Ankita Bhargava Reveals How And Why She Had Opted For A C-Section Delivery, Shares Her Birth Plan

Sharing a picture with hubby, Karan Patel embracing her as she held two cute little baby shoes in her hand, Ankita Bhargava shared her birth plan, revealing why she had opted for a C-section delivery.


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Ankita Bhargava Reveals How And Why She Had Opted For A C-Section Delivery, Shares Her Birth Plan

The moment a woman finds her pregnancy test positive, she plans a lot about her diet and workout plans, preparing for the baby’s arrival and most importantly, how she would want her little one to come into this world. With some research, women realise that there are myriad of ways in which the delivery of her child can be personalised. Basically, she figures out a birth plan, which is a written document that helps a mother achieve the labour she has always envisioned. From where she would give to give birth to her baby, her ideal labour environment, the position she wants to try during labour and to give birth in, who will cut the cord, to her preference on how she would want to give birth i.e., normal or C-section delivery, most women plans on the birth plan for the first few weeks of her pregnancy. (Also Read: Kareena's Pregnancy Glow And Baby Bump Is Alluring In The Photos From 'Laal Singh Chaddha' Set)

In December 2019, Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava were visited by the stork with their little bundle of joy, and since then, their lives have been revolving around their princess. It was a week after Ankita had given birth to their daughter, Mehr Karan Patel, the newbie parents had announced the little one's arrival and revealed the name of 'Rabb Di Mehr' on them. The poster shared by Karan and Ankita had "IT'S A GIRL! & we call her... Mehr Karan Patel Loving Parents, Ankita & Karan Patel" written on it. Karan and Ankita had captioned it as “All your blessings made our world beautiful, a heartfelt thankyou to all our well wishers .... #RabbDiMehr.”


Ankita Bhargava had started her Instagram page, Love Messy Munchkins, wherein she talks about her pregnancy and motherhood journey. From her experience with rainbow pregnancy to the cravings and her birth plan, Ankita shares her experiences on her IG handle. Sharing a picture with hubby, Karan Patel embracing her as she held two cute little baby shoes in her hands, Ankita shared her birth plan and captioned it as “My Birth Plan. There was none to begin with... Till the 38th week I didnt decide on what type of birthing I was going to aim at... I wanted a healthy baby in my arms irrespective of the way i may or may not have birthed the baby! From my best friends super spooky and dangerous normal delivery to Karans best friend’s wife’s life endangering normal delivery to our common friend’s easy peasy C-Section To epidural horrors to 10min No pain Normal deliveries... I heard them all... Loud and Clear! And to my surprise All the girls who went through a horrid time in their normal deliveries made me promise them that I would go for a C section for their sake... Well, I wasn’t convinced till then and I wanted to Play it by the ear! Cos one can’t actually make such assumptions since everybody is different!”

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava

Speaking about the cervical stitch she had taken in the 16th week of her pregnancy, Ankita Bhargava continued, “But since I had taken a cervical stitch in my 16th week, Some/Lots of Scar Tissue was expected which in turn would make Normal delivery Difficult/Impossible/Normal/Troublesome or A complete waste of an attempt! These possibilities were discussed before hand with my gynac! Honestly, this was always lurking at the back of my mind...! My gynac attempted a Swoop at 38.4Wks in hopes that I might go into labour within 24-48hrs if there is no scar tissue to deal with! As expected I did not! Hence, the Scar Tissue theory turns out to be true in my case! But the moment I finished my 39th week, I reacted badly to one of my super healthy breakfasts which always included An Egg. I puked so much that I felt super weak,I ran a temp and had severe body ache!” (Also Read: Bella-Vienna Try To Hear The Heartbeat Of The Baby In Mom, Teejay's Tummy, Predict What's Inside)

Ankita Bhargava

Concluding with how she had finally decided to go with C-section delivery, Ankita Bhargava wrote, “Karan & I didn’t wanna take any chances this time and we decided to get admitted to the hospital at 10 in the night and be ready & prepared for EVERYTHING BEFORE HAND! My fever wasn’t subsiding, My body was hurting, My baby’s heart rate was touching 180 beats per min and there was a loop of my umbilical cord around her neck too... This day was when I was personally convinced with my FINAL DECISION and elected for a C-Section! I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone by going through this super human experience of Vaginal Delivery! I JUST WANTED MY BABY IN MY ARMS HAPPY AND HEALTHY.”

Ankita Bhargava

In an interview with ETimes, Karan Patel had recalled the emotional moment when he was asked to cut the umbilical cord. He had said, "Life ki sabse sukoon waali feeling hai.. to see your child, your daughter sleeping, playing whatever she is doing. That's the most peaceful sight in the world. I cried hard yaar. And secondly, when it was time to cut the umbilical cord, I was shivering. I cried very badly. She is too small to understand who she is close to - Ankita or me. She has now properly started reacting to everything and recognising faces. But I am sure girls are always close to their fathers and Mehr would be no exception." (Also Read: Unseen Photo Of Inaaya Naumi Kemmu With Kemmu Family Including Soha, Kunal And Paternal Grandparents)

Karan Patel and Mehr Karan Patel

Much love and happiness to Karan, Ankita and Mehr!