Bipasha Basu Feels Lucky To Have Hubby Karan Singh Grover In Her Life Due To This Profound Reason

On April 30, 2019, Bipasha Basu Singh Grover and Karan Singh Grover will complete 3 years of their marital bond. For the same, the doting wife spoke about her married life and hubby.


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Bipasha Basu Feels Lucky To Have Hubby Karan Singh Grover In Her Life Due To This Profound Reason

‘Love will come to you when you least expect it’- is every single person's daily motto ever! In this fast-paced world of dating apps, whirlwind romance, one-night stands and ‘oh, it didn’t work out’, finding your one true love can be more difficult than summoning dinosaurs back to life! But it would not be wrong to say that one should rather wait for that ‘one right person’ to step into your life rather than falling in love with multiple wrong people. And that is exactly what happened with B-town’s Bengali belle, Bipasha Basu. (Do Read: Alia Bhatt Calls Varun Dhawan 'Ranbir Kapoor', It Just Proves She Thinks Of Ranbir All The Time)

Bipasha Basu was in a long-term relationship with John Abraham for a period of over 9 long years, but parted ways in 2011. Her now hubby, Karan Singh Grover too, had two failed marriages in the past (Shraddha Nigam and Jennifer Winget) but that didn’t stop them from believing in love. It was only on the sets of their first horror film together, Alone (2015) that Bipasha and Karan met for the first time and hit off instantly. After dating for over a year, Bipasha and Karan’s ‘monkey love’ took a huge jump (quite literally!) and they soon converted their dating spree to a bond of eternity. And on April 30, 2019, Bipasha and Karan will complete 3 years of wedded-togetherness.


For the same, now Bipasha Basu Singh Grover spoke to IANS about her married life and hubby, Karan Singh Grover. Revealing the reason as to why she feels lucky to have somebody like Karan in her life, the Jism star shared, “I'm lucky to have a husband like him because he does not believe in a man-woman divide. He helps me in everything." Further talking about marriage, Bipasha added, “It has been four years together and now it's going to be three years for our marriage. It has been beautiful. I feel that it is important that your partner is like your best friend. So, we are in complete sync every day. We do love to spend time together. Doing everything together. It is a fulfilling experience when you come back home and there is someone waiting for you.”


Bipasha Basu Singh Grover also shared what is the best thing she likes about hubby, Karan Singh Grover. She revealed, “For a long period of my life, I have been very alone I have done everything by myself. It feels good to be pampered by him (Karan) all the time.” For those who follow this couple closely might also know that Bipasha lovingly calls Karan, her ‘monkey’. She shared, “He is an all-heart human being. He is emotional and sensitive. He senses every mood of mine and tries to cheer me up always if I am angry or upset with anything in the world. He is the kind of person who makes me smile and laugh a lot, takes care of me... You don't see such sensitive people around in today's time but Karan is a person who is ruled by heart, which is my most favourite thing about him.” (Must Read: Mira Rajput-Shahid Kapoor's Love-Filled London Vacation Pics, We Are Missing Kids Misha And Zain)


In a 2017 interview with Hindustan Times, Bipasha Basu Singh Grover had spoken about marriage, life and online dating apps. Speaking about using dating apps to find a love interest, the Goal star was quoted as saying, “Whatever I’ve heard about it has been from my sisters who’ve tried it, but it really hasn’t done much for them. I feel that love has the right time and if you’re supposed to meet someone you will and if you’re not it’s ok, life is not too bad being alone also.”

Bipasha Basu Singh Grover had further added, “But then everyone says that you should get married in time otherwise you’ll die alone and then you need to have kids also. I think people should wake up to the fact that you die alone. So this package deal of happiness that you’re trying to buy is quite sad, you need to be happy within first, and then only can you be happy with another person. As far as my views on marriage go, I was pretty much ok not marrying, but I met someone who wanted to get married and we were completely in sync; had spent a lot of time together- so it just happened. We didn’t plan it or anything.”

Last year, rumours of Bipasha Basu Singh Grover’s pregnancy had started doing the rounds in the media when the duo was clicked at a hospital. Her hubby Karan Singh Grover had then shared with the media, “I don't react to it anymore because if she is pregnant, then I would be the first person to know. But I think, what is happening these days is that everyone is running on speculations ke ab kya hai they love each other then it's been so much time together. How much can you say about that?" When Bipasha was asked about when she wants to have a baby, she had shared with Hindustan Times, “We love babies. But both of us need more alone time together because once the baby arrives, it’s always only baby time. That’s the way we both think”. She further went on to add, “My mom is very keen to have a granddaughter soon”. (Also Read: Vidya Balan Reveals The Time In Her Life When She Hated Her Body, Shuns People Who Fat-Shame)

Bipasha Basu Singh Grover and Karan Singh Grover

Looks like we still have sometime for the Singh Grovers to become a ‘monkey family’!

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