42 Best Bridal Hairstyles To Match With Sarees: From Braided Bun To Dreamy Waves

A hairdo is all that one needs to complete the makeup. Thus, here is the curated list of bridal hairstyles which go very aptly with almost all kinds of wedding couture, especially sarees!


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42 Best Bridal Hairstyles To Match With Sarees: From Braided Bun To Dreamy Waves

With wedding season around the corner, we came across a list of some enchanting bridal hairdos which can be matched with sarees. A hairstyle is something which goes hand-in-hand with bridal makeup and jewellery, and altogether they complete the overall look of a woman. However, with the growing use of social media, we tend to prefer outfits, makeup and of course hairstyles, which can be trendy as well as comfy.

So, here are some traditional to trendy forms of hairstyles which can go very aptly with almost all kinds of wedding couture, especially sarees. But not only brides, the loving bridesmaids who love browsing through millions of pages before finalising a look for their best friend's or sister's wedding can also have a look to choose from the huge list.

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#1. Neat bun with a circular ring of gajra

A simple, neat bun is what never goes off the fashion. It can be paired with heavily embellished wedding day sarees to simple silk sarees. In addition, a single garland of gajra would be enough to complete the hairdo and give a beautiful outcome.

#2. Donut bun with a turn at the centre and a gajra border

One of the most loved hairstyles for a bride to pair with a saree is always a bun. It not only helps a bride lay the entire focus on the saree but also helps them in being fuss-free. Here all you need is to make a simple ponytail with a big-sized rubber band. Afterwards, turn the hair outwards from the rubber band circling it and put another sleek one. Now, take the rest of the hair and round around the band and add a beautiful gajra to it. 

#3. Braided bun with a semi-circular gajra

Another type of bridal hairstyle for sarees, whether with minimal effort, one can easily make an elegant look. To get this, one must first pull back their hair with a soft puff and make a braid. Afterwards, you need to curl up the braid according to the rubber band and add a semi-circular gajra from below. However, in this case, the hairdo must be tightened properly with clips.

#4. Low bun with two parts of hair adorned with a hair clip

The simple, neat buns can also be adorned with stunning hair accessories like clips, pearl chains and many more. One needs to make a middle partition in front of the face and firmly add the two parts of hair at the back with a few clips. Afterwards, just make a simple low bun with the entire hair and add a small clip to complete the entire look.

#5. Neat and twisted bun adorned with pearl jewellery

While some brides prefer messy hairstyles to match their funky personalities, others opt for a classy look. How can this classy look be attained? So, being one of the easiest hairstyles to pair with the sarees, the brides can simply put their pin-straight hair into a sleek low height bun. Now, adding a few pearl accessories gives a classy look to the gorgeous lady and can also make up for the unavailability of gajra or other carnations.

#6. Messy twisted bun with pearl clips and front bangs

Here is another modern reception hairstyle for a bride which needs minimal effort. You can comb your hair as it is and it doesn't even require the efficiency to make it neat by pulling each strand in a straight manner. Now, leave some bangs for the front portion and make a twisted bun. And just with the addition of pearl chains and clips would complete the look.

#7. Bouquet bun with crown gajra and jewelled net

A bridal hairstyle for long hair means it needs a more firm way of putting it together throughout the long-going rituals. Thus, in this case, a net bun can easily help to firmly hold the entire hair in place. All you need to do is, comb back the entire hair and keep it tight inside the net. In addition, floral carnations can be added on the top of the bun giving it a bouquet look.

#8. Messy side-parted bun adorned with roses and carnations

The messy side-parted bun adorned with roses and carnations is nothing but a similar adaptation to what we do in the messy buns with circular or semi-circular gajra. However, this is currently one of the kinds of modern reception hairstyles for the bride, where the gorgeous ladies can pair it with their stunning reception sarees. 

#9. Low messy bun with fishtail braids in the side

Apart from the back-brushed buns, the brides can also go for the side-parted ones. Moreover, a few strands of hair on the face and the addition of floral carnations give a totally stunning look. 

#10. Clean criss-cross bun accented with gajra ring

A traditional-yet-modern hairstyle for a newly-wedded lady is the clean criss-cross bun accented with a gajra ring. So, what needs to be done to attain this hairdo? You need to make a side-parting of the frontal portion of the hair. Afterwards, take the middle part and make a soft puff. Following this, leave the longer portion of the middle partition and take the rest of the hair and make a braid and add that braid in a circular formation. Now, add a circular ring of gajra and cross it with the longer hair strand of the middle partition.

#11. Bun with elevated strands of hair and a crown 

This crown bun hairdo explains the royalty of a lady in herself. Just as a queen wears her crown, the brides and bridesmaids can also add a similar shaped floral strand on the top of their buns. It not only vanishes the buns' pale look but also holds them tightly in place.

#12. Side-parted bun with crown embellishment

However, some brides prefer to pair their crown hairdo with their engagement look. Thus, for this kind of engagement hairstyle, a bride-to-be needs to make a side partition beforehand and then do the bun. And in the same way, a stunning hairdo look can be attained.

#13. Middle-parted floral encrusted bun

Flowers and hairstyles are two components of a look that can never leave each other. Thus, we can also see the bridal hairdos where the entire bun gets filled with flowers or carnations. So, naturally, the back of the head looks no less than a garden.

#14. Bun with a colourful garden

What if you prefer colours and want to do the same in your hairstyle? Thus, this top-knot bun with a floral garden with a pinch of colours of all kinds can fulfil your wishes.

#15. Simple, neat bun with white camelia and carnations

However, there used to be some brides who love to make their ensembles speak loudly and keep the makeup and hairstyle complementary. Not only this, but the white floral buns are also often opted by classy brides who match their red, yellow, green, or blue sarees' beautiful silver or crystal embroidery with the white flowers.

#16. Sleek low bun with a white makri gajra

Want to have a simple bun and an out-of-the-box bridal hairstyle? You can simply make a low bun and add white makri gajra. That's all! This process can easily attain the simply-yet-classy look.

#17. Messy bun with carnations and lilies to match the ensemble

A colourful bride from the heart can also go for a vibrant hairdo. For all such brides, lilies in a variety of colours can simply be unmissable. All you need to do is make a messy bun and add them to look pretty.

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#18. Rosy neat bun

Talking about the garden of flowers, roses are said to be the best ones for most ladies. Thus, a vibrant red flower-filled bun is always the best choice for them. Matching with the red colour of the wedding ensembles, a rose-filled bun gives a royal look to the bride.

#19. Simple, neat rosy bun with sleek braids

One of the preferable bridal hairstyles for straight hair is that of a rosy bun with sleek braids. If you have straight hair and want to make your hairstyle a little bit voluminous, then you can simply make some sleek braids at intervals and adorn the bun with multi-coloured or red-hued roses. 

#20. Middle-parted traditional half-updo wavy hairdo with gajra

Brides nowadays love to match the funky side of their personalities with their wedding attire. Thus, an updo-hairdo suits the best in this case since it can be adorned with miniature floral carnations to give it a dreamy look or gajras for a traditional look and can be matched with the respective kind of attire.

#21. Combed back and pinned hair with a unique round gajra and a hair clip

One of the most uncommon hairstyles for a South Indian bride is where you can pull back the entire hair and fix it firmly with some pins. Then add a cute gajra ring and a traditional clip. Indeed, the hairstyle would be simple yet elegant.

#22. Twisted half-updo with a dreamy floral hair clip

Half-updo bridal hairstyles are the best for pre-wedding ceremonies. All you need to do is twist some strands of hair and make a tiara-kind of pattern at the back. Afterwards, add some floral jewellery that best goes with the ceremony's mood. That's all, the hairstyle is complete.

#23. Half-updo braided dreamy floral wavy hairdo

One more dream hairdo made up of a braid attached like a tiara at the back. And then add small coloured flowers in a spread fashion and it would give a dreamy look.

#24. Open curls with a middle-parted small puff

Modern-day brides also prefer everything which is less heavy and donning, which they can easily groove to the beats of the shaadi music. In this case, doing an open hairdo with minimal add-ons like small puffs or curls can easily help them in radiating a fresh vibe.

#25. Side-parted open curls

If you want to give a clean look at the front, you can easily make a side partition and add small curls. It is not only the easiest. Moreover, with just a little effort, you can pair it with beautiful sarees.

#26. Quirky ponytail

However, if any bride doesn't want to tie their hair into buns or braids and finds it difficult to manage open wavy hair, then they can go for the wavy ponytails. This kind of hairstyle also looks classy and gives an edgy vibe to the wedding attire.

#27. Sleek low ponytail paired with a side hair-jewellery

Want to show off your long hair, then go with ponytails. This is only best for the reception look but also best for the bride's sisters, friends and classy aunties at the party. Just an addition of matching jewellery to the colour of your ensemble can complete the hairstyle.

#28. Illusion ponytail with pompom clips

For Christian brides, a ponytail hairstyle is never a bad option. Moreover, you can make an illusion pattern at the top of the pony by crisis-crossing some strands of hair and can complete the entire look by adding some pearl adorned pins.

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#29. Pulled back hair with roses made from hair

Coming to the present trends, while women search for more and more new types- then, why not for hairstyles? For instance, by pulling a few strands of hair and ironing them with a curler or a straightener and we can make beautiful patterns and designs with our own raw hair, why not! Thus, these experimental designs can also be matched with the intricate embroidery with the sarees, giving a beautiful vibe.

#30. Dreamy pull-up stranded dreamy hairdo

This experimental hairstyle can become highly suitable for a Muslim bride's post-wedding party looks. First, the entire hair is made into pull-up strands, forming a pattern. Afterwards, a common cosmetic hairstyling product, lacquer or spritz can be sprayed to keep the hairstyle intact throughout the party. 

#31. Neat, simple braids with gajra

Whenever we think of gajras and braids, no matter what, we get to remember the traditional South Indian brides. However, with the passage of time and so much use of the internet, every style has already been divulged into other states. Thus, this hairstyle involving a simple messy braid paired with flowers is never a bad option during the wedding season.

#32. Simple braid with traditional hair clips and gajra

However, South Indian brides can also use hair accessories at some points of their long braid and not cover the entire braid with gajras. In this case, this simple braid hairstyle with a mix and match of traditional hair clips and gajra goes the best.

#33. Middle-parted braid with gajra and long hair accessory

No matter what, Indian brides mostly love braided hairstyles for their long hair. However, suppose you are a newly-wedded bride and want to don a traditional look to attend some function. In that case, you can also add a variety of accessories available for the braid, along with gajra.

#34. Bubble braids with a touch of experiment

Braids with a touch of an experiment are definitely what a trendy bride needs! So, what if we do the same braids but in a different pattern yielding stunning designs? Yes, this is what looks completely ravishing and enchanting.

#35. Side-parted braid with gotta patti string

Who doesn't want to nullify the dull look of a braid without adding excessive floral jewellery? But, then, you can easily go with the braid adorned with a gotta patti ribbon after making a side partition. Moreover, a pinch of carnations can also never go wrong.

#36. Bubble braids with additional simple ones 

However, many brides may think that the opportunity to don a variety of looks may appear once in a lifetime. Thus, this is a chance to go for dozens of experiments in not only ensembles but also hairstyles while matching with every vibe of the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding festivities. Thus, you can have a messy bubble braid in the middle, along with a few other simple braids and the addition of miniature carnations for any of the looks at your pre-wedding festivities.

#37. Gotta patti accessorised traditional braids

Hardly, there is any woman doesn't like jewellery. Thus, for hair too, women love to accessorise with stunning beautiful jewellery, including various types of metals, pearls, beads to precious stones. Thus, a hairstyle that helps us flaunt our precious collection on our D-Days is simply drool-worthy.

#38. Braids with the stunning accessory

A Hindu bride hairstyle never misses stunning accessories and flowers. Thus, they prefer to be every bit traditional. And in this case, a simple braid adorned with heavily embellished jewellery and floral carnations would never fade away from the wedding seasons.

#39. Side-parted floral bubble braid

Braids are undoubtedly a woman's favourite when it comes to managing hair. Thus, giving it an edgy look also never fades away from the bride's checklist. This floral bubble braid is one such stunning hairstyle which can be attained by simply attaching multiple bands at the length of the hair. Moreover, in those places, one can simply add some flowers and make them look pretty.

#40. Pull-back floral bubble braid

Have extremely messy hair and want to add some features to match it with the ensemble? Then, you can easily pull back the hair and add multiple bands at the entire length of the hair. Afterwards, add flowers at those points. That's all! Your hairstyle would be complete for the event.

#41. Buns plus braids combo

Last but not least, the bun and braids combo is said to be the most preferable one on the entire list. In addition, the neatly combed hair can be adorned with flowers, and hair accessories is one of the best options for giving a royal look to the brides.

#42. Floral encrusted gold adorned braid

The royal Maharashtrian bride hairstyles always feature gold and flowers. Thus, make a bun and then a braid with your long hair and don't forget to decorate the entire hairstyle with temple jewellery and floral carnations. Indeed, this would give a royal vibe to the look and goes perfectly with the silk sarees.

Which one did you like the most? Let us know!

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