Bharti Singh Talks About Her Married Life With Haarsh, Says Everyday Is A Valentine's Day For Them


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Bharti Singh Talks About Her Married Life With Haarsh, Says Everyday Is A Valentine's Day For Them

Weddings of Indian celebrities are always a grand affair. And one such wedding happened towards the end of 2017. We’re talking about Indian laughter queen, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa, who got married on December 12, 2017, in a destination wedding in Goa. Since then, the couple has been sharing adorable moments of their married life with their fans. 

Speaking of Bharti and Haarsh’s life after marriage, Bharti had a word with a leading news channel and she spoke of her life post-marriage. She said, “I think it makes a lot of difference if you find the right life partner. Haarsh supports me a lot and never questions me. It has been three months since we have got married, but our masti and maramaari continues. Kabhi gussa aata hai, kabhi hansi aati hai (sometimes I feel angry at him, and something he makes me laugh). But life is good, and I'm enjoying it. Haarsh never stops me from doing anything. We have got married after seven years of relationship, and we still feel we are friends only. In fact, we gel so well that we don't need the company of friends to go out on a dinner or a drive.” (Also Read: Shriya Saran's Beau Andrei Koscheev's Recites Romantic Dialogue From 'Mohabbatein' [Watch Video])

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Adding further about her comeback to the television, Bharti said, “I don't believe in working continuously. And there are benefits of making a comeback after a gap. That way, people are excited about your comeback and welcome you with open arms. It's like following Aamir Khan's footsteps who comes out with one movie per year. In fact, Haarsh encouraged me to take a break and asked me to take out time for myself.”

She revealed more and retorted, “He said you don't need to work continuously and that you are not working in a daily soap. You must chill a bit. I followed his advice. We got married, honeymooned for a month, and are still chilling out. I'm not in a hurry.” (You May Like: Akshay And Twinkle's Luxurious Seaside Home Overlooks Arabian Sea And Even Has Pond In Living Room)

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Seems Bharti is head over heels in love with Haarsh and is enjoying her life to the fullest. Bharti also added, “Yes, there's something in the pipeline with Haarsh and we two are working on it. But it's not the only thing that is keeping us occupied. We love hanging out together and I am taking it easy these days because this time doesn't come again and again. Work can wait. I'm very happy with Haarsh and enjoying every moment with him.”

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Coming back to Bharti and Haarsh’s marital life and their love for each other, when Bharti was asked if she is romantic, she answered, “Am I romantic? I think Haarsh is more romantic, I'm more practical. He likes to give me surprises and plan things for me. But if you think I'm romantic, maybe I am.” (Don't Miss: Shahid Kapoor Reveals That His One Girlfriend Cheated On Him, And He is Doubtful About Another One)

And then she also added these beautiful words, “People go out on Valentine's Day or such special occasions. For Haarsh and I, every day is a Valentine's Day. Every day after pack up, he asks me out for dinner. Besides, Harsh doesn't have the patience to wait for special occasions. If he has bought a birthday gift for me, he won't wait till my birthday, he would gift it to me right away.”

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa

Wow! It can surely be said that Bharti and Haarsh are quite enjoying their marital life. Kudos to Haarsh! Pati ho to aisa, right?

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