Karan Patel's Wife, Ankita Shares How He Balances Parenting Between Daughter, Mehr And Their Pooch

While sharing parenting tips on her IG handle, Ankita Bhargava shared how her husband, Karan Patel balances parenting between their daughter, Mehr and their pooch, Naughty!


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Karan Patel's Wife, Ankita Shares How He Balances Parenting Between Daughter, Mehr And Their Pooch

Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava were blessed with their little princess on December 14, 2019, and they have named their daughter, Mehr. The baby girl has filled their lives with sheer happiness and the parents totally treat her like a blessing. However, before being parents to Mehr, Ankita and Karan were already parents to their pooch, Naughty and love to pamper him. For, Ankita and Karan, Naughty is their first child and Mehr’s bhaiya and the two kids get along really well. Now, Ankita has shared how Karan balances parenting between Mehr and their pooch, Naughty.  

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The doting mommy, Ankita Bhargava makes sure that her daughter grows up in the company of her bade bhaiya, Naughty. We remember once Ankita had shared a cute picture of her daughter with her pooch. In the picture, we could see her fur baby putting his head on little Mehr, but it was their baby girl's charm bracelet with a cute paw and little feet detailing that made it extra special. Along with it, Ankita had written, "My heart knew that this would happen one day."

Ankita has been motivating new mommies and pregnant ladies with her pregnancy and motherhood experience of late and to continue the same, she hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. In the session, she asked her followers to share the ideas about which they want her to talk. While some users shared some ideas, some users asked her some questions. Amongst them, one asked her “Talk about Naughty and karan relation” to which, Ankita shared how Karan balances parenting between his daughter, Mehr and pooch, Naughty. She shared, “Well, If Karan buys something for Mehr then He also gets something for Naughty too! And gifts Naughty his gift 1st!”

Karan Patel Balances Between Mehr And Naughty

In the same session, many users asked Ankita about her personal experience and the darling mommy answered them all. When one user asked, “What do u feed Mehr? I am a toddler’s mom”, Ankita replied, “Oh the list is long! Basically we try most of the things that we normally eat! She surprised us all when she went all Ninja on home made Khao suey!” Another user asked, “How to do potty training? And at what age” Ankita replied, “We started at 10 months, Its an on-going process! Will share deets soon!” When asked about “Sleep training baby..”, Ankita replied, “Sorry, I don’t believe in it!”

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Ankita Bhargava Parenting Tips

Ankita Bhargava Parenting Tips

Ankita Bhargava Parenting Tips

On October 12, 2020, Ankita had taken to her IG handle and had shared a throwback picture with Mehr and Naughty. Along with the picture, Ankita had revealed how after Mehr’s birth, Naughty had gone through a plethora of emotions and had written, “And then there were Two...! Naughty is my first born. But as goes with all the 1st borns, when the second child comes into the picture the first baby of the house feels a plethora of emotions. HAPPINESS, JEALOUSY, FOMO, DISCONNECT, CONFUSION, EXCITEMENT. With Mehrz arrival I got really really busy,I am a hands on Mom and i aimed at being capable of doing everything and not relying on help for my offspring.”


Ankita had further revealed how her husband, Karan and in-laws had showered extra love to Naughty so that he doesn’t feel left out. Ankita had added, “Thus my focus had shifted more towards Mehr only because my Husband and In laws stepped up and showered Naughty wit Exxxxtra TLC, More than ever! Just to make him feel comfortable with the idea that his Mamma is a lil Exxxxtra busy with his sister! We never scold him for sniffing her head or licking her hands, Infact we acknowledge and thank him for being gentle with her. Karan and I both are big believers in the immunity boosting effects that animals have on Lil babies! And we want our daughter to be loving, caring and empathise with animals right from the start!”

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Isn’t it a great way to keep a balance between your two kids? We totally love how for Ankita and Karan, Mehr and Naughty are equals!

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