Chhavi Mittal Couldn't Hold Baby Arham In Arms When He Was Born, Pens Last Chapter Of Birth Story

Chhavi is married to S.I.T co-founder, Mohit Hussein. Chhavi had shared how she was emotionally broken before entering the OT. Now, Chhavi has shared the final chapter of her birthing story.


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Chhavi Mittal Couldn't Hold Baby Arham In Arms When He Was Born, Pens Last Chapter Of Birth Story

Giving birth to a baby, a new being is magical as created by the Almighty. And the mothers-to-be completely trust their doctors during the pregnancy journey and the delivery process. Similarly, Chhavi too believed in her doctor, but things weren’t so smooth all throughout the delivery process and even prior to that. Earlier, Chhavi had shared with us how her doctor’s behaviour changed and how she was emotionally broken before entering the OT. Chhavi has now shared with us the final chapter of her birthing story.

But before that, let us tell you, Chhavi is married to S.I.T co-founder, Mohit Hussein. After 14 years of their marital bliss, the couple has recently embraced parenthood for the second time with the arrival of their baby boy, Arham Hussein. Chhavi and Mohit were already parents to a baby girl, whom they have lovingly named, Areeza Hussein. (Also Read: Chhavi Mittal's Baby, Arham Gets 'Maasi' Love From 'Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya' Actress, Pooja Gor)

Chhavi Mittal

Coming back to the birthing story, Chhavi took to her official Instagram handle and penned the last chapter of the same. She had written, “THE FINAL CHAPTER After my threat of leaving, Mohit came to the OT with me. And then everything that was not supposed to happen, happened. The cord was clamped in seconds. The baby came out crying & still was poked & prodded before being given to me. I heard my doctor laughing while pulling the baby out, “dekha? Pain free delivery”. And then the biggest horror! I was administered a sleeping injection without being asked, and suddenly I felt myself passing out. I found myself slurring when I said, "give my baby to me where's my baby." I could not put my baby to the breast as I had so wanted to in the first few minutes. I slept till the next morning, waking up in panic repeatedly asking, “where’s my baby? Where’s my husband?” Scared shitless.”

Chhavi Mittal

She further wrote, “Now, I have trouble establishing a good latch. I have stitches which hurt. I have 2 kids & an office to look after but a body that doesn't support it. I have a scar, on my soul. Will I be able to heal from this ever? But most importantly I have questions. Why was I given a drug to hasten dilation when I was already progressing fast? Why was my husband stopped from entering the OT when there was no such protocol? Why was the doctor in such a rush to perform the surgery when the NST was normal and I was calm? Why was I given a sleeping drug right after the baby was pulled out? Why was I not treated with kindness by another woman, a mother, my "care provider" in the most vulnerable moment of my life!”

And concluded her chapter with, “What happened with me, is what happens with most women in India. I learnt that from the comments I got. And now I have 2 choices. To be livid, or to emerge stronger. I believe in changing destiny, and maybe I was not able to change mine. But the strength that I draw from this experience makes me want to inspire women to take back control of their own birthing experiences in their hands. To be loved, respected and cared for when they get ready to birth to another human. And if you have been in my place at some point in your life, please share my story and let it reach out. And hold my hand in spreading this message of love from one woman, a mother, to another. #birthstory #chhavimittalbirthstory #chhavimittal #hospitals.” (Checkout: Barun Sobti And Pashmeen Manchanda To Welcome Their Baby In 2019, Baby Shower Pictures Inside)

Chhavi Mittal

Describing how her dream came true, Chhavi had written the first chapter of the birth story which was worded as, “CHAPTER 1: A DREAM COME TRUE It was mother’s day. The perfect setting to have a baby. I held the baby in till the baby gave me signs that it wanted to come out. I went into natural labour at 10pm when I was tucking in my little Areeza. I didn’t know at the time that it was going to be my last time alone with her for a long time. Instinctively she didn’t want to leave me and kept coming back after repeated goodnights and hugs. And instinctively I knew that my long delayed hospital stay was going to begin tonight. Sure enough, my mucous plug came off soon after Areeza slept, and I went to the hospital, all bags packed, on the doctor’s advice. At 1 am my membranes released (water broke) and by 6 am the next morning, I was already 7 cm dilated. No epidural. Just meditation, and an extremely loving and caring husband by my side.”

Chhavi Mittal baby shower

She had further gone on to write, “One of the most important things about Hypno-birthing is that the birthing experience is shared equally by the mother and father both. It was Mohit’s responsibility to allow the birth to progress naturally, controlling me in case I felt weak in my resolve for an all-natural birth, to light up my labour room with candles, incense, and fairy lights. To play calming music, to do pain relief massages, to remind me to drink water and eat high energy foods, and to hold my hand when I went to the washroom (which was every 15 minutes I think, or at least it felt so).” (Do Read: Chhavi Mittal Was Emotionally Broken For A Big Reason Right Before Entering The OT For Delivery)

Chhavi Mittal 10th month of pregnancy

And had concluded on this note, “I even slept through some of the labour. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I would wake up every 2 minutes, breathe through a surge (contraction) and drift off again. My beautiful hypno-birth was progressing, and a little baby was going to emerge out of my birth canal and straight on to my breast."

Chhavi Mittal

Earlier, spreading positivity during one’s birth experience, Chhavi had taken to her official Instagram handle and had written, "I get an insane amount of messages where pregnant women use the word "scared" to express their feelings about the birthing process. May I please say that the only thing you can do as a pregnant mother is to spread positivity. Everything else, nature does. So why not replace this negative word with, joy, pleasure, looking forward, happiness, and being strong and ready? An extremely effective technique in handling reservations and fear is affirmations. I'm sharing a link to download affirmations (in the stories) that you can listen to every day, multiple times if you wish to... And I'm sure it'll go a long way in having a more positive, fearless bent of mind."

Chhavi Mittal

Her post could further be read as, "And please remember birthing a baby is something that is the most natural thing for a woman's body. Respect your body for that, love your body for that, and be kind to your body by not conditioning your mind with these preconceived notions about pain and discomfort during birthing. It is not true. Your birthing experience will only be as calm as your mind. So, take things in your control like I have, like millions of women across the globe have, like the woman working in the fields has, like your mother and granny and their mother and granny did. You are a woman. You have the power. Just take back the control of your mind. All the best ladies! #affirmations PC: @sachin113photographer #positivity.”

Chhavi Mittal

For the ones who don’t know, Chhavi Mittal had entered the 10th month of her pregnancy and talking about the same, she had once written on social media, "THE 10th MONTH... Here I am, thinking I have seen it all and heard it all... But in the 11th hour of my pregnancy, there's yet another myth that I need to address! The 10th month. Yes, there is the 10th month in pregnancy, and I'm currently living it. So many people tried to correct me in one of my recent posts, thinking I may have accidentally written 10th instead of 9th. No, it was no accident. The 10th month, as logic suggests, starts after the 9th month ends. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is officially ready to come into this world. 40 weeks is considered a full term, and that's when the doctor gives you your EDD (estimated due date)." (Also Check: Arjun Rampal Twinned With GF Gabrielle Demetriades On Her Baby Shower (Pictures Inside))

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein

Further, elaborating on the fact that nobody can predict the due date of the baby with full certainty, Chhavi had further penned down, "The due date is always ESTIMATED because nobody can predict when the baby arrives. It is extremely common and absolutely normal for women to reach 42 weeks before natural labour begins.. especially if it's the second pregnancy... and once you cross 38/39 weeks, your 10th month begins. So, while my clock ticks, I could go into labour right this minute, or another week later... I'm not worried. On the contrary, I'm rather relaxed. Because I know, once the baby comes, I'll have my hands full! And I think now is the perfect time to also say that it's always the baby who decides when labour will begin. So you can try all you want, get restless, get scans done, pray that the baby comes out fast (I know it's uncomfortable)... But trust me, the baby is the most comfortable inside you! So don't hold your breath... But remember, good things come to those who wait."

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi Mittal’s birth story comprised of so many hardships, ups and downs, but as it is said all is well that end’s well. So yeah, now that the beautiful mommy and handsome daddy have their little cotton ball, Arham with them, we wish this lovely family all the happiness and love in this world!

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