12 Breathtaking 'Matha Patti' Designs Spotted On Real Brides

Finalising your D-day look is a very hectic task for any bride and selecting your matching jewellery can be a tedious task. Here's a list of 'matha patti' designs to choose for your wedding day.


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12 Breathtaking 'Matha Patti' Designs Spotted On Real Brides

Every bride wishes to look as perfect and beautiful as ever, right from their statement necklace to the nose ring, everything must be perfect and on point on the D-day. There is one piece of jewellery that completely enhances a bride's look at her wedding. And i.e. matha patti.

Matha patti has a major impact on your entire look and it is worn on the forehead and plays an integral part in a bride’s solah shringar. Brides can opt from dozens of traditional as well as trendy designs available for matha patti. Right from oversized and multi-layered designs to the delicate pearl ones, it is hard to shortlist one. Here, we have shortlisted a few breathtaking matha patti designs for you to choose from for your wedding day!

#1. Antique Matha Patti

antique matha patti

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images 

An antique and traditional look is always preferred by modern brides to give a different touch to their wedding day look. What can be a better option than finalising an antique matha patti to rock your final D-day look. If you want your look to be inspired by a vintage princess, then you can surely opt for this ‘old is gold’ matha patti design. It will enhance your look and will give it an antique touch. Just like our bride, go for traditional matha patti designs with matching jewellery to complete your look. 

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#2. Heavy And Oversized Matha Patti


Image Courtesy: Shutter Down 

A gorgeous matha patti with falling pearl details is all you need to complete your look! To make your look a little bolder, you can opt for any pattern and details and you will stand out as the most elegant bride ever! Heavy and oversized matha patti's are becoming a trendsetter now and with their various designs and patterns, a bride can opt for the one suiting her style. This bride opted for a heavy and oversized matha patti with green-coloured drop detailing and we must say, it really complemented her red shaadi ka joda

#3. A Stylish Matha Patti With Coloured Tourmaline Drops

Image Courtesy: Jyoti Bhaya Makeup Artist
Image Courtesy: Jyoti Bhaya Makeup Artist

Some brides prefer to colour coordinate their entire look. Brides can select their wedding day outfit and colour coordinate the matha patti accordingly. You can opt for any design of matha patti and choose the colour of your drops on it to rock your look. This bride had opted for pink tourmalines drops for her matha patti. Gold matha patti which has a subtle hint of pink looks amazing and will add the desired colour to your final look on your wedding day.

#4. Small Pendant-Style Matha Patti

Image Courtesy: Ivy Weddings Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Ivy Weddings Pinterest

Minimalism is the new trend for our brides for their D-day and they like to keep their look simple yet elegant. Some brides prefer to stay away from all the extra glitz and gold on their wedding day. And, for them, matha patti with a single pendant or an elegant pearl drop looks elegant and stylish. They can choose any pattern of the patti and can add a small pearl or pendant to complete the look. Take inspiration from the bride, where she can be seen following the trend of minimalism. She had opted for a minimal mehendi and minimal jewellery look and had looked gorgeous!  

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#5. Pearl Matha Patti

pearl matha patti

Image Courtesy: Wedding basics

Pearls are considered to be delicate pieces of jewellery and give you a sober look. A pearl matha patti can glam up a bride's look to another level on her D-day. They are quite eccentric and can add an extra element to your final look. Matha patti with pearl strings attached and a beautiful pearl center can complete your look.

#6. Multi-Layered Matha Patti

The Photo Diary

Image Courtesy: The Photo Diary

A multi-layered matha patti on your forehead can really accentuate your final day look, giving it a Nawaabi feeling! Instead of a single-layered matha patti, you can opt for multi-layered strings in different patterns, from pearl strings to kundan strings, you can choose from a variety of options. This bride had opted for a multiple-layered matha patti to complete her look and had looked stunning! 

#7. Borla Style Matha Patti

borla style matha patti

Images Courtesy: Wedding Nama

A borla is a round shape ornament, which is usually worn in Rajasthan and Haryana by the Marwari community. But quite recently, our new age brides have started opting for a Borla style matha patti. The borla on your forehead gives you an elegant and glamorous look. A borla is usually crafted with beads, stones and gems and will give you a feeling of a Rajputana bride.

#8. One Side Style Matha Patti

onse side matha patti

Images Courtesy: Aaina Bridal

It is all about experimenting with your look on the final day! The recent trend in matha patti, which has become quite popular is the one-sided style matha patti. The trend is quite in vogue and will accentuate your look completely. You can select the number of strings for your patti or can opt for a single-layered, double-layered or multi-layered patti for this style.

#9. Floral Style Matha Patti

floral design

Images Courtesy: Wedding basics

Floral jewellery has been in the trend for quite some time now, with brides wearing either real or artificial flowers. We have spotted many brides opting for floral jewellery on their pre-wedding functions like mehendi and haldi. A floral style matha patti becomes your statement jewellery for the pre-wedding functions. Flowers add a natural and fresh feel with which your entire look is enhanced manifold.

#10. Thick Pattis Matha Patti

thick matha patti

Image Courtesy: Wedding basics

Thanks to ace designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee for introducing the trend of thick patti in various designs of matha patti. A thick patti has become quite a thing for the new age brides. This vintage and elegant looking thick patti can never go wrong. We have spotted many Sabya brides complementing their outfits with thick matha patti. And taking inspiration from them, this real bride had opted for a thick matha patti for her wedding day.

#11. Thin Matha Patti

thin matha patti

Images Courtesy: Cam Catches

There are various matha patti designs to suit all kinds of needs and requirements of the brides. The brides with a smaller forehead can opt for thin matha patti designs. Brides, who are looking forward to a simple yet classy look can opt for these matha patti designs. You can enhance your look by choosing from traditional gold or elegant kundan ones and can style them in different ways, just like this bride. 

#12. Emerald Matha Patti

emerald matha patti

Images Courtesy: Design Aqua Studio

To add a hint of extra colour to your red bridal lehenga, green will always be a good choice. The combination of red and green is considered to be evergreen and adds a touch to your entire look. You can opt for any design of matha patti and instead of simple drops, add emerald drops to enhance your look with the red shaadi ka joda. This bride had opted for a traditional red lehenga and to complete her look, she chose emerald drop to her matha patti design and enhanced her look.  

Which among the aforementioned designs is your favorite? Keep us posted! 


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