Best Shopping Hacks For Plus-Size Brides According To Body Shape


By Namrata Arora

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#1. Apple-shaped body

#1. Apple-shaped body

This is one of the most common body shapes among Indian women irrespective of what size they are. Women with this body shape, generally have a heavier midriff. Their upper body is heavy while their legs and hips are comparatively slimmer. For such women, we would suggest clothes that would highlight their bust line. Going in for a lehenga with a V-neck or U-neck choli and a flared-up bottom would do the trick. Another great style for you can be empire waistline dresses, with deep or low necklines. Christian brides can also benefit from these tips to look their best on their wedding day. Since apple-shaped women are busty, lingerie that provides good support is a must!

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Image Courtesy: Jyotsna Tiwari (Left), Monique Lhuillier (Top Right), Somal Halepoto (Bottom Right)