Deepika Singh Reveals Her Son, Soham Is Super Excited For Her Birthday

Television actress, Deepika Singh turned a year older on July 26, 2019. And while she received tonnes of wishes, the actress reveals who is super excited for her birthday!


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Deepika Singh Reveals Her Son, Soham Is Super Excited For Her Birthday

Birthdays are always special, but it is your loved ones that make it super special. Television actress, Deepika Singh, who got famous for her role as Sandhya in Diya Aur Baati Hum, turned a year older today (July 26, 2019). She had won many awards for portraying a strong role as a cop, and she took a break from TV as she got pregnant with her first child, Soham. But she made headlines when she came back on screen with her show, Kawach Mahashivratri. (Recommend Read: Srishty Rode And Rohit Suchanti Make Ex-Bigg Boss Co-Contestant, Somi Khan's Birthday Super-Special)

The actress is juggling her personal and professional life beautifully and a huge credit goes to her husband, Rohit Goyal. In an interview, she had revealed that her husband has been her constant support system and had revealed how he is working from home to take care of their son.

Coming back to her 30th birthday celebration, her husband, Rohit Raj Goyal threw a grand party to make her day memorable. In an interview with The Times Of India, Deepika revealed that it is her son, Soham, who gets excited for her birthday. She said, "Last year my son Soham was too young to remember anything. But this year he is the most excited about my birthday party. He loves cutting cakes and parties. He wore a nice blazer for the birthday bash. We created some wonderful memories." (Also Read: Anushka Sharma Supports Virat Kohli With Cryptic Post After Rohit Sharma Unfollows Them On Instagram)

Deepika Singh

Talking about her birthday bash, Deepika shared that Rohit wanted to keep her party a surprise but in the end, he had to reveal it. She shared, "Rohit realised that I am shooting and if he doesn’t inform me I might not arrive at the party. Also, I had to finalise my birthday dress. I wore a black gown for the party. I believe in the phrase, “when in doubt wear black". He organised such a lovely birthday party, that itself is a birthday gift for me. I had lots of fun."

In another interview with The Times of India, Deepika had opened up on how her hubby, Rohit has always supported her. She had said, "Rohit, my husband, has undoubtedly been my support system and my Kawach. He loves writing scripts and is working on a film. He was also doing the show Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raavan but left for some reasons and I learnt of it three days later after he stopped going for work. He himself told me that our baby would have been alone with both parents working and decided to stay back home."  

Deepika Singh

She had further added, "It was Rohit who boosted my morale and asked me to go ahead with my career. He told me that I have stayed back enough leaving my career for our family life and now that it was his turn. I was delighted and emotional on knowing about his thoughts. It was because of his support that I could leave my baby behind and concentrate on work. Now Soham is with his father when I am shooting for 12 hours. I am unable to constantly check whether he has had food and all. But I know he's fine with his father around. "

Deepika had also talked about taking a break while she was at a peak of her career, and had stated "I have always taken things in a flow. I take life as it comes. I don't make intense conscious decisions and I am ready to take whatever life has in store for me. Nothing is certain in life and I believe that God has always been kind to me. I believe in decisions made by God and I welcome them with an open mind and heart. So, I don't really think about anything. I am really happy that I took this decision of being a mother without fearing about my career."

Deepika had also talked about motherhood and her post-partum depression, "Motherhood brings along a lot of happy moments and there is no scope for any depression otherwise. But yes, the post partum depression usually takes place with some women but thankfully I didn't go through it. I just was tensed because I wanted to lose weight and was wondering if I would fit into my old clothes and become thin ever. I had become really bulky and I was getting offers for shows. As a human being I wanted to get back into shape for myself and not succumbing to any peer pressure.  I wanted to lose weight for myself and to inspire my children. I wanted them to know the importance of fitness. And that's what is happening, Soham and my niece Yoshika both are taking interest in Yoga. I wanted to be this hot mommy of my baby. I wanted to be fit." (Don't Miss: Parvati Vaze Of 'Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo' To Marry In August, Reveals Date And Wedding Outfit)

We wish Deepika a very happy birthday!

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