Akanksha Puri Gets A Tattoo, Saying It's Time To Fly, Amidst Tricky Equation With Paras Chhabra

Paras Chhabra’s girlfriend, Akanksha Puri is praised by many for her tattoo sense. Yet again, she has given some serious tattoo goals to all of us out with some extension to her lower back tattoo.


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Akanksha Puri Gets A Tattoo, Saying It's Time To Fly, Amidst Tricky Equation With Paras Chhabra

We as humans love making memories all the time, but some of us love inking those moments on our bodies. Yes, we are talking about 'tattoos', it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t embraced his/her body with a tattoo once in his/her life. We all have been there, sometimes with temporary ones and sometimes with those permanent ones. There’s a reason why in recent years, the love for tattoos has sky-rocketed all previous records. The credit can go to celebrities, variations in tattoos, and maybe the understanding of why tattoos are somehow sacred. (Recommended Read: Shoaib Ibrahim Shares An Adorable 'Catching Up On Her Sleep' Picture Of Wife, Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim)

The reason why we’re saying, tattoos are sacred is the fact that Egyptians used to have tattoos on their bodies to show their love and respect for god. In Southeast Asia also, Buddhist countries hold a tradition of getting inked with protective tattoos a.k.a.Yantra tattoos. So, there’s no denying the fact that tattoos hold a different meaning to different human but deep down in its roots, they're just like stories that are written by the person who has them on his/her body. One of the couples that we have on our radar today is Akanksha Puri and Paras Chabbra. The two have already inked each other's name on their respective wrists to show their love to the world. 

Akanksha Puri Paras Chabbra

However, it’s extremely difficult to find people with quality tattoos on their bodies, as people with tattoo sense are extremely rare. However, Vighnaharta Ganesh star, Akanksha Puri is back again with a tattoo that is going to make you halt for some minutes, if not hours. This isn’t the first time that Akanksha got inked, as she also has her boyfriend, Paras Chhabra’s name inked on her wrist. However, this time around she invested her attention on the lotus tattoo that she already had on her lower back. The young actress transformed the lotus with some wings, and it’ll surely be a sin to avoid seeing this tattoo.

Akanksha Puri Paras Chabbra Bigg Boss 13

Image Courtesy: Tellychakkar

Akanksha took to her Instagram handle and shared pictures of her tattoo. In the stories, we can see her paying gratitude to her tattoo artist, Harsh Bhanushali and Indian inc Tattoo. On top of this, when she was contacted by The Times Of India about the inspiration behind this brand new tattoo, she revealed, "I already had one tattoo there and I went for a touch-up, but then I redesigned a bit with touch up. I have added wings to the lotus because it's time to fly." Well, now we do know that this lady isn’t a casual tattoo lover after all, as she inks everything with a reason. But, not everything happens for a reason, as Akanksha was upset since the time her boyfriend, Paras stepped-into Bigg Boss's house. Paras used to flirt with other girls, showing his disinterest in his relationship with Akanksha. It's always a tough time for any lover to see their loved ones flirting with other people. But, it all comes down to that bond that you share with your partner. If it's strong, then all these things are just bumps in your life. (Don't Miss: Chhavi Mittal Enjoys Her Day Off With Husband, Mohit Hussein And Kids, Arham And Areeza)

Akanksha Puri Paras Chabbra Big Boss 13

Akanksha and Paras are not so vocal about their relationship in media interviews but do share pictures through their respective accounts on Instagram. However, once Akanksha had shared some details of her relationship in an interview with BollywoodLife, where she had talked about how she met Paras and other initial details. She disclosed that "It’s been two years since we are together. I’m very secretive about my personal life. I never spoke about our relationship; however, Paras was open about it. We were together for a long time. However, my private nature got between us. This became a little issue between us, as he misconstrued my secretiveness as I’m not sure of the relationship. He started having trust issues as I used to behave differently with him in the public as well."

Akanksha Puri paras Chabbra Big Boss 13

Surprised to see know that even celebrities have trust issues? Here’s a secret, they’re humans too. Well, trust is something that needs time and patience but only needs a spark of the doubt to set your garden of love on fire. However, Akanksha survived this scrappy time with patience and revealed that everything’s fine now in-between Paras and her. The actress had shared in the same interview with Times Of India, "I’m very private and low-key, he is a little controversial. That has always been my concern though. However, with this, I’ve spoken about my relationship for the first time. Everyone is very happy. Even the family is happy. Enough of running away from relationships. I’m sure he is my man." (Don't Miss: Anam Mirza Finds Her 'Dressing Partner' In Husband, Asad Azharuddin, Shares A Mushy Picture Together)

Akanksha Puri Paras Chabbra Bigg Boss 13

Here’s wishing a lifetime of togetherness and happiness to Akanksha and Paras!

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