Deepshikha Nagpal's Ex-Hubby Claimed Her Filing A Police Complaint Against Him For A Rs 500 Bedsheet

Deepshikha Nagpal's ex-husband, Kaishav Arora had narrated how the actress had filed a police complaint against him over a Rs 500 bedsheet!


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Deepshikha Nagpal's Ex-Hubby Claimed Her Filing A Police Complaint Against Him For A Rs 500 Bedsheet

Deepshikha Nagpal was once married to her fellow actor, Jeet Upendra before she had divorced him in 2007. The actress was lucky to find love for the second time and had found solace in Bollywood and TV actor, Kaishav Arora. Deepshikha and Kaishav had tied the knot in 2012, however, they had hit their first rough patch in 2016 when she had blamed Kaishav for abusing and threatening her. They were all set to part ways but Deepshikha had decided to give her marriage a second chance and the lovebirds were happily spotted with each other on family vacations and enjoying. However later, the two had divorced. 

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After her divorce with Kaishav, in an interview with Mid-Day, Deepshikha had opened up about their never-ending fights and the reason behind her separation from him. She had admitted being unfortunate when it comes to her married life as she has been divorced twice. She had shared that she doesn’t know the reason for all of this, but she still believes in the institution of marriage and love. While Deepshikha had accused Kaishav of harassment, the actor had a different story to tell.

Deepshikha Nagpal and Kaishav Arora

In a 2016 interview with Bollywood Life, Kaishav was asked about their divorce and fights, he had called Deepshikha’s claims a publicity stunt and had denied raising a hand on her. He had also recalled the day when he had visited Deepshikha’s house to collect his things and how she had filed a police complaint against him over a Rs 500 bedsheet. He had said, “The thing is I have taken my suitcases earlier and packed up the remaining clothes in two bed-sheets. She was saying that they were her property and I could not take them. I was shocked and told her that two bed-sheets were petty items and I would return them to her. It was humiliating. After I left, she went to the cops at night and filed the complaint against me.” He had added, “Was the argument over a 500 rupee bedsheet worth a police case? It seems like a planned publicity move from her side."

Deepshikha Nagpal and Kaishav Arora

Well, the divorce of Deepshikha and Kaishav was an ugly one as the two had put blames on each other. In a throwback interview with SpotboyE, Deepshikha had claimed that Kaishav had married her because she was rich, and he wasn’t even loyal to her. She had said, “He was cheating on me. I wanted him out. I don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t take the responsibility of his family.” She had also revealed that he wasn’t loyal to her, and had said, “I saw several messages on his mobile phone, which were stark enough to say that he was having an extra-marital affair. Don’t be surprised if he is already looking out for a new bakra. He is a sick, psycho, manipulative man. He also has an abusive personality; I couldn’t take that.” 

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Deepshikha Kaishav

About the physical abuse he had caused her, Deepshikha had remarked, “On March 8, two weeks after we had divorced, he came to my house and spoke something very derogatory about my son. And he hit me as well. Did I do any wrong by going to the cops? I was an idiot that I fell in love with an ass**le like Kaishav. I regret that I wasted eight years of my life with such a man. It was sheer stupidity on my part, and I never want to commit such stupidity again.”

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Deepshikha Nagpal And Kaishav Arora

Well, Deepshikha Nagpal is now happy with her kids, Vedhika and Vivaan, and Kaishav Arora is happily living his life.

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