out some unique ideas. Here they go.

Candles and diyas
Though a little difficult to pull off, candles can look really pretty if used well in your winter wedding. The tiny flames give a ‘warm’ effect and look pretty too. Small diyas and candles in bright colours dotting around your Mandap can look really stunning. However, you need a fair bit of planning for this. Your wedding planner should ensure that the candles and diyas are replaced timely and they are lit at all times.
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Sparkling crystal
Crystal centerpieces on your guests table and a large crystal chandelier over your mandap can create a dramatic effect. So why not rent one?

Go green
Green is not a colour you associate with winter. But you can change that by placing beautiful wreaths with white roses around your Mandap. Besides this, you can also place potted plants around the area. The trend of keeping bonsai plants i.e. miniature trees is also catching on amongst brides to be.
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Floral decorations
Floral decorations are never out of fashion in an Indian wedding. But instead of using traditional marigolds, you must try out different flowers which are in season. Phlox, Gazanias and the Mid-day flower (also known as the barf flower by florists) are a refreshing change from boring roses. So, explore your options and choose something unique.

Ice sculptures
Brides to be can decide to go with a fire and ice theme and place beautiful ice sculptures along with twinkling Diyas. Teaming up bright orange and red decoration with pristine white ones can also take your wedding décor to an all new level.

Fairy lights
You can keep things simple in your winter wedding by using pretty fair lights and net decorations. This minimalist look will definitely make your wedding stand out amidst the clutter of loud and garishly decorated weddings.
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Bon fires
If you are holding an outdoor wedding reception, then you must light up a bon fire. Instead of keeping things very formal i.e. the bride and groom sitting on the stage and waiting for the guests to arrive), you and your husband can be seated around it. You can play a round of Antakshri for the first time as a couple too. Though this may not be romantic in the traditional sense, you will never be able to forget the cold winter night which you spent with your husband, singing your favorite songs in the years to come. You can even enjoy your first dance as husband and wife as your families cheer you on. Keeping mini food stalls around your bon fire is also a good idea too as guests tend to get hungry.

So these were a few winter decoration ideas for. What are you planning for your wedding? Do let us know.