Paras Chhabra Reveals The Advice He'll Give To His Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri When He'll Meet Her

'Bigg Boss 13' fame, Paras Chhabra confirmed that he is going to meet his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri and will give her a piece of important advice for her future. Find out!


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Paras Chhabra Reveals The Advice He'll Give To His Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri When He'll Meet Her

Bigg Boss 13 is finally over and Sidharth Shukla is the one, whose name is engraved in the history books for once and all. However, Paras Chhabra is the one, who had left the show with Rs 10 lakh and didn't take the chance of competing in the final three. No wonder, he was aware of the response of the public towards him. Thus, bagging the cash prize was an extremely clever move from the popular television actor. On top of this, Paras Chhabra also got a brand new show in his hand on the same channel with the name Mujhse Shadi Karoge and it also features his house-mate, Shehnaaz Gill. (Recommended Read: Sana Khan Opens Up On Her Ugly Breakup With Melvin Louis, Reveals She Caught Him Cheating On Her)

Paras Chhabra’s journey in the thirteenth season of the Bigg Boss was an entertaining one and had provided the much-needed relationship angle in the show. However, the biggest surprise was seen on January 20, 2020’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 in which Paras had confirmed that he is going to end his relationship with his girlfriend, Akanksha Puri once the show was over. The revelation had came out when Shefali Zariwala had advised Paras to have a stand on his relationship with Akanksha. After which, Paras had revealed, “After seeing so much, she should herself move on. Will I play Bigg Boss according to her? Will I do everything according to someone with whom I don’t want to stay? I can’t suppress my feelings? Don’t try to become great.” Now, in a recent interview Paras Chhabra revealed that he is going to meet his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri one last time.

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Recently, in an interview with The Times of India, Paras Chhabra revealed that he’s extremely disappointed by his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri as she leaked a lot of their details to media. He said, “I have spoken about my relationship with Akanksha Puri recently during the house visit. If she loved me, there was no need to prove it to the media. It is very clear from my side that I don't see my future with Akanksha. All this makes it very clear that there's no future. I don't think there is any reason to talk to each other now. But I will meet Akanksha and tell her to move on.” (Also Read: Anurag Sharma Surprises Wife, Nandini Gupta With A Welcome Bash After They Returned From Honeymoon)

paras and aksnksha

In the same interview, Paras explained that because of Akanksha’s revelations in public, show’s host, Salman Khan scolded him on national television. He added, “All the things she said and did were when I was inside the house and it was her side of the story. Nobody got to know what I had to say. I don't know why Akanksha leaked personal details about our relationship. If she loves me then why did she tell everyone and especially the media what all she has done for me? I got scolded because of it by Salman Khan Sir.”

Well, Paras Chhabra’s ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri had already started living a life without him and gave a little glimpse of it on January 20, 2020, when Akanksha took to her Instagram handle and had shared two pictures wearing a red saree in which she was looking extremely gorgeous. The actress had greeted life with a 'happy' face and had written a beautiful caption along with the photos that can be read as "I am gonna make the rest of my life... best of my life." Take a look at pictures below.

Coming back to Paras Chhabra, the actor was linked to his house-mate, Mahira Sharma till the end of the show. But both of them had denied these claims and rumours about them being in a relationship on multiple occasions. Talking about the claims, Paras Chhabra had revealed his thoughts in the same interview with The Times of India. He said, “Mahira is just a good friend. If there was something more beyond friendship between us, Mahira would have never allowed me to do a show like Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. She is my best friend and we were emotionally and mentally attached. I missed her a lot in the last two days when she got evicted. She will always be my best friend. We stood for each other and were each other's support and I think people liked that loyalty. Mahira is very happy that I bagged this show.” (Don't Miss: Mahhi Vij Shares An Adorable Picture Of Her Daughter, Tara With 'Maasi', Shehnaaz Gill)

Akanksha Puri Talks About Her Beau Paras Chhabra Getting Intimate With Mahira Sharma Inside BB House

Do you think, Paras' decision of leaving Akanksha Puri was right? Let us know.

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