Archana Puran Singh Shares 'Old But Gold' Pictures With Hubby, Parmeet Sethi On Day-2 Of Lockdown

'The Kapil Sharma Show' judge, Archana Puran Singh shares a set of three throwback pictures with hubby, Parmeet Sethi on Day-2 of the self-quarantine.


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Archana Puran Singh Shares 'Old But Gold' Pictures With Hubby, Parmeet Sethi On Day-2 Of Lockdown

Starting with the much-needed update then the count of coronavirus affected people is now at 4,71,794 in the world, with 21,297 deaths, and 14,795 in critical condition. The condition of our nation isn’t too good either, as the nation witnessed the death of a 65-year-old woman from Mumbai. This is the reason why, India had decided on March 24, 2020, that the country is going for 21 days of complete lockdown till April 14. Since then, we have seen a lot of celebrities showing their support to the movement and are encouraging people to stay back in their homes with their families. Well, there are tons of people, who are running out of ideas on how to spend their time in self-quarantine. (Recommended Read: Anita Hassanandani Helping Rohit Reddy In Workout Proves 'Couples Who Train Together, Stay Together')

For those, celebrities are sharing pictures and videos of their self-quarantine time through their official social media handles. In the middle of all this, there are some celebrities and the famous show, The Kapil Sharma Show’s host, Archana Puran Singh, who is spending some time cherishing the good old days of the past. Recently, she posted a set of three photos from the early days of her relationship and some of the most memorable moments that she had lived with her hubby, Parmeet Sethi.

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On March 26, 2020, Archana Puran Singh took to her Instagram handle and posted three throwback pictures from the past with her hubby, Parmeet Sethi. In the first picture, we can see Archana looking stunning in her black dress, while Parmeet is looking dapper in his suited-booted avatar. The second picture is a follow-up of the first one, as we can see them enjoying with each other. In the third one, we can see Parmeet turned all-denim with a white t-shirt inside. While, his better-half, Archana can be seen donning a brown jacket with a black high neck and grey trousers. Interestingly, Archana wrote the same caption for all three pictures that can be read as “Day 2 of #lockdown cleaned out the attic and discovered old (is gold) London street shopping pictures of @iamparmeetsethi and #me, young and madly in love #oldmemories #londondiaries #travelphotography #streetshopping #ilovelondon.” Take a look. (Don't Miss: Priyanka Chopra With Hubby, Nick Jonas Co-Created A Song For #SafeHandsChallenge Amid COVID-19 Scare)

Aren’t they just made for each other? Well, not a lot of people know this but Archana and Parmeet were in a live-in relationship for around four years before they had tied the knot on June 30, 1992. For them, marriage is just a tag that society has created and has nothing to do with them. The depth of their relationship is extremely strong and they had never felt the need for marriage in their bond. However, they had married after four years and did not make the big announcement because it was not a big step for them. The two were just two people, who were happy in their own space.

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In an interview with the Shaadi Times, Parmeet Singh had talked about the bond that he and Archana share since the beginning of their relationship. He had stated, "Every relation begins with friendship," says Parmeet, "and friendship starts with trust. The moment one partner jeopardises this element of trust and honesty, a rift is created. We were in a live-in relation for 4 years, and later when we married we didn't announce our marriage for another 4 years because it didn't matter to us. Marriage is a label given to a relation. It is, in fact, love, which shows that henceforth two people exclusively belong to each other. We both stood by each other when we decided to live-in. Maybe we wouldn't have married, but to give our children an identity, we thought of tying the knot. However, we remain the best of friends even today.” (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty Kundra Posts A 'Twinning In White' Family Picture With Samisha, Raj And Viaan Kundra)

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